Best Pistol & Gun Safes

Sentry Safe Access Safe

Sentry Safe Access Safe is the fast access pistol safe and is well equipped with the push-button combination. Buttons are also backlit making it simple to open your safe in complete darkness. Not like a lot of other combination locks, it does not require any batteries. Before you enter the combination for pistol safe, you’re required to press the button that will activate keypad but still, it is much quicker for the safe with the traditional lock. This is rather small, however, it has a lot of rooms. This pistol safe can house handgun as well as extra magazines. The pistol safe has one year of limited warranty. This can be the considerable safe for the car also. Check out other choices in the best car gun reviews of pistol safe!

Most of the best pistol safe locking mechanisms are seen inside of a pistol safe when you open the door. You cannot see locking mechanism so the thief cannot pop lock with paperclip or object of pistol safe.


  • pistol safe does not need batteries like many gun safes of that kind
  • It does not beep while you press buttons while it is in the silent pistol safe
  • Lots of pistols safe have reset button, which is simple to get. The reset button is simple to get and can be reset. The reset button on the pistol gun safe is hidden in batteries, so pistol gun safe needs to get opened for this to get reset.


  • You need to press the button to activate keypad before you may enter the entry code. You cannot find the way around, but it does not slow down access time much. Still, you can open pistol gun safe in the matter of some seconds.
  • pistol gun safe isn’t fireproof and waterproof.
  • pistol gun safe reacts slower than many other models do while entering entry code. You can press keys slower than you will on other safes that will prevent entering wrong code.
  • It is simple to not totally hit the key that can make you enter the wrong combination. Ensure you press every key, preventing from entering wrong entry code. Suppose you don’t hit every key firmly or enter wrong entry code, then you will need to wait some seconds for safe to reset.

Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Safe

This might be the best pistol safe and with the digital keypad for ones that are searching for the quick access. This has the drop down drawer that will make it set to fire while you draw. The safe is like pistol holster with the lock. It cannot get better than this, right? Well, the safe has a lot of different qualities that you may enjoy. It is one of the perfect handgun safe to mounting in the vehicle within the arm’s reach when you travel and run errands. There are 5 years of exclusive warranty on this best pistol safe for fire & burglary.


  • It is well equipped with the internal light thus you may see inside safe in complete darkness with the best pistol safe.
  • Safe is made so you may mount this nearly anywhere including a vehicle.
  • Safe feels solid while mounted, not like others feel flimsy.
  • It has silent mode so keypad will not make noise when you enter entry code.


  • White internal light may be very bright for people’s comfort with the best pistol safe.
  • Safe makes the small noise when latch locks or unlocks. It cannot get silenced, but it can’t be heard by an intruder in other room.
  • The keypad is picky and practices entering the code if you wish to have the quicker access.
  • Low battery warning works only when you touch keypad and keep fresh batteries at all times at event batteries get dead when you’re away from your home best pistol safe.

Fort Knox FTKPN Personal Box Handgun best pistol safe

The Fort Knox best pistol safe can protect the pistol and valuables everywhere, in the car or home. This has the 1081 user combinations. Hinges are also spring assisted this open faster. One of the thing, why this is a best pistol safe, is the fact that while it is bolted to the solid surface, the thief generally won’t take the time to steal this or lose time trying to gain any entry. Not like other best pistol safe that has the warranty for some years, this best pistol safe comes with the lifetime warranty.

The best pistol safe can’t get accessed in the dark till you are familiar with the layout. I suggest you practice on opening safe.


  • best pistol safe is quite while opening.
  • The safe doesn’t use the batteries so you may have an access to handgun at times.
  • Hinges are made from heavy gauge steel thus door cannot get busted off like many safes.
  • Safe can hold 2 pistols & extra magazines.


  • Installation instructions are confusing than many other safes instructions. There are videos that will break down instructions so you may understand this better. The videos are found on the YouTube.
  • Resetting code is difficult to figure. Call the company and watch the video and learn how you can reset entry code.
  • Safe does not come with the backup key option and suppose you forget entry code, then you need to reset this.

Hornady Security Gun Safe

The Hornady Security Gun Safe has the touch free entry, but it has the child-resistant design. This is the quick entry safe, which keeps the handgun safe, ready to be used anytime. You have the multiple access choices with the Hornady best pistol safe. This opens with RFID bracelet, which is new technology in the gun safe industry. Safe opens quicker than other safes without any delay. You may register the safe on their website & receive the lifetime warranty.


  • It is simple to program than any other models.
  • Safe can get opened with RFID bracelet, the RFID card, and key fob included. This comes with 3 RFID bracelets.


  • This opens slower you will expect from the quick access safe
  • Lid is much louder than other models while it opens