Bed Gun Safe

The under-the-bed bed gun safe is the great investment for gun owners.  This is made for simple access as well as secure storage. Having the gun locked away in your bed, for which you have a fast access can give you the better peace. Suppose you have the handgun for the protection, then it can be very useless in case you have this locked in the larger bed gun safe which is not very easily accessed. Lots of gun safes also come well equipped with the biometric fingerprint lock, and the reason for that is that you may access the gun fast with one finger because all you need to do is to scan your finger.

It’s my hope within the nightstand bedside safe reviews; you can find something, which helps you to make the choice on what you want for your personal situation.

Defense Night Stand Hidden Firearm Safe

The first item up review is Home Defense Stand with the Hidden Firearm Safe actually is the fast access and concealed safe that can keep you within the arm’s reach of weapons as well as valuables. In below second, the safe springs in action giving you an access to the concealed compartment and where you have the weapon stored. The bedroom gun safe also is big enough that will have large frame pistol, the stun gun, and mace. Safe runs at one 9volt battery that is been included. Stained for order, the nightstand is accessible in the solid rock, maple, and metal, with the right side and left side door, and depending on which side of the bed you want this to be. Stand measures 20x21x30.5 inches as well as weighs over 42 pounds.

Lock & Roll Under Bed Safe

Lots of people want the small bed gun safe that can store the items other than the guns. Due to that, they do not wish to spend several dollars on the steel bed gun safe. This is the suitable cheap alternative in case that is what you are also thinking about. The rolling storage container also is good for the home and dorm. This fits perfectly under the bed as it has the low profile. This as well comes with the steel security cable. It is the excellent storage container that will lock the valuables at whether you’re adult or a teenager. Wheels on the safe allow you move the bed gun safe fast enough, without doing any kind of heavy lifting.


  • Comes with 2 keys and suppose you buy that for a teenager, you may give them the key, or you can keep it one in an event that they lose theirs.
  • This is well equipped with the wheels so that you may roll storage container under your bed, unlike others kind you that need to lift.
  • You may carry the bed gun safe with you while you travel.
  • It will be the good bed gun safe that will lock things far away from the toddlers and small kids.


  • The thief can easily gain an access to bed gun safe.
  • I will recommend you buy the padlock to lock bed gun safe as keys are universal.
  • The bed safe is made from plastic, thus it isn’t waterproof and fireproof.

Titan Under bed Safe

It doesn’t require the battery like other small bed safe. This is small enough that will fit under your bed and you can carry it all along with you while you leave your home. You may mount bed safe to the solid surface with mounting brackets, which are included. Suppose you choose to move your bed safe, this just takes the matter of minutes and move this from a permanent location to other. This bed safe comes with the 1year manufacturer warranty.


  • Gun swings out while the door opens making this faster to retrieve the handgun than a lot of other bed safe.
  • Doesn’t require any battery, so you don’t need to worry about losing any access to your safe.
  • Push button combination makes this faster to access than the safes with the key locks and combination dials.
  • You may mount the safe under the bed out of your sight of kids or thieves.
  • You have an option of adjusting this to hold the different size firearms.


  • The experienced thief can gain an access to safe with help of hand tools and little time.
  • You will not store any extra ammunition in till you pay more of money for an ammo box.
  • Safe is a bit expensive when compared to the similar ones from many other companies.

American Security Vault

The “American Security Vault“ safe is well equipped with the electronic lock, which is illuminated making it simple to access the safe in the dark. Slide out tray also is padded. That will prevent the gun from getting damaged. You as well have an option of anchoring safely to the floor with pre-drilled holes as well as the mounting kit, which is included. American Security website has the manuals you may download for warranty information of their products.


  • This beeps while you press the key, however, this will get turned off in case you prefer to have safe in the silent mode.
  • The Illuminated keypad helps you to easily and fast access your safe in the dark.
  • The drawer is big enough that will fit 2 long guns.
  • Steel is very thick, but not too thick to cause any problems with you to get this under the bed and in tight spots.
  • Safe can beep when batteries are getting dead, thus you don’t lose fast access to the safe.


  • Steel is just 14 gauge and will be simple for the experienced burglar with a pry bar to get an access.
  • The keypad is the cheap plastic, which is screwed in safe making it simple to bust.
  • Lag bolts come with same are not very heavy duty like other expensive models.