Kodiak Gun Safes Review

Kodiak safes for guns actually are more traditional gun safes line. They’re tan in the color and feature the electronic locking system. Kodiak safes are known for having the biggest range in the terms of the different sizes of gun safes. They will go from holding anywhere from over 18 guns to over 58 guns. All these Kodiak safes in standard look very similar while compared by side and outside they have obvious size difference. In order, to emphasize that we will compare an 18gun Kodiak safe with 58gun Kodiak safes. So, moving from one size extreme to another gives the decent idea of what is there in between. Both the Kodiak safes are very stout as well as well-built. This 18 gun Kodiak safes also comes in 257 pounds while the 58 comes at above 900 pounds. And both Kodiak safes are predrilled to get anchored to the floor and both of them have been pre-slotted that the humidifier will fit inside. Both the Kodiak gun safes will be fitted with the UL rated Type electronic locks. Finally, you’ll get the Limited Lifetime warranty on each of Kodiak gun safes. Included in the warranty is the free repair and replacement in an event of the attack or fire. Both the Kodiak gun safes come with the door hanging organizer and pockets for the handguns. A Kodiak is a good manufacturer that produces quality products. It doesn’t matter which Kodiak safes you buy, they are all really good quality. What I like the most about Kodiak gun safes is the fact that they can come is different sizes and besides that, they are all very similar.

Differences of Kodiak Gun Safe

The main difference you can see in overall construction and security. Both Kodiak safes are nicely built, but you will not be able to build 900pound Kodiak gun safes in the same way you made 250 pounds Kodiak gun safes. Kodiak 58gun safe has over .75mm of thicker walls, as well as half an inch of thicker steel bolts. If you build smaller Kodiak like that, you will lose space. Kodiak 18gun safe gives 6total door bolts, however, 58gun safe gives 14door bolts. And both the safes do feature the spring loaded relocker in case lock gets tampered with. Kodiak 58gun safe is as well rated the whole by the Underwriter Laboratories as the Residential security container. It is the prestigious rating, which is not given lightly. Kodiak safes for 58guns are very well made, as well as feature three hardened plates that will resist against the drilling. On the other hand, 18gun Kodiak gun safes have a single hardened plate. And both the Kodiak safes are been rated against the fire. Kodiak safes for 58gun are rated for over 90minutes and 18gun safes are rated for over 30 minutes. Overall Kodiak gun safes are very secure and well made as well as modern. Either will serve you very well depending on the size of the collection. Suppose you wish to go in the different direction, however like in a way Kodiak sounds, other Kodiak safes –  StrongBox series might be more made for you.

Kodiak StrongBox

There are just 2 safes in StrongBox line, and one holds 38 guns and other holds 36 guns. I will be looking at 36gun model specifically. I chose the model because it gives same security as 58gun Kodiak safes, however, it is smaller and 200 pounds lighter. The first thing you will notice is that a tan finish and all those black accents are gone. So, what you will get here is the industrial steel safe. This is the fascinating look, as well as one that might not match everybody home, however, you cannot deny this has the appeal. The gun safe has the similar security strength as Kodiak 58gun safe. Let us count ‘em off! StrongBox packs more room in the safe by using the interesting space saving. There is the double sided rack that is at the hinge that will allow the user to pull the rack out of a safe. It allows the user to access the third internal rack. Gun racks have the cushioned butt as well as barrel rests that will protect the wood as well as steel on the guns. Those are the things that others don’t have.


  • 13 1.5inch of diameter bolts
  • 75 mm of Steel construction
  • Spring loaded relockers
  • 3 Hardened Steel resistant plates
  • UL Listed 1 electronic lock
  • Rated by the UL as Security container


  • Style
  • Price
  • Less feature

K19ES gun safe

Kodiak safes named K19ES can give you the security against the fire and the theft at an unbeatable value. The rock solid Kodiak gun safes also feature the heavy bodied construction, 30minute and 1200°F of fire protection, the door mounted organizer that will hold pistols, miscellaneous items, and ammunition; fine styling as well as adjustable interior, as well as industry’s residential warranty and customer service. StrongBox series gives storage space in racks for the smaller objects as well as a door hanger, which has nine accessory pouches and six pistol pouches. In those Kodiak safes there are shelving systems for the ammo as well as other valuables. Finally, StrongBox is been rated for 60minutes fire protection as well as is been backed by same fire and theft warranty. The Kodiak safes are very powerful bears, well known for the size and strength. This is the appropriate name for the line of safes. And these are very strong, large powerful safes, which work very well and protect the firearms. Irrespective if it is the fire and thieves, the safe will keep this out.


  • UL Listed grade Type one electronic lock
  • California acceptable safe standards
  • 2 mm gauge steel body
  • 2 mm gauge steel door
  • Single hardened plate protects lock from the drill attacks
  • 1” of diameter door bolts safely lock door at 8different points for the maximum protection (8door bolts total)


  • Problem with shipping
  • Assembling