Fort Knox Pistol Box and Safe Reviews

With more than 30 years of the experience, the Fort Knox is the top gun safe brands in the industry. There isn’t one person in America who has guns and doesn’t know about Fort Knox. They are really famous nd due to that, I think that they are a brand which you (and me) can trust. I am sure you knew about Fort Knox before you started reading this review, am I right?

All Fort Knox pistol boxes, which are produced by Fort Knox brand are of quality tested by the professionals. Fort Knox brand also specializes in creating the solid Fort Knox pistol box. The fort Fort Knox box has been constructed in the USA. Now, I will focus on Fort Knox boxes that are one made for the pistols – Fort Knox pistol box. Smaller pistol boxes actually are made with the same best quality of materials as larger boxes. They’re very heavy when compared to many other options in the market. Suppose you are not familiar with the Fort Knox, then you can keep reading! You can get the better understanding on why many gun owners select to stick with the trusted brand and their Fort Knox pistol box. They’ve some patented features, which we will talk about. Then, we will review 2 of the pistol vaults, and perfect for the handguns. With this being said, let us look at key features in Fort Knox pistol box range.

Fort Knox PB1 Safe

This Fort Knox pistol box is packed with high-quality of features. Fort Knox PB1 is the top gun safe for portable use. Fort Knox pistol box is very big, it can fit 1 or 2 handguns inside, which is not bad at all since it is a pistol box. Interior is foam padded that will ensure that firearm or any accessories are protected from the things like the impact damage and movement. Hinges are placed on an inside of Fort Knox pistol box. This can ensure that Fort Knox pistol box doesn’t have any kind of weaknesses on a door and it is virtually just impossible to open and tamper with. As the added bonus, you can notice that Fort Knox pistol safe features the gas strut mechanism. It means that when you have entered the combination, the lock may simply jump open or gas strut can keep the door open to access on everything inside.

So, Fort Knox pistol box makes it simple to access the handgun inside. As the door of the Fort Knox pistol safe is very heavy, gas strut helps you to get the gun in the hand very easily, without using your other hand to open the doors. Especially if you are storing the handgun in the car, you will want to use only one hand to get in Fort Knox pistol safe a gun. Having gas strut allows you to access the gun with just one hand. Fort Knox pistol safe features the Simplex locking mechanism, which is very simple and much faster to open. Also, you can open a fort Fort Knox safe with some pushes of the buttons and it must save you time as well as effort. There is not any need to fear the batteries dying with the lock! Moreover, Fort Knox pistol safe is very heavy and can be a more difficult carryover, however, the smaller structure can allow you easily conceal Fort Knox pistol safe in any location. This is a product which has got quality and you can never regret buying this in life.


  • The Fort Knox pistol safe will also perfect for storing other firearm accessories like extra mags that require a soft cushioning when stored.
  • It’s perfect for storing your gun in Fort Knox pistol safe while you hold it your car.
  • Gas Strut Opening Mechanism
  • The gun safe has been constructed using durable 10-gauge steel. This is extremely heavy and solid which is unique for most handgun safes on the market today.


  • Style
  • Features
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Fort Knox PB4 Handgun Safe

Fort Knox handgun safe has a name which says it all. This is big enough for a handgun as well as some accessories. The fully carpeted interior also helps to cushion firearm as well as keeps this stable inside of Fort Knox pistol safe. There’s a difference between the safe and Fort Knox PB1 and safe features 10gauge of steel constructed frame (same to other Fort Knox box) and the door is a bit thicker at over 4 inches. It ensures that nobody will break open safe while it gets bolted down with mounting equipment, which is provided. This Fort Knox pistol safe is really solid safe! Exterior also has been powder coated to mounting the safe in the car or any other place, which has the high humidity and water in the air. The Fort Knox pistol safe ensures that the rust does not set.  Also, the outer shell will get protected from the damage, if safe experience any type of impact. I do suggest you mount the safe to ground for the extra protection. This can add other dimensions to security features at a way of the weight and make sure that nobody will walk away with the safe. You can receive the lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect while purchasing a safe. It is one of the ultimate signs of the confidence from manufacturers as safe commands the expensive price of Fort Knox pistol safe.


  • The door on the personal handgun safe also is located at a front of safe in place of top of a safe.
  • You will have to consider on where you plan to store this safe or how you will access.
  • The safe is much better to store it in area with the less vertical space
  • Another option requires larger space to lift lid open.
  • You can add a box of the ammunition to the inside of safe all along with the pistol, which depends on size.


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