Bedroom Gun Safe

Bedroom Gun Safe Buying Guide:

The main reason to buy the bedroom gun safe is the accessibility. In the case of intruders in the home, which is the best place you can hide the gun? Having this placed strategically in bed can make this very simple to grab this or protect yourself as well as a family even in dark. There’re a lot of brands with models out there at the market, which sells under the bed gun safe. Thus, how you will know which is good for you? I have listed a few guides and tips at how you can pick which one is good for you, look for bedroom gun safe.

While picking the gun safe first you have to know the type of the gun, size that you need, as well as how many guns that you are planning to keep in a safe. That the safe that you can pick must fit under the bed perfectly. So, these are a few things you can consider while buying the under bed gun safe. Remember when picking bedroom gun safe, in case you have any kids, you have to pick the heavy type of the safe or something, which is tough to open. The kids are curious or may find the way to open the safe. They also are intelligent and they can remember the access codes even while they have just seen you open this once. You know, just like I do, those kids are curious and they can do amazing things. Purchasing the bedroom gun safe won’t necessarily keep the gun out of the kid’s hands but this can keep this out of sight. The child will open a lot of gun safes. The majority of them will open by picking this up some inches off the floor or dropping them on the hard surface.

Having gun can protect the family but also will harm them when not kept in a right way. And finally remember you’re responsible for the gun, thus keep this totally safe. Daily somebody is searching for the gun. Daily somebody is murdered by the gun that got in wrong hands. Daily the intruder enters the home. You can be home, or the intruder can enter the home with the gun that has actually fallen in wrong hands. The gun safe also is good to keep yourself ready in any moment that will protect the family when keeping guns away from the children also.

Suppose you purchase the under bed safe, then I recommend you to buy one, which has the pre-drilled holes thus you may bolt safe to the floor. Bolting a safe to the floor can keep the kids from lifting safe off floor as well as dropping this in case they ever happen to find this hidden under the bed. Lots of under bed safes are actually made to have fast access to the weapon as well as some of them also have the illuminated keypads. There’s also the small number of safes, which are very large enough house the couple rifles. The small under bed safe won’t keep the thief away from the guns in case they have time and hand tool. The majority of them as well will not protect the weapons from the fire and water damage. The under bed gun safe also is very useful to keep the weapon away from the small kids when being able to get to the gun fast so look for bedroom gun safe.

If you are the gun owner that you knows how to keep the guns away from the thief as well as children then you know that the big part of owning the gun is to store it. I want to show you the bedroom gun safe. Under the bed gun safes are good investments for all the gun owners.  Reason is: a lot of gun safes are big and cannot be hidden. The large gun safe will get tampered by the burglar. The gun safe companies generally have the warranty in a place in an event the burglar damages our gun safe, however, if a warranty gets outdated you may need to fix gun safe out of the pocket. That is why I recommend purchasing the bedroom gun safe. You want the safe with what you can get to the weapon in seconds if an intruder enters the home. It takes less time to enter the biometric under bed safe then it does with the larger safe. You don’t need to spend some precious time in entering the combination and fumbling with the keys. You must definitely look for bedroom gun safe in case you have the young kids in the home.

Monster Vault Under Bed Safe

If you want a safe which has great size with the large slide drawer, then buy this bedroom gun safe. Inside is very spacious so you may store the handgun the extra clip. Safe is as well good for the vehicle as its small and simple to carry. This is well equipped with the digital combination lock look for bedroom gun safe. Also, you may program the safe with the 3 to 8 number access code. This bedroom gun safe comes with the 7 years of consumer warranty.


  • Comes with the override key in an event that battery gets dead, and you forget access code.
  • Bedroom gun safe is heavy enough that in the case of intruder finds this they will not attempt to carry it away.
  • Bedroom gun safe is big enough to hold the small rifles
  • Bedroom gun safe fits under bed and in the tight spaces


  • it is very heavy to carry this with you each time you leave the home
  • You need to use tool to remove the plate so that you may use override key
  • This bedroom gun safe isn’t fireproof and waterproof
  • Price is high as you may get the upright safe for over same rate price.