Best Car Gun Safe

GunVault GV2000CSTD Pistol Safe Standard

GV2000C combines the decent core safety features with many innovations that will create the car gun safe for the 21st century. Sporting the steel body construction as well as high strength system with pistol lock box, this offers the adequate protection for the weapons when you are on a go. The manufacturer has made the point to keep the fittings tight to minimize the successful pry attacks. California DOJ locking system makes use of ‘learn buttons’, a feature that allows you to program this with one of 12million unique codes. This is a very good option and lots of people make use of this product and you can be one of them.

The lock operates on 9V battery, however, it comes with the override key if that fails, which is always a good option. The built-in computer detects invalid attempts and blocks access to many consecutive ones so try not to make too many mistakes. No-Eyes® keypad also comes with the outlines where the fingers will fit, so you will not have any trouble identifying this if you want to access car gun safe’s contents in dark. This can optionally give audio feedback when you push buttons with pistol lock box if required. Interior of the car gun safe is been lined with the soft foam that will prevent the damage its contents when you are driving on rough road. The ABS removable shelf lets you use interior the best you can so that you may store the pistol and other valuables at the same time. The car gun safe is designed to get mountable from all directions. For the extra money, you can get 6’’ of mounting cable for greater security. Whereas relatively small thickness (16GA) might not appeal purists, it gets job done for many small handgun owners. It also keeps price reasonably low. This GunVault GV2000CSTD car gun safe also comes with 1year warranty with pistol lock box. It may not be the longest warranty on the market, but it is rather long.


  • High strength CA approved electronic lock and override key.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • No-Eyes allows you access car gun safe in dark, and without looking.
  • 12million unique combinations and invalid entry penalty.
  • 1year warranty.
  • Interior is split into 2 portions if needed.


  • $$ extra for the security cable.
  • 16GA steel thickness isn’t strongest.

Console Vault Universal1007

Whereas Console Vault has the reputation for developing the tailor made car gun safe that fits in specific car models. It is one of the broadly applicable deals, as indicated by ‘Universal’ in the name. The car gun safe offers the best fundamental firearm car gun safe in the low profile package and making it the best choice for gun owners whom discretion during the travel is the main concern with pistol lock box. Made from high strength 12gauge steel, as well as incorporating the drill resistant key lock, the car gun safe can give even seasoned burglar run for the money. Three-point locking system and bank vault style latch pins lend this superb pry resistance. Besides the compact size, this portable gun safe for car also comes with add-on ‘Cloak’ option, which disguises this as the drink holder and storage tray that adds an extra layer of the security to the already impressive repertoire. As it is the low-profile portable gun safe for the car, and you cannot store the bigger handguns in it. Also, this does not come with pre-built holes or the security cable.  This portable gun safe for the car is well accompanied by 1year of the limited warranty.


  • Strong 12gauge steel construction.
  • Very low profile design.
  • 1year warranty.
  • Bank vault style pin hinge locking impedes the theft attempts.


  • Won’t allow storing the bigger handguns.
  • No pre-made mounting options and security cable.

Homak HS 10036684 Medium Pistol Box

Packing the rugged steel construction as well as programmable electronic lock, HS10036684 is the cheap storage solution for people who like to keep the handgun concealed out of the reach of the unauthorized individuals. In the terms of the structural integrity, there is not any doubt that 1.5 mm thick body does the job well, to a point that you will need large crowbar pry it open. The electronic lock is the different story though: the good thing about lock is it has 15minute of penalty lockout feature and after three invalid entries will be made for center console gun safe. It also can get overridden by 9V battery if default 4xAA batteries ever fail for center console gun safe. However, there are many complaints about electronics failing randomly as well as locking owner’s access for good. The lock can get easily cracked by somebody who knows what they are doing since is evident from numerous cracking tutorials for the particular portable gun safe for the car. For that it is worth, manufacturer throws in 1year of limited warranty, you may avail if things get south with the purchase. Reason, why I suggest the portable gun safe for the car despite obvious flaws, is the incredibly low rate that makes it the best choice if you are only looking for the low-investment and short term solution to securing the gun from kids ( or people who do not know how to handle them). So, anything more serious that, and I will advise you that you can consider the better option that is available in the market are the center console gun safe. This is a very important thing and lots of people are buying this portable gun safe for the car so once you make use of this, things will be very simple. This is a quality product and lots of people are making use of this.


  • Strong 1.5 mm of thick steel body make
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Penalty lockout feature
  • Very cheap


  • The electronic lock will get cracked with the relative ease
  • Electronic lock