Best Fireproof Gun Safe

You may protect the guns from the thief with many gun safe, however not all can protect the weapons from the fire in case the house goes up in flames. For that, you will need a fireproof gun safe. Will you like to come home and see all the possessions are totally gone? No one wants that. You may store the firearms, the valuable belongings, and important papers inside the fireproof gun safe so that they are safe even if your home goes up in flames. This is the product which is going to last for long, with the good price. Lots of people will really like the product. You can be sure that this is a product that lots of people are going to admire and once they buy it, they will have it for ages, and that is the best part about it. One of the best things, that you can enjoy about is the great design it as. Now, let’s talk about the best fireproof gun safes.

Stack-On SS22MBE 22  with Electronic Lock

StackOn SS22MBE 22 with the Electronic fireproof gun safe has many best qualities you will trust to protect the possessions and it has the really reasonable price for a gun safe. The fireproof gun safe holds over 22 firearms, and you may store 11 guns with a lot of room to store valuables. It is good, right? Inside of this fireproof gun safe has the carpet lining so none of valuables and firearms you store in can get totally damaged. This has the electronic lock, as well as gives you the warning in case you enter wrong entry code. Probably you are worried about prying a door open, correct? Well, the fireproof gun safe has got 2 way of locking. This has 6 locking points for making, thus it is just impossible for the intruder to open the door. Suppose you still do not think this is enough of security, it has the hidden hinges as well as steel deadbolts on a side for the extra security purposes. Batteries that power electronic keypad are included. Suppose batteries get dead, you may use one of the backup keys, which is included as well. The fireproof gun safe generally comes with 2 backup keys. Batteries must not go dead without even you knowing before this happens as it has the low battery warning. This fireproof gun safe has 3 years of limited warranty.


  • You may adjust shelves that will suit you.
  • fire resistant gun safe has 6 locking points and deadbolts on the side for the extra protection
  • fireproof gun safe is big in 17.6 × 55.1 × 26.8 inches and weighs 247 pounds.
  • Electronic keypad has silent mode


  • Clips are used to mount shelves are uneven. Most of the people will not recognize this in case they are not paying close attention.
  • Carpet on shelves is not glued down well. You may always put extra glue on the bottom of carpet and glue it down suppose it begins coming up with time.
  • Sometimes, fireproof gun safe comes out silent mode itself. Hit silence button prior to you open a fireproof gun safe. This can take second and may guarantee that fire resistant gun safe does not make a sound in case you have an intruder at home.
  • fire resistant gun safe is loud while you lock and unlock it and you may always put a fireproof gun fire resistant gun safe on the silent mode.

LockState LS30D Digital Safe

LockState LS30D Digital Fireproof gun safe looks very tiny, thus it is best for storing the small firearms like handguns. But, don’t get confuses, it is a really good piece of the fireproof safe. You can store the small valuables and important papers inside. The fireproof gun safe will withstand the temperatures reaching over 1800Degrees Fahrenheit for over 1 hour whereas keeping the possessions inside the fireproof gun safe from heat and flame safe. The fireproof gun safe is well equipped with the Electronic thumb lock. You may program a master code as well as one user code at a fireproof gun safe. Entry codes will be 3 to 8 digits. There’s the interior button and where you may reset codes. You must reset entry codes on the fireproof gun safe each month. That is a good idea because it will keep the people from getting access to the fireproof gun safe. If you do happen to forget entry code of your fireproof gun safe, you can always open the fireproof gun safe with the override keys, which are included. The fireproof gun safe generally comes with the 1 year of warranty in an event it’s the defected and it does not hold up at what company states this is one of the best fireproof gun safe.


  • You may mount fireproof gun safe making this secure in an event the intruder tries and snatch whole fireproof gun safe. Hardware to mount fireproof gun safe is been included.
  • The keypad is been illuminated so that you may unlock the fireproof gun safe in the complete darkness.
  • fireproof gun safe has an alarm for the extra security.
  • The keypad is been powered by the batteries, and it has a power supply you may plug in the outlet for the backup this is one of the best fireproof gun safe.


  • There is no silent button for silence alarm and keypad beeps. You may always place the extra gun in the home in case you want the backup security from an intruder.
  • The door has wobble while it is shut. It is common for the fire resistant gun safe. You may place the Velcro around inside of a door to stop shaking when it makes uncomfortable.
  • fire resistant gun safe is heavy for the small fire resistant gun safe.
  • fire resistant gun safe isn’t waterproof. Do not store anything in fire resistant gun safe that you wish to protect from the water damage.