Barska Biometric Safe Review

Electronic combination safe locks and latches are discussed.  Lots of also give biometric fingerprint locks for the handgun safes.  Generally, the locks have the same issues of electronic handgun safes— and then they will add even more.  Suppose you are interested in these kinds of the locks, then you may read on the biometric gun safes. The majority of the electronic handgun safes make use of inexpensive and lower reliability of electronics technology you find on the “disposable” consumer gadgets.  Suppose you are interested, the biometric safe has the detailed summary of the reliability differences between the commercial and the military electronics. Part of being the responsible gun owner will be to keep the gun out of wrong hands. Suppose you have decided it is time to buy your Barska biometric safe, you might go for Barska biometric experiencing the confusion over what is correct for you and your family. You can read the advice with everything that you want to know prior to purchasing the gun Barska biometric safe. The greatest thing of biometric Barska biometric safe, like one reviewed, is they are very affordable and allowing those in the financial strain for getting security as well as Barska biometric safe they require as the gun owners. BARSKA Biometric gun made from a list of Top Best Biometric Barska biometric safes, coming at third place.

Barska gives storage for many guns and is priced right, as well as is portable. You’re shopping for the Barska biometric safe as well as you know that one of the top brands you can consider is the Barska. We have done some research where you can try to figure what best Barska biometric safes are. We also read many Barska biometric safe reviews and have come with following Barska biometric safe in key categories: We also feel it is important not just to read about specifications of best Barska biometric safes, however, to find how they have performed in the real life prior to we recommend this. Here’s the list of some best rated Barska biometric safe. Since there is demand in the market some people may also get confused about selecting the options as there is so much of choice. If you want something that will last long and keep you happy without much effort go in for this. This is one of the best options.

Barska Biometric Safe AX12038

Barska Biometric Safe AX12038 is the good option if you are looking for the Barska biometric safe that will fit inside the wall in home read Barska review. Concealing the Barska biometric safe at this way makes this very secure as the intruder needs to first find this, before he may open it, and give you the extra layer of the security. Barska safe can get installed behind furniture, and a picture, or behind another kind of the wall hanging and curtains, thus you have the great number of the possible locations. AX12038 is large enough to store many handguns as well as other valuables. Additionally, two removable shelves can be supplied with a unit that will help you to organize contents as well as make good use of space inside.

120 Registered of Fingerprints

Barska fingerprint reader that is used on the Barska safe will get programmed with 120 different fingerprints. It allows you store many different versions of own fingerprints from the different angles and making this Barska safe accurate while reading the fingerprint. It as well means you may enough memory in the scanner to store fingerprints of many other registered users in case you desire read Barska review.

Barska AX 12038 Fingerprint Reader & Locking KnobLocking System

The door can be locked all thanks to the operation of 2 deadbolts, which hold the door securely in the place.

Wall Mounted

The model is made to get the wall mounted. The width of this safe is that it is very small enough that will fit between the standard wall spacings. Barska top opening biometric fingerprint safe comes totally complete with the comprehensive fitting instructions so you must achieve the good fit with the minimum of the difficulty and fuss.

Audio Beeps

The audio beeps can be used to signal various actions are getting carried out like the door opening or registering fingerprints, the low battery power and more. It is possible to mute beeps so Barska top opening biometric fingerprint safe will operate very quietly in the stealth mode. It is very useful in case you wish to open a Barska top opening biometric fingerprint safe quietly in case there is the intruder in the home.

Barska AX 12038 OpenInternal Shelves

Safe comes totally supplied with 2 internal shelves, which will get removed when required.


It can get used to store many handguns and ammunition and small valuables such as iPod, passports, cameras, medicines and more Note: Suppose you have problems in opening safe using fingerprint reader the Barska have supplied the set of backup keys. These will get used by removing front logo plate at a safe using wrench supplied for accessing keyhole.


  • Being able to mute an audio beep was the useful feature if safe has to get opened very silently.
  • Barska AX 12038 Emergency Key Biometric Lock was accurate and most of the users found this simple to set up.
  • The external battery pack that supplied was very useful for accessing safe if batteries inside safe have died and electronic lock gets off
  • Finish on majority of the safes was been supplied was very good


  • Plastic clips can support shelves were simple to break like was battery cover in case you were not taking any extra care.