Best Gun Safe Under 500

In the United States, there are many firearm owners. For this reason, it is very important to have the best gun safe at your home that will protect the weapons since it takes plenty of responsibility in order to keep this safe. With the gun safe, you may keep the firearms as well as other important items very neatly stored away, still in reach, particularly if you aren’t planning to take this with you on the trips. Finding best gun safe under 500 is amount everyone will afford and get amazing features in this amount. Thus, here we’re trying to assist you with the Best gun safe below 500 for all your needs. There’re a lot of different best gun safe under 500 that are available in the market as well as are quite expensive, however here with us, one can find the best gun safe below 500 with amazing features. You will find some good ones that are available that will make some attractive additions to the home, but very importantly, it has to keep the weapons out kids as well as burglars hands.

Viking Security Safes VS-25BL Biometric Safe

It is the biometric gun safe under $500, which is very big enough for the multiple handguns. The fingerprint scanner is been advertised as 500 DPI that is very good. This gun safe under $500 is made from coated steel as well as has the great appearance, still, it is very small enough and can be hidden. Fingerprint system has the keypad override if you have any difficulties while opening this with the fingerprint. The keypad will get programmed to accept the pin numbers from 4 to 8 digits long, thus it does not have the shortcoming of accepting 4 digit code.

The fingerprint scanner will get programmed to accept over 32 different fingerprints. There’s the timeout period in case multiple unsuccessful attempts are made to open the gun safe under $500 as well as gun safe under $500 also will beep if the door gets left open for the longer than a minute. It is very helpful if there are children around, and reminding you that door has not been locked. The gun safe under $500 is over 10 inches high, 14 inches wide as well as 10 inches deep. There’s the adjustable shelf as well as the interior is been lined to protect the handguns as well as ammunition. The system uses 4 AA batteries and there’s the LED light built at that needs other 2 AA batteries.  This product has many features and that makes it a good selection for most.

Even though battery power may be the drawback, it is not difficult to replace this and system remembers stored fingerprints as well as pin numbers even though batteries are been removed. The gun safe under $500 will be set for functioning in the silent mode that extends the battery life in case you ever get in a gun safe under $500 frequently. LED for keypad displays charge of batteries so you will know when you want to replace this. In pinch, gun safe under $500 will get opened with the hidden key lock. gun safe under $500 weighs just 24 pounds, however, it is drilled thus you may anchor this gun safe under $500 in place. When anchored, it is not likely that anybody will walk away with this. Drawbacks are this safe is not fire and waterproof. The interior light is not very luminescent as it can be, although it appears to produce sufficient light to see what is at interior. Still, for the price, the best gun safe under 500 is the good value. It’s surprisingly roomy and downside of the best gun safe under 500 is while it’s made in the US, it is not made here. It’s made from China.  The product comes in a very good style and has a very pleasing structure. The gun safe is very lightweight and can be moved very easily.


  • Better in style
  • Good assembling
  • Can easily move


  • Not very strong
  • Can be better in shipping

Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe

Barska makes the good biometric best gun safe under 500 for the rifles. The BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe measures 57inches x 13.75inches x 13.75inches and this weighs over 114 pounds. This has the 12position rack that will be taken out as well as inside is completely lined to protect the rifles against the wear and tear. It’s very spacious enough that will hold the multiple rifles and the ammunition without any difficulties. The fingerprint scanner will store over 120 fingerprints. This comes with the emergency lock system as well as 2 keys. The battery pack powers fingerprint scanner is been located on outside as well as holds 4AA batteries. best gun safe under 500 also can be switched from the sound mode to the silent one that will help to prolong the life of batteries as well as to make this secure if you want to get in it while there is the intruder in the house. The best gun safe under 500  is very heavy, although not very so, and this comes ready in anchoring. Over 6 mounting bolts are included, all along with the Allen wrench to put bolts in. The possible negative is the best gun safe under 500  has the room enough for 3 or 4 rifles and long guns, and handguns or ammunition, but it is not designed to hold any more rifles. Still, this was specifically made this way, as well as Barska, has a larger best gun safe under 500  for the person who has three and four rifles.

More of the negative is a fact that the best gun safe under 500 is not fireproof and waterproof. Cost is very reasonable, although, for what safe offers. The BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe comes under $500, but that depends on where this is purchased. It is not the bad price for biometric rifle best gun safe under 500, particularly considering the price of rifles it can protect. The best gun safe under 500 probably will not stop a determined thief, however same can be said of many best gun safe under 500. For biometric, best gun safe under 500 will do exactly what this is made to do and fingerprint scanner also works well. Unfortunately, the safe is not manufactured and assembled in the United States, this is made in China. To a lot of people, that is a major drawback, even though it does not necessarily mean it is not well made.


  • Best in class
  • Comes well equipped
  • Strong built


  • Not fireproof
  • Not waterproof