Best Small Gun Safe

Stack-On PDS500 Electronic Lock Safe

The step up picks will be Stack-On PDS500 Electronic Drawer for a small gun safe. It is very lightweight and may hold a few cash, also doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can keep the guns in very good condition with the space saving with the small gun safe to get high security and simple operation. It as well has enough of capacity for holding the pistol including accessories and this may protect pistol from getting stolen. Small gun safe makes use of two steel locking bolts at live action and it is must-try for gun enthusiasts. With two keys, the small gun safe has the concealed hinges as well as approved by the department of justice. Also, you can keep the ammo and the valuables with the small gun safe as well as provide higher security overall. The small gun safe also delivers higher security just like no other and with the heavy and solid case. These beeps can get turned off for the stealth purposes. There’s the timeout period just after three wrong attempts and small gun safe as well doesn’t sacrifice the quality or the cost. Furthermore, it uses 4 AA batteries to run. In the same way, the unit is mountable and made from the thick steel. Finish is matte black in the small gun safe has the dual capability purposes of the valuables in your home. The small gun safe also has the drawer including pre-drilled holes for complete ease of setup. Using the button, it’s simple to program which is pretty important. Handles of the small gun safe make it portable.

Small gun safe easily can get programmed as well as is the best security for the pistols. This comes with all hardware for mounting. Also, you will get pleased with the best small gun safe since it can get used in the office. With the electronic lock, you will store the pistols and other valuables in the best small gun safe from years with the fastening hardware and you will know that they are safe inside. You can attach this to the bottom of the drawer and this is very roomy. It will slow down kids and also can get used on road to deter the theft as the best small gun safe has to. Plate steel doors also are totally pry-resistant and this is backed by the limited three years of warranty for the defects in the workmanship as well as material.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget Pick
  • High security


  • Not made for big guns
  • Less feature

Top Keypad Safe by the Barska

The budget pick is Top Open Safe by the Barska and this can get used for the emergency to save the life for keeping the handguns and valuables. Gaining simple portability, small handgun safe fits rightly and security cable keeps this together and I can say it does this job very well. With the slim to fit at, authentication of the small handgun safe really is something that you may rely on. The security cable is the neat extra measure as well as user manual also tells you everything that you need to know. The construction is actually made with 12gauge of steel and this has the compact size. This will store the wallets and also is the good bedside small handgun safe. It is simple enough to carry over but you may bolt the small handgun safe down. For the small handgun safe and pin code access, your things will be safe. You can get complete peace of mind to your passports and other belongings stored in the safe. This uses the 4 AA batteries which are hidden in a discreet way. Body thickness is 1.5mm and this can be totally out of way because of design. This keeps the cash or guns in the house and has two backup keys for the emergency purposes. This will get mounted on the flat surface with included mounting hardware. As the keypad safe, this keeps the valuables permanently safe and is the adequate gun safe. It can lock you out just after the multiple incorrect tries as the security against the tampering. This is the best safe and great value and can get secured to floor and wall.

The safe will keep your money to get concealed and this measures at 11 1/2inches by 7 1/2inches as the perfect size for the needs. This is pre-drilled points with plenty of room to spare. This is the nice and small safe for the jewelry and the best value for your money. This feels solid as well as has the simple setup. There are 2 of 3/4inch bolts of the solid steel included and steel locking bolts. The safe will last over 2 years on the battery and the small valuables are also secured better with the protective floor mat. Suppose you do not want the guns to be scratched, then this is the best user-friendly keypad gun safe you can consider. With simple instructions, this will keep the compact electronics and this has all tools and hardware. You may keep the multiple items in it and has 1 year of limited warranty.


  • Can be used for multiple things
  • Strong
  • Robust


  • Design
  • Price

Gardall MS912CK Small 1Hour of Fireproof Safe

Measuring 13x 15 inches, Gardall MS912CK 1Hour Fireproof Safe also is the best choice for the gun safe that protects the documents. It measures over 0.72 cubic ft inside and this is a bolt down safe. Working it against the catastrophic loss, this is one hour fireproof and has the convenient pullout shelf. You may keep the valuables in the safe since it is UL fire impact passed. Weighing at 85 pounds, safe will handle the business records as well as has 350° F of the label. Furthermore, this prevents removal of the doors as well as has the powder coated finish.


  • Fireproof
  • Good impact
  • Amazing feature


  • Not waterproof
  • Style