Best Gun Safe Reviews

In past years, many different gun safes are hitting the market. As the market expands, costs also keep on falling and that’s the good news! There are many affordable biometric options of gun safes, so you may have the professional grade safety without breaking your bank. Here I have prepared gun safe reviews for you to see which suits you best.

GunVault Speedvault Pistol Safe SVB500

It is priced very well at over $250, Gunvault SpeedVaultSVB500 is the best option for the pistol owners. Read these short gun safe reviews to see why. It provides fast and simple access to the firearms, and it is a convenient size. Their lock is perfect for the emergency and in the critical situations in your home and businesses. It is perfect for under desk storage, in corner of the cabinet. Like good lock box, this is made to stop unauthorized persons that are accessing the weapons. It is made from over 12gauge steel that will not go anywhere. It also has many smart features that you’ll love. This will store over 120 individual fingerprints, thus you may assign some people permission for accessing firearms inside. That is convenient for the members of the family, and for the trusted associates. To get more information, read the whole gun safe review. There’s the override key in the case of malfunctions. Inside is made of foam-lined that will protect the firearm, and the light turns when you will open the door, which will help you see in it. The best thing, it is covered and insured by the 5year of warranty. The Biometric Pistol Safe is not good for the storing multiple and large firearms; however, it does the job of storing the pistols very well. It is simple, effective as well as has good feedback from the previous buyers.


  • Fast and  simple access
  • Best storage option
  • Smart feature


  • Cannot store multiple firearms

Sentry Safe Biometric Access Pistol Safe

The Sentry Safe Biometric Access Pistol Safe is priced well under $200. Sentry Biometric Quick is the portable and affordable choice for the people who would like to store the firearm safely. I have filled my gun safe reviews with features, so continue reading. This safe has many same features as GunVault, including 12gauge of steel construction as well as anti-pry hinges. Although it is budget priced, this has many smart security features. Also, you may program in the fingerprint, and add the pin combination besides biometric, for more security. It is silent that is very important in the emergency. The door is “whisper-quiet” as well as keypad does not make any kind of sounds. There is the pneumatic door hinge that holds the door open. This allows you to grab the pistol with one hand when you are dialing emergency services with other. Sentry is more portable than GunVault. It is not much of the holster design, and this will stay in the drawer a little easier. This is cheaper, which means it does lose some features that I liked on GunVault. For example, you can just program one print in this one. It is not very mountable, so it is harder to install at the permanent location. But, it is more affordable than GunVault, as well as gets same basic job read gun safe reviews.


  • Cost
  • Simple features
  • Best storage


  • Not many features
  • Not very stylish

Barska Biometric Safe

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is the favorite high solution to store the multiple firearms. It is around the same price as Sentry, and it is an only one on the Top list of this gun safe reviews that can store some small pistols. It works well in both the households and offices. It may either get mounted wherever you want, with included hardware or else stand alone. Anyway, it gives simple as well as fast access while you need this most. Where it is cheaper than GunVault, this includes some features that I like on the more costly model. This can get programmed to accept over 30 different fingerprints, thus you may authorize many other trusted people that have an access to the weapons. This is a feature I like to mention in my gun safe reviews. It is a little heavier than other two choices. Added weight makes this feel more secure, as well as means the thieves will not carry locked object away. At a downside, this does make some noises when you unlock it, which means that you cannot get the weapons quietly. One important thing we like about beeping feature is it can start beeping that will signal in case you have left this unlocked. Timer kicks after five minutes. Overall, we think Barska is the good solution for the people who want a place to store some firearms but do not want to spend time and storage space on the big cabinet.


  • Comes handy
  • Best in price
  • Simple handling


  • Lack of amazing features
  • Style

If you are looking to lock multiple weapons read best gun safe reviews, the larger rifles,  and other valuables, the traditional standup versions are ideal for you. Some will get pricey, however, with the large storage abilities, as well as solid, safe build, the right one can be worth all your money. We have compared and analyzed many top models, as well as narrowed down the field to this short gun safe review:

Mesa Safe MBF6032E 14.4Cubic Foot 30Rifle Gun Safe Digital Lock

The Mesa Safe Company 14.4Cubic Foot 30Rifle Gun Safe with the Digital Lock will be all time favorite cabinet for a lot of reasons, and you can read about them in best gun safe reviews. Whereas it can cost you over $1,500, the stack-on cabinet generally delivers very secure storage with a lot of room for your rifles, ammo, pistols, as well as other valuables. It is made like the tank, with totally steel construction, which totals over 650 pounds. It will not go anywhere without a team of movers, assuring you those thieves will not make off with the valuables and weapons. You also can bolt this to the floor with pre-drilled holes. This is one of most safe on market. The lock system is been protected by the undrillable plate, and to stop the intruders in the tracks. Particularly, I love rugged bolts on one that are full 1 1/2inches thick!


  • Simple to use
  • Trouble free
  • Smart features


  • Price
  • Handling