Gun Safes Made in USA

While looking at the gun safes made in the USA, you will not go totally wrong with the Liberty gun safes. The gun safes made in the USA  are been subjected to pretty intense testing, and where they are pitted against the competitor’s gun safes and see which one may come out strongest. I won’t say that products made in some other country aren’t good, they are pretty amazing, but today I will focus on gun safes made in the USA.

NS25 National Magnum 22Gun Safe

It gives 10 color options as well as comes totally standard with the black and the chrome dial lock; the electronic lock and bio-lock are accessible at the extra cost. Those gun safes made in the USA has impressive 7 gauge steel body, which is 5mm of steel! The door itself is six inches thick with a 1.25inch composite that gives serious protection against the prying. On the top of having a thickest body a well as the door of the gun safes made in the USA in the list, it boasts highest fire rating. With over 131,000 BTU’s, safe will withstand the temperatures of over 1200degrees Fahrenheit for over 2.5 hours. This fire protection can be achieved through 4 layers of 5/8inch thick fireboard in walls & ceiling, 2 layers of over 1/2inch thick fireboard at a door, and 2 layers of 5/8inch thick fireboard in the door with gun safes made in the USA. We have picked 22Gun NS25 Security Magnum gun safes made in the USA is the best example of the quality that you may expect with the line of the gun and is taking a close look at this in complete detail with gun safe made in the USA.


  • Best in class
  • Amazing feature
  • Strong safety


  • Only cons is its price

Rhino Safes Ironworks CIWD6040X

Inside & out, Rhino Ironworks Series are most beautiful gun safes made in the USA. The exterior is totally hand distressed, and giving it the close look of the weathered antique. Interior is completely lined with the distressed faux suede and giving this an aspect of the well-worn leather and rivets to hold this at the place. The plush adjustable shelves give additional storage space to handguns, valuables, and accessories. We will be using 35Capacity of CIWD6040X gun safes made in the USA as the example of the quality you may expect. The gun safes made in the USA will hold over 35long guns with adjustable shelves removed. But, there is the door organizer with the holsters for 8 handguns with an American gun safe, to cut out the holders in the shelves for the additional handguns. The additional zipper pockets, as well as Velcro pouches, gives extra space on a door to hold some extra mags, accessories, and ammo.

The gun safes made in the USA gives over 75minutes of the fire protection over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This features patent pending F4 locking system, and with the tungsten carbide armor for protecting against the drill attacks. Steel body & door are also made of 12gauge steel –that is nearly 3 mm thickness. Both the body and the door have the multiple layers of over 5/8inch thick fireboard that will protect against the heat. Over 13 locking bolts along 4 sides of recessed, the pry resistant door that is paired with the external & internal welds that make the gun safes made in the USA rugged as well as impenetrable. Accessible with a dial or else electronic lock, the gun safes made in the USA has some accessories that are available for the convenience and the additional protection to the firearms, like LED lighting, 3 different kinds of the dehumidifiers, gun sock, and handgun rack with an American gun safe.

After the drop test from over 200 feet, crashing the car in them, or subjecting gun safes made in the USA to the brutal attack, Liberty gun safes made in the USA continues in outperforming other gun safes made in the USA. Magnum Series is the Liberty gun safes made in USA  best line, with the Presidential Gun gun safes made in the USA that come in at the close second.


  • LED light
  • Gunstock
  • Handgun rack
  • Dehumidifiers


  • Shipping
  • Feature

Heritage Safe Legacy Series LX3966

Legacy Series is the Heritage gun safes made in USA Company’s top selling and a close look at standard features that make this simple to see why that are some best gun safes that are made in the USA the gun safes made in the USA. Accessible with the maximum long gun safe of 30, 48, and 72 we chose LX3966 – larger of 2 48 gun sizes- that will represent all. The class 4 protection certified, LX3966 Heritage Gun Safe gives 95minutes of the protection at the temperatures over 2300 degrees. It is achieved by 2 1/4inches of the firewall, the pyro-shield blanket in the ceiling, and Palusol heat seal. The body is made from 1/8inch of steel that is also equal to over 11 gauge. It has 4-way active locking deadbolts in 1 1/4inches diameter and this extends full two inches in the safe body that make the 3/4inch thick solid door impenetrable with gun safes made in the USA. The double hard plate with the visible relocker as well as overcame design give the best protection against the tampering with gun safes made in the USA. The American-made safe is accessible in various colors as well as comes with UL listed Group dial combination lock, which is key locking. It provides more security because till you have a key, the dial will not even turn. Interior is been lined with the plush suede as well as has 2 fixed full shelves, and adjustable shelving as well as dedicated long slots. There is deluxe door organizer that will provide the additional storage for the handguns, magazines, as well as accessories with gun safes made in the USA. This is a very good product.


  • Good storage option
  • Best feature
  • Strong and stylish


  • Price
  • Assembling