Amsec Gun Safes

American Security BF 6024 Gun Safe 2Hour Fire

American Security Products have had a high-end commercial client in mind that make Amsec gun safe mainly for the banks as well as establishments that require high security. Over last some years, the AMSEC has made the claim to fame at an Amsec gun safe industry and with BF series just by taking the commercial security aspects as well as introducing this in the daily Amsec gun safe. As this is one of the best. The safes are all battery powered and the majority of them will include AC connector to plug in a wall. AC connector can increase the life of battery significantly. Here, you can see Amsec gun safes review on sale today.

BF series is been considered as most unique Amsec gun safe in the industry with 3/8inch steel plate door that is combined with 1inch DryLight insulation, 2inch total wall thickness on all sides filled with the Dry Light insulation as well as 2 layers of the steel for the exceptional fire as well as security protection. For 2017, the Amsec has strengthened inner steel liner for 12gauge making the Amsec gun safe more difficult as well as time-consuming that you can break in. With all this steel in walls, we will end up with the total thickness of over 7gauge! DryLight in between steel of walls as well as the door is the advanced poured insulation material, which eliminates the use of the gypsum board as well as provides the dry and the seamless barrier, which gives ETL fire protection of over 120 minutes at over 1200°. It is proven to maintain the interior temperatures of below 350° and has two stage dual seals with the silicone seal on door jamb as well as expandable Palusol seal at a door that will keep smoke out with Amsec gun safes.

On a door lies UL listed ESL 10 Electronic Lock, and decorative 5spoke handle as well as convenient “L” handle at brass and chrome. The optional electronic locks also are available. When a correct combo is been entered, ultra smooth will driven the locking mechanism with the higher handle rotation that allows the door to open at commercial grade and adjustable ball hinges that will swing open the full 180°. As the additional feature, the handle can disengage under the severe attack. When inside, you will first notice beautiful mirrored wall that gives higher visibility and then you can find interior, which comes with 2 cover plates and four side shelves that allow the storage on different sides of Amsec gun safe. Included door organizer maximizes the storage space as well as gives fast access to the commonly used items such as passports, handguns or other documents and valuables. There is the standard built in the internal AC power with the removable external cord that can allow you charge the electronics and use the dehumidifying rod. EZ Slant Out gives simple access to the long guns and the entire interior is been upholstered in the rich pin fabric.


  • Fire Rated 120Minutes at over 1200° F
  • UL listed ESL 10 Electronic Lock
  • No Cost Warranty against fire and theft
  • UL listed Security Container
  • Proudly Made in the USA


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  • Price

American Security FV 7240E5 Gun Safe 45Minute Fire

This 3/16inch steel plate door and two layers of the fire insulating material with Amsec gun safes, two stage fire seals with the silicone seal on the door jamb as well as expandable Palusol helped the Amsec gun safe achieve the ETL verified rating of over 45 minutes at over 1200° F. Body consists of 11guage solid steel with the fire insulating material. At door lies the Amsec’s ESL 5 Electronic Lock with the Illuminated keypad, and protected by the drill resistant plate with the external spring loaded relocking device. The optional GroupII combination lock also is available. Once you enter the right combination, ultra smooth drive locking with the increased handle rotation helps 3point of black nickel tri-spoke handle for retracting bolts with Amsec gun safes. Slip clutch feature gives additional security for preventing the excessive torque getting used to retract bolts during the attempted break-in. So, with 4way bolt work as well as nine massive 1 1/4inch chrome plated bolts all along with 5deadbolts, you will get the security in a total of over 14 bolts with Amsec gun safes.

The textured finish, as well as plush gray interior, gives look to match quality of Amsec gun safe. Included premium door maximizes the storage space as well as gives fast access to the handguns, important documents, passports, as well as other valuables. With 4 precut anchor holes as well as mounting hardware included, you will haven’t problem securing the Amsec gun safe and with the American Security’s comes with “No Cost” Warranty against the fire and theft, you may feel Amsec gun safe knowing the valuables are been locked inside with Amsec gun safes.


  • Amsec ESL 5 Electronic Lock
  • Fire Rated 45Minutes at over 1200°
  • Black Nickel Hardware
  • No Cost Warranty Against Fire and Theft


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If you’re on a look out for the best gun safe that will feature the electronic locking system, as well as lightning fast access, the American Security unit, may have all bells and whistles that you will want in the gun safe. With this unit, you can reach the gun within a matter of some seconds.  The majority of the biometric device are much smaller than the average and you can carry this wherever you will be going.