Best Gun Safes

If you are a gun owner the one thing you must have is the best gun safe for your collection. Doesn’t matter if you have guns and rifles for your protection, hobby or collection purposes, laws in most countries require from you to have a safe place for them and the best place for that is a good gun safe. A gun safe is not just an ordinary safe for your jewelry or important documents. A gun safe is above that safe because you need more to keep your guns away from unwanted visitors. So, don’t let your gun lay in the bottom drawer of your night stand, buy it a safe and secure place because that is the only proper way to store a gun.


A gun safe is a mandatory part of your home, but sometimes it is hard to choose a perfect gun safe among all best guns safes on the market. You have to see what makes some safe a good safe and how can you benefit from buying a gun safe.


A safe is a place where we keep our most important belongings and you would be lying if you say that guns aren’t important. Guns aren’t something we can leave on the table in our home. If we look at it from a political point of view, there are laws which require from you as a gun owner, to lock your guns. Now, those laws aren’t wrong. If you have a gun and someone enters your home, finds a gun and steals it. You will loose a valuable object and you can be charged for a crime you didn’t commit if that person uses your gun in it.

If you have small children in your home you have to be extra careful. Children don’t know what guns can do and they could use it unintentionally which can lead to tragedy.
Guns, especially stolen guns are wanted merchandise on the black market and you would be surprised how many thieves are looking for that. If they find more guns in someone’s home, they will take them all without any doubt.

The best gun safe will provide you safety for your collection without fear of ending up in wrong hands.

The market is filled with gun safes which can be both good and bad. The good thing is that the variety is big and you can find a gun safe which suits you perfectly by dimension, price, and performance. The bad thing is that it is hard to see which gun safe is the one that suits you best. To find that one safe you have to know what you must look, which are criteria for buying a gun safe.


A gun safe is made to keep your guns away from other people and to stop them from taking your guns. Due to that, every gun safe should be durable, thick and not so easy to break into. Te best gun safes are designed to resist forced entry, heat, water and fire.
A gun safe is designed out of 2 parts: the box and the lock. Both parts should be similar in the design and quality because you can have the best lock in the world on the safe, but the box is made from a low-quality material. All a thief has to do is to cut through the side of the safe and the lock becomes useless. The same story is with the thickest box. You can have the box which can resist water, fire, falling from a 3 story floor, but the lock is so easy to pick your kid can do it. The best material in the world is meaningless then.

Due to that, let’s talk about both parts separately.


To make a good gun safe, it has to be durable. The best way to achieve that is to make a product of many different metals. Most safes have at least 3 layers of protective metal. Cheap gun safes are made of 1 layer and you can puncture them with a basic hammer or screwdriver. If you have at least 3 layers than the story is different. 3 layer safe is made from two mild steel layers and one hard plate barrier. From the inside, a safe can have shelves and racks to hang guns. The first layer of mild steel is usually covered with some fabric, leather, wood, depending on the interior design. The middle layer is a hard plate barrier with the lock. On the outside is mild steel skin. Now, you may think that this doesn’t sound right, but when you have a mild skin outside you can hit the safe and that mild steel skin will bend, but it will not crack that easily. So, that mild skin is actually protecting the hard part of the best gun safe.

There is one criterion which is the same in the gun safe business. A good safe should use a minimum of 11 gauge steel in the safe. Better options are 10 to 7 gauge steel, but 11 is minimum.


The lock is the most interesting part of the gun safe. The best gun safes can all have different locks, but all be excellent products because every lock is a different one.
The lock can be simple lock and a key. That is the most traditional one and it is not so safe anymore. It is usually on cheaper safes.

A lock combination doesn’t have a key. You have to enter a 4-8 digit code to open the lock. Those locks are safer and the longer the code is harder to crack. If you want to make them even harder to crack you can pick an option to lock the safe after 3 wrong tries.

The biometric lock is the safest lock because it scans your fingerprint to open the lock. Great thing is that you don’t have to memorize anything all you have to do is to place your thumb on the scanner. The problem with those locks is that you have to put your thumb in the same position every time if you want the lock to open. But, some gun safes can memorize multiple fingerprints and you can scan your thumb from different angles so that the lock can scan it every time.

RFID lock is used if you have to quickly grab a gun from your safe. To open a RFID lock (Radio Frequency Identification) you have to have a bracelet or a card with it. Just slide the bracelet near the lock and the safe will open, which isn’t the safest option, but it is the quickest.


I am sure you are thinking, how can that be hard? Well, it can. If you want to buy a good gun safe you have to think about the dimension, where you will put it, do you want a key or biometrical safe? What about weight, capacity, mounting? Do you want to be able to carry it around or put it in your vehicle? How about water and fire resistant? In these 3 lines, I have put only a fraction of things you can choose from.

So, why don’t we start from the beginning?

Why do you need a gun safe?

Do you have the guns in an office or in your home? If you want to keep your guns out of your children’s sight, a basic lock and a key are enough. If you are keeping them in an office and there are too many people walking around (visitors, clients or colleagues) the best gun safes are the ones with more sophisticated locks, like a combination or biometric code.

How many guns do you have?

To find the one gun safe for you among all gun safes you have to determine how many guns do you have. Gun safes can be for one gun to 50 guns. So, do you have an impressive collection or do you have one gun for protection? This is the best way to start looking for a gun safe.

Where will you put them?

If you have more than one gun you can put them all together in one big gun safe. A good place for a gun safe is somewhere you don’t invite many people. A basement is a good solution, a business room in your home… If you have just one gun, there is the best gun safe which can mount to the leg of the table or the side of your nightstand. Those little gun safes are pretty impressive because it provides you fast approach to your gun and they are very good quality.

How will you lock them?

There are many combinations to lock a gun safe. A key is the best solution if you like a traditional safe, but there are modern solutions as well. A code combination is the most common, but a biometric lock is more impressive. A biometric lock scans your fingerprint and you are the only one who can open your safe. The newest method uses bracelets (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification ), but I think that this method needs a little more improvement to be as good as the rest.

Do you want to carry it?…

Portable gun safes are good options, but they can be easy targets because all a person needs to do is to pick it up and leave. A good option would be to have a biometric lock on it so he can’t crack it so easily.

…Or do you want it to be in one place forever?

Yup, that is possible. There are gun safes which you can mount to the ground with special equipment making them impossible to move. So, if you want your guns to stay at one place, then this is the best gun safe for you.

What is your budget?

The best gun safes aren’t the cheapest ones, but you have to look at it as some sort of investments. There are actually some insurance companies which will give you the better price if you have a gun safe. When safety comes to question, I alway say that this isn’t the thing you should be stingy about. There are good gun safes which have very reasonable price and good quality, so you don’t have to pay a fortune for it.


Since there are so many choices and it is hard to pick the right one. We will talk about best gun safes on the market, from smallest to biggest. To see what are our choices in picking the best gun safe to continue reading my reviews.

GunVault Speedvault SVB500

This gun safe is made for pistol owners and it can hold only one pistol. This gun safe is made for people who need to access its pistol quick. The perfect place to mount this good gun safe is on the side of your work table, at the reach of your hand. The design of this gun safe shows us that it is made for critical situations. It is not a safe for a gun collection, it is safe for defense.

GunVault Speedvault is made more as a precaution and to keep children away from your pistol. A well-experienced thief can break it in 30 minutes to an hour. The main purpose for this safe is to provide quick access and to keep it away from children. Theif-repellent was not the main concern in making this gun safe.

This gun safe is very small, it can fit only one pistol inside. When you open the safe, the first and the only thing you can grab is a pistol handle which reduces the reaction time to a minimum. To get to the pistol you will have to scan your finger because it has a biometrical lock. One of the things which are impressive for this gun safe is the option to store 120 fingerprints. You can scan all your fingers in many different positions and you can ever let the person you trust to do that too. When someone else puts his fingerprint too many times, it will lock itself. But, don’t worry you will have override keys so you can open the best gun safe anytime.

When you open a gun safe you will see what you are grabbing because this gun safe has one LED light which is good for lighting the pistol, but low enough not to light anything else.

With biometric option and LED light, this gun safe uses batteries. If you buy a good quality battery it can last for a year or two. A good thing is that the safe has LED and audio warning about low battery. I think it is the best gun safe for quick access to the pistol.

-small, you can mount it anywhere
-quick access to pistol
-can store up to 120 different fingerprints
-low LED light when the safe is opened

-not so thick
– has to replace batteries
– only for 1 pistol

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe is similar to GunVault Speedvault in many ways, but slightly lower quality. The size of this good gun safe offers you the possibility to store one pistol inside. It has slick design and you can place it in the drawer, hide it among the books on the bookshelf, or put it on your office table. When you glance at it, you wouldn’t say it is a gun safe which makes it great to hide it in plain sight.

The material used to make this gun safe is 12-gauge steel construction, which could be better. The good thing on this gun safe is the door. The door is made with anti-pry hinges which make impossible to use a crowbar to open it.

To open this gun safe which is at the top of best gun safes you will need your finger and, if you want, a pin combination. Use both combinations for best results.

When you open the safe you will notice that there is enough space inside for your gun. The doors will stay open which is awesome because you don’t have to hold the door with another hand. It has easy access to the pistol with quick response time.

This gun safe is silent in every way. Every action which can cause the sound is silent here. When you are entering pin combination when your finger is accepted and when the door opened – everything is made without a sound.

The LED light will light the interior of the gun safe so you can easily access it in the dark. Just like GunVault, it uses batteries so it is essential to always have extra batteries near you.

One disadvantage is that it can only remember one fingerprint, but you can leave it in the drawer or you can mount it in the drawer.

-you can mount it or leave it on the surface
– low LED light when the safe is opened
– quick access to pistol
-silent mode
-stores only one fingerprint
-not so thick to prevent thieves
-has to replace batteries

Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock icon

Mesa safe for 30 rifle guns is a great quality safe for multiple guns and rifles and it is a choice of many gun owners. Even though it says it has room for 30 rifles and guns, that is not so true. Most of the gun safes have the wrong number of rifles and guns which can fit. That is actually, not wrong, but if you try to put 30 rifles in this safe, you will have a safe filled with rifles. It that case you can’t get to any of it because there isn’t enough room for your hand inside.

Due to that, consider it that this is actually a gun safe for maybe 15 guns and rifles (few give or take) and don’t get me wrong, this is the best gun safe on the market for this situation.

This gun safe is big and it is extremely thick and heavy. You can also mount it to the floor because it has predrilled holes on the bottom of the safe. Inside it has a rack for rifles and guns, but you can add shelves if you want to.

There is one interesting this about this gun safe. It has a lock that combines electronic and handles wheel for safety results. When you enter a code, the combination pad unlocks handle wheel which removes 5 bolts from the door to open it. If something happens to the combination pad (someone tries to break it, tries to override it) wheel locks and your belongings are safe inside.

Another thing worth admiring this safe is its durability. It is thick and durable safe, but we aren’t talking about that. This safe can withstand a fire, which is very useful characteristic. This bad boy can stand strong in a fire for an hour at the temperature of 1750 degrees which is pretty impressive!

You know that manufacturers know what they are doing when they offer a lifetime warranty on their product.

-thick and durable
-can withstand a fire for an hour at 1750 degrees
-very safe lock
-you cam mount it to the floor
-it has a lifetime warranty

-can’t fit 30 rifles, but less
-can have problems with the keypad for combination

Winchester ranger deluxe gun safe

Winchester ranger deluxe gun safe is a line of gun safes and you can pick one which suits you best. You can choose from 3 sizes: model R19 which can hold 24 guns, model R31 which can hold 30 guns and model R45 which can hold 51 guns. Tip: look for a gun safe which can store your today’s guns and your future guns. If you have for example 15 guns now, it is better for you to choose the medium one with 30 guns storage so you can get extra space for new guns.

Winchester has one of the best gun safes on the market and this particular line can withstand fire for an hour at 1400 degrees. The safe has 3 layers of fireboard on the doors and two on the rest of the construction to provide that.

Lock on this safe is your choice. You can pick a mechanical lock or an electronic lock.

The construction is made from 12-gauge steel with reinforced doors and bolts on all 4 sides of the doors. A lock is protected with a titanium drill resistant hard plate to keep the drill away. Looks like people from Winchester’s really thought about everything.

Even the interior is decorated with gray carpet and filled with different shelves. You can also buy a door panel which has few pockets for keeping small stuff at one place.

This is one of the few gun safes which you can adjust to your preferences by color. It comes in granite gloss and black gloss. This can really be the best gun safe on the market.

-can withstand fire for an hour
-comes in 3 sizes
-comes in 2 colors
-choose your lock from mechanical/electronic lock

-the keypad can drain too much battery