Hidden Wall Gun Safe

60″ Concealed Storage Mirror with the Hidden Gun Compartment

This 1450M of Concealed Mirror is a perfect addition to the home defense solution with hidden wall safe. This provides the convenient as well as fast accessible storage space, which is easily hidden from the view. No one may know it is out there, however you may have complete peace of mind to know that everything that you want and needs in the emergency is within the reach. The hidden wall storage is used for anything that you would like to hide from the view but have the quick access which you can do with the hidden wall gun safe. 1450 M Concealed Mirror was made to be totally inconspicuous whereas providing the means to access goods behind it. While closed, it is just impossible to tell it is anything than the normal mirror with hidden gun safes for walls. Mirrored cover is well equipped with the hidden magnetic lock. In order, to open any unit, pass magnetic key over the surface of the frame near lock as well as storage area can click open. Right from there, just slide cover to reveal on whatever you might have stored. The piece is made to make others believe the piece is a standard framed mirror. Construction of the covers is totally robust with hidden wall safe. This is a product which is also available online and that is something very important and lots of people need to pay attention to this. This is a very popular product and many people like it a lot. The price of this product is not too high and that makes it an attractive option.

The mirror is been backed with the security panel that will prevent an access in the wall insert, as well as is encased in full frame for the added rigidity as well as security. The magnetic locking mechanism also is sturdy. It is tested and you can say that it protects the cover from getting opened without a key with hidden wall gun safe. Installation is simple as counting to 3. First, after you have decided on where to put this, you may hang included instruction sheet at a wall and use this as the template to cut over. Second, you may mount cover. Thirdly, you can slide insert in a hole and the 1inch lip of insert can hide irregular edges from the cuts. After the installation, you may add the shelves, and whatever else you may think of and make the insert right before you deck this out with goods. Standard Velcro loop also backing allows you put the patches, and storage pouches right on inside of insert with hidden wall safe. So many people who make use of that know how good the product is and that is the best part about it. A Hidden wall safe is a great solution for people who love to hide their guns in the plain sight and that is what makes this safe so interesting.


  • Mirrored cover is well equipped with hidden magnetic lock with hidden wall gun safe.
  • Provides convenient and fast accessible storage room that will be hidden easily from the view
  • After installing, you may add shelves, and whatever you may think to make the insert right before you even deck this out with goods with hidden wall gun safe.
  • Standard velcro loop allows you put patches, the storage pouches right on inside of the insert with hidden gun safes for walls
  • The mirror is been backed with security panel that will prevent an access in the wall insert, as well as is encased in full frame for the added rigidity & security with hidden wall gun safe.


  • Style factor
  • Price too high

Stack-On PWS 1555 Gun Safe With Electronic Lock

First, we have Stack-On PWS1555 Long Wall hidden wall safe with the electronic lock. The in wall safe is a hidden wall safe method to store all the guns. This is made for usability as well as the comfort of all the gun enthusiasts who don’t sacrifice the quality for the cost. The Stack-On cabinet also is approved by California department of the Justice as well as meets the standards for the hidden wall safe storing firearms. There are the areas inside the cabinet that will get converted to the shelving of storage of the ammo, pistols as well as many other items that you may like to keep it locked away in the hidden wall safe. The in wall features the 3 point locking system and key coded lock. It also includes the adjustable barrel rests, which are extendable to accommodate added depth that you may need to store the tactical weapons. PES1555 offers the stealthy as well as convenient method to secure the total of 2 long guns over 52inches long each, and valuables, by using space inside the walls. With the dimensions of 57.9×16.5×6.3 inches, the cabinet weighs over 71 pounds as well as includes 4 AA batteries. This must get noted that the cabinet isn’t fire resistant, and made of metal with hidden wall gun safe.


  • hidden wall safe way to store
  • Best quality
  • 3 point locking


  • Less feature
  • Design

Homak WS00018002 Studs Wall Safe

Next on review agenda is Homak WS00018002 Between Studs Long hidden wall safe. Measuring over 17.2×4.2×60.2 inches as well as weighing over 53 pounds, Homak hidden wall safe secures the firearms, ammunition as well as other valuables and making use of wasted space in walls. The storage capacity is of 1.32cubic feet with the interior measurements of over 14inches wide, by over 2 7/8inches deep as well as 56 7/8inches high. It uses the full length of the piano hinge on a door. It is constructed of the heavy 1.5 mm cold steel, the cabinet features industry’s best finish: and powder coated epoxy. Homak includes HMC security tubular locking as well as constructed to fit 16center wall as well as floor studs.


  • a hidden wall safe to secure your firearms
  • Storage capacity
  • Long wall hidden wall safe


  • Not enough room
  • Price