Best Handgun Safe

Simply put, anybody may have an access to the firearm if it’s left in open, from the intruders to the young kids playing with them. This is the major cause of the concern and necessitates that the firearms get stored away, and somewhere you may access them in a case of the emergency. The handgun safe provides you with the multiple features like concealed and hidden alarm system and providing lighting to the firearms for a power outage, as well as many other invaluable features. The handgun safe is utmost importance in case you own the firearm. Obviously, you can always use the handgun safe for holding the valuable items like the passports, jewelry, ammo, as well as other important items.

Stack-On Security Cabinet

This cleverly made handgun safe has the storage space for two tactical rifles and 14standard rifles. This comes with the 3 removable shelves, which are very neatly placed for the additional uses like handguns or ammo storage. Cabinet has the durability to withstand the punishment if anybody tries and pry or break cabinet. Security handgun safe also comes with the approval from California Justice Department since high-standard equipment to store arms. There’s no reason more than that to pick the handgun safe up today and enjoy the wide storage space with the added protection.


  • Inclusive of the barrel rests that will get adjusted as required storing heavier tactical equipment, which requires more of room space than the rifles.
  • While not in the use you may transform upper areas in shelves to store the addition items.
  • Comes with 3point locking system to get absolute protection and key coded lock.


  • Can be made better with more features

Sportsman Buffalo 32Long Capacity Safe

While it comes about the Sportsman Buffalo 32, then you rest assured of the top notch quality that is combined with the features like the fire resistance over 40mins at over 1200 Fahrenheit. This handgun safe holds over 32 hand guns and has a lot of pouches on side of a door that will hold the entire hand gun safe and everything inside in one piece. Sportsman buffalo 32 actually is the gigantic handgun safe that will keep the firearms in a nice organized way to get simple access. With best in the business defense and thorough quality check, you can ensure the theft free made from prying the tools as well as drill weapons.


  • With 14gauge door that will protect exterior, firearms need to get accessed via 3 spooked handle
  • It comes with the 32 rifle organizers and 11 hand gun safe pockets, which are ideal for any of the user’s collection of the firearms, 6 zipper pockets as well as 6 pistol holders
  • handgun safe comes with two keys and combination code through keypad to have an access it
  • Comes total predrilled with holes that you may attach the light to illuminate handgun safe.


  • Style
  • Cost

Steelwater Extreme 45Long Gun

The muscular-looking safe also is the gigantic 9gauge steel with the additional ¼inches of the steel on the door that will provide the user with the astounding amount of the defense. This hand gun safe will store over 45 long guns as well as has space that will store the whole gallery of the firearms. Some of the impressive features also included. The monster of safe is ideal for people who want to expand the firearms collection as well as have got no more storage in the existing safes. The safe has the best line of the defense in the terms of the protection as well as comes with the fire proof resistance of above 120 minutes. While it comes to storing the hand gun safe, you require portable and reliable hidden vaults, which will get accessed anytime.


  • Double sided U to prevent the breakage of any types.
  • Has 8X Hardplate tech that will ensure there are no way drills will penetrate the body of safe, protects even gear drive system and door from any kind of vulnerabilities.
  • Has gear drive system that will make hack or pry attempts just impossible


  • Less storage area

Gunvault Minivault Safe

GunVault safe generally comes in the mini enclosure made from strong steel build. This is very sturdy enough that will store a handgun securely, and let us know some features. Gunvault Handgun Safe also is a perfect option if you are looking out for something sleek and sturdy.


  • Shows the Audio and LED warning in low battery situations.
  • IT comes with the audio alarm that also senses it is getting tampered with from hands of kids and intruders. Safety purpose proves vital in the emergency situations.
  • Very sleek to fit any of the enclosure as well as durable enough that will keep handgun safe from getting used other than while needed.
  • Just impossible to open safe due to the durable build quality and ensures nobody but you have an access to safe at every time.


  • Style
  • Price
  • Handling problem

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Safe

Two words you can describe the amazing safe: Invisible and Quiet. For any of the homeowners, there’s nothing very advantageous than having the safe that stays out of sight and is also accessible when needed. 18gauge gun safe gives unique design wherein gun is been placed in the position that needs quick reach as well as grabs the movement from the user. GunVault SV500 is ideal for the residential requirement where the user needs a combination of the fast retrieval with the dead silence in the emergency.


  • Is given with the backup override key, which will get accessed in emergency situations.
  • Has quick access keypad, which enables toughest of the protection to keep the firearm protected.
  • Very discreet making the intruders totally unaware of presence while you try and access the handgun from safe.
  • Interior foam is placed inside safe gives maximum durability for any firearm placed within that.


  • Less combinations
  • Long safe