Handgun Safe Reviews

These are one of the best handgun safes and I decided to write about them in my handgun safe reviews. The guns, they are generally located in the office, bedroom, and other areas of the home and where you will spend a huge amount of time. Fast access safes are generally small enough to get carried easily and must get mounted to the larger structure (just like nightstand, bed, and desk) to prevent the burglars from carrying the gun safe. Do not keep cash, jewels, and any other valuables at the quick access safe if it isn’t mounted. All these items must be kept in the larger and permanent safe, and where they will not get in a way of getting to the gun whenever you want it, read some good handgun safe reviews and that should make you familiar with the product you desire.

Fort Knox –Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Our first item I will talk about in my read handgun safe reviews is Pistol Box. Not just does the safe implement the pattern combination lock, also it has the mechanical locking mechanism that means you do not need to worry about battery and power failure. Fort the Knox gets consistently high reviews and takes the top spot for fast access safes.  I think that those things are great features worth mentioning in handgun safe reviews because it can help you see if the product is good for you.


  • Simple to use
  • Pattern lock


  • A limited number of the combination possibilities

GunVault – SpeedVault Safegunvault safe

The safe’s dimensions make this very simple to mount anywhere. The point of the quick access safe is having a simple accessibility when combined with the security, and GunVault SV500 exemplifies both of these. Is it the best handgun safe on the market? Read detailed handgun safe reviews and you will know.


  • Best features
  • Simple to mount


  • Only holds 1 gun
  • Battery or AC powered.

GunVault –Standard Gun Safegunvault

I like GV1000S for many reasons and that is why it is in my category of handgun safe reviews. It is small enough that will mount anywhere you would like, without staying in a way, however it will hold more. You may store 2 guns if you want, and one gun with some extra magazines to reloading. It is fast, secure, and very affordable. If you aren’t sure if this is a gun safe for you, read pros and cons, every handgun safe reviews have them.


  • Simple to mount
  • Can store more guns


  • Battery and AC powered.
  • Long gun safes

Now, I will talk about something else, which can be used as a handgun safe as well. So, in my handgun safe reviews, I will talk about long gun safes as well. While I think of long gun safe, actually I think of a kind of the safe Wile Coyote tries dropping on Road Runner as that is very much what they appear like—heavy and big, boxes of the steel. At times called the long rifle safes, and stack-on safes and gun vaults, the gun safes are actually meant to safeguard your guns at one safe location. They are quite heavy; normally 750+ lbs. The long gun safe that is worth the salt is actually made from the heavy steel and really tough to move. Although they’re cumbersome, and long gun safes must get bolted to the floor, particularly if you are planning to keep this in the garage. If it is not bolted down, then still it can be lifted in the back of the pickup truck the driven off to a remote location, and where thieves will take time breaking in it.

Why have I mentioned long gun safes in my handgun safe reviews? You will find out.

If you own more than two handguns, I recommend keeping the main defense weapon in the fast access safe, whereas storing rest of the firearms in a long gun safe. Although the bigger safes are very expensive, I do suggest that anybody with long guns (shotguns, rifles, etc.) invest in the full size safe. The long gun safes actually are most secure, normally have highest fire ratings, as well as protect huge amounts of the ammunition, firearms, as well as other personal valuables. Very importantly, they will protect the family just by preventing the firearms from falling into the wrong hands. So, that is the reason why I mentioned them in my handgun safe reviews.

You can buy the safe that is much bigger what you think. The last thing that you have to do is to invest in something large and costly as the safe, just to run it out of space. Remember that the good safe is a lot more than the gun locker. You’re storing the family’s valuables out there, and you can find that you fast fill up this space. Check out fire resistance rating on the safe and no safe will be “fire-proof”; but, some of the gun safes last much longer and will take more of heat than others. No one wants to pay extra of branding, but while it comes about gun safes, the different brands will offer you the exclusive features. For example, Browning safes have the unique door-mounted rack (and patent pending), which you can’t get with any other long gun brands. The feature allows you store more of firearms without even paying for the bigger safe. Just like fast access gun safes, you will have to pick the spot before shopping for the safe. Know dimensions of the space and if you may deliver the giant steel box at the location that you want (will it fit through the door?). Check steel gauge and heavier gauge steel will be difficult to drill than the less resistant gauge steel. The same thing is important to handguns as well so I have to mention it in my handgun safe reviews.

So, I may have done one different article today, but I think that it was worth mentioning that fact because I am sure that most people have more than one handgun in their homes.