Best Quick Access Gun Safe

Gunvault MicroVault XLMVB1000 Biometric Safe

GunVault MicroVault XLMVB1000 is made to be the traveling quick access gun safe and it is very light as well as compact, with enough of storage for a pistol, magazine, and some documents. It features the unique fingerprint scanner, which makes the model one of the best quick access gun safe among biometric cases on market today. This is a very good option and you can make use of this. Once you do that, then things will be much easier. There is nothing better with this because it is a good quality product and you can make use of this in quick time.

Programming is as simple as touching a learn button on side of a unit. You can see the green LED light, and hear the beep. That is signals that scanner is now ready to store the new fingerprint. In spite of the ease of the programming, the unauthorized user will not add the fingerprint without the permission. It is been explained in security section below. The fingerprint scanner will hold over 120 unique fingerprints, which makes it a really quality quick access pistol safe. This gives it largest memory capacity for units reviewed in the guide. It is one of largest memory capacities in the market right now. The GunVault uses the slide through the scanner on the model. In place of placing the finger on the reader like with many other models, you may swipe the finger across the reader. It must give you the better chance for opening the quick access gun safe in an event of the emergency. The model has many security measures besides the sturdy construction. In spite of made to carry, you don’t require unit stolen with best quick access gun safe.  This is one of the best options and once you buy it from the market it will last you for a very long time and that is the best part about it.

The GunVault includes the steel security cable, which you may use to lock quick access gun safe down. Whereas cable is included, and mounting bolts aren’t. Second addresses chance of the unauthorized user bypassing fingerprint scanner. Like mentioned above, the programming is very simple and ”learn” button is also exposed. To ensure that owner of quick access gun safe is only one who will add the fingerprints to memory, first 2 fingerprints added just after the purchase are been considered ”administrative” prints. To add the fingerprints after that, administrative prints should get scanned first. The third is precise and tight fit design, door and hinges fit which makes quick access pistol safe very tough to pry open. Perfect transportable quick access gun safe should be lightweight and compact. MVB 1000 weighs scant 8lbs and just measures 3.5in x10.25in x 12in. It may easily fit behind and under the seat of the vehicle. Entire quick access gun safe is actually made from 18gauge steel. Even though it gets stolen, the thief may have a difficult time in breaking this open. The model includes the foam pad that will keep the gun in place and helps and prevents scratching. The MicroVault XL MVB1000 is made to hold the single pistol. There’re some pockets and elastic straps built in which you can hold some personal items, mainly paperwork and other documents. The MVB 1000 is been powered by the 9V battery that tends to hold the charge longer than 4 AA battery systems used throughout industry, however, the battery will fail. The price point is much higher than many other units that are reviewed here. In the defense of this best quick access gun safe, the model is actually made from the heavier gauge steel as well as has the larger memory capacity than these units.

Pros of Gunvault MicroVault XLMVB1000 Biometric Gun quick access gun safe:

  • Unique fingerprint scanner
  • Extra large memory
  • Easy to program
  • Secure
  • First, addresses the low weight
  • Sturdy
  • Capacity
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Backup entry
  • Warranty

Cons of Gunvault MicroVault XLMVB1000:

  • No hardware for the security cable
  • Useless manual
  • Price

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics security quick access gun safe is available at 0.7-, 1-, as well as 1.2cubic feet.  This model number 25EI quick access gun safe with 0.5cubic foot quick access gun safe generally comes with the electronic lock as well as two override keys in case batteries die and you forget the code. This is made from the black steel housing and with inside bottom that is carpeted to the end scratches as well as damage. Unfortunately, it is not water and fireproof. Interior shelf is completely removed and this is unaffected by the pry tools as well as has two door bolts.  Hinges are also hidden inside.  Back has over four predrilled holes with the 4bolts included that will mount to the floor, wall, anywhere you would like which makes this convenient for you.  Also, it has the holes on the bottom.  You may put the firearms and valuable jewelry as well as papers inside for the quick access pistol safe keeping. The material, steel, has the lead. It has two kinds of codes – 3 and 8 digital access passcode will get reprogrammed and this takes 4 AA batteries (that aren’t included).  Quick access pistol safe is shipped locked and to open for the first time, you can use one of 2 override keys that are provided. Outer dimensions will include 13.8inches longx9.8inches widex9.8inches high as well as inner dimensions of this quick access pistol safe are of 13.5inches longx8.75inches widex9.5inches high.  The door is over 2inches thick and can open 90degrees.  This is not DOJ approved. The gift-wrapping is also available for the friend and loved one.  You may receive the User’s Manual and a 1year of Limited Warranty. This is a very good product, the quality matters here for one and all.


  • Two override keys
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Can store many guns


  • Limited warranty
  • Style
  • Can have more features