Cannon Gun Safe Reviews

Capitol CP 603020 Cannon 36Gun Safe

Sporting 14gauge of the thick steel body, Capitol 36gun Cannon gun safe Costco gives a mix of the quality and the economy (mainly economy) geared to gun owners in a need of the essential protection at a nominal cost. The safe has the 30minute fire rating can be seen in cannon gun safe reviews; even though this has not been verified by ETA, manufacturer’s stringent testing protocols must provide a degree of the reliability in this regard. The safe bears the Cannon’s signature fin intumescent seal that protects the contents and this you can figure out by reading cannon gun safe reviews from the fumes in the blaze. Safe employs the double layer of over 12Gauge steel for gun safe Costco door, as well as incorporates ULrated electronic half lock. gun safe Costco door is well secured by 4 of 1”x4” bolts and 2 of 1”x1.5” of bolts, and patented Trulock Hinges, so the burglar can definitely have the work cut out in case they like to brute force door. In the terms of customization, gun safe Costco is vanilla: having the standard split interior to store both the firearms and the ammunition, and Door Organizer Kit to store fast access items. Safe is available in the gun capacities of over 12, 24, 64 as well as 80, to cater to storage requirement of gun collection and look over cannon gun safe reviews.


  • Rudimentary fire protection.
  • Best UL rated and anti-theft protection.
  • Affordably priced


  • Interior isn’t customization-friendly.
  • Fire rating isn’t from ETL.

American Eagle AE 604830 Cannon 72Gun Safe

American Eagle line actually is the Cannon’s idea of mid-range offering and providing the stronger protection features than Capitol series as mentioned in cannon gun safe reviews, however at the lower cost than premium 1965series, the great choice for people with the moderately limited budget. Whereas retaining Capitol’s 14GA steel body, and 3.917’’ of 2×12 GA thickness & patented Trulock Hinges to give same fundamental protection against the brute force burglary, safe uses the stronger bolts (4 of 1’’x1.5 and 6 of 1.25’’ x 4’’) stopper pry attacks. This would have been better if anti-pry tab and triple hard plate found in 1965 series was present here, however it appears that was not feasible at the price point when you look over cannon safe reviews. Whereas American Eagle uses the ULrated electronic lock just like it is rated on other cannon safe reviews, the fire rating is of 1200F for over 60minutes (not still verified by ETL); that is half hour greater than latter at cannon gun safe reviews, thus you may count on this to keep the belongings safe in fire even when nearest fire station will be located far. The Triple Fin Seal is there as well and must serve to protect the prized collection from the smoke if blaze takes some time to get in control you need to read cannon gun safe reviews.


  • Strong theft prevention.
  • Perfect balance of the affordability and the performance.
  • Reasonably customizable interior.
  • Decent fire protection.


  • Burglary protection could have been improved including the further premium feature.
  • Fire protection is not ETL rated.

1965 CA 603020 Cannon 24Gun Safe

It is one of strongest offerings from the Cannon, and incorporating it in cannon safe reviews it has 12gauge steel construction as well as whopping 90minute fire rating. The manufacturer has fitted the safe with the advanced theft prevention that includes the anti-pry tab, the dual relockers, the triple hard plate, the patented Trulock Hinges and double thickness 12gauge door. There are over 12 locking bolts that are used in the safe, eight of that are 1.25×4’’ as well as rest 1’x1.5 thick, offering you with the top of line burglar protection and many other features you can look at cannon gun safe reviews. Safe features manufacturer’s popular EMP lock, with the redundant Electromagnetic Pulse protection –locking mechanism is rated by the UL. Even though safe lacks the ETL certification (that can be because of fact that the products are updated recently), glowing testimonials from the users that have suffered the fire accidents in homes do cast a positive light on the performance or go through cannon gun safe reviews.

Triple Fin Seal found at other Cannon safes will be present at this one, and ensuring the complete smoke proofing in the interior in an event of the fire. Safe has the MOLLE compatible organizer for fast access customization, as well as the shelf is split into sections for the gun storage and the ammunition and accessory storage. The present is the built-in power as well as media outlet which you may hook up the accessories like dehumidifiers & LED lights. Actually, you might not require latter, as safe has the interior lighting built in it! This product appears to get geared towards one with flexible budget constraints; this favors the performance and the reliability if possible while remaining very economical compared to featured competitors. You also can find 48 & 72 gun versions of the safe, if you want storage for the larger weapon you can read cannon gun safe reviews.


  • Industry leading theft features.
  • Affordable rate for the features.
  • Extended fire rating.
  • Room for the interior customization.
  • EMP proof mechanism.


  • Fire rating not at all attested by the ETL


So, I hope you have found the best gun safe and best handgun safe, which fits your lifestyle no matter whether you are looking for best bedside safe, best pistol, or looking at a top rated safes. Safes in the list range in the price so there is one that can fit your budget. They differ in the features so you may find one, which fits your lifestyle. The gun safe is the best investment you may make as the gun owner. The gun safe ratings also are critical while you are searching out for something to protect the guns from thieves, water, fire, and curious people.