Liberty Gun Safe Review

Liberty is a well-known brand for the heavy duty safes and they give Liberty 12 gun safe for the residential and the commercial use with over Liberty 12 gun safe. Following are some Liberty safe reviews that can help you to choose whether it is a company made for you and look further into. And they are one largest producer of the gun safes however this is worth buying the products? This is a company which has been in business for a very long time and is preferred by lots of people. The company was founded at 1988 as well as has made the name known in the industry just by providing some amazing Liberty gun safe review. For this safe to be totally fireproof seal as well as door bolts will not get weak.

Liberty Revolution Safe, Stores 12 Long Guns

It is the tough and entry level safe and 12 guns capacity. The entry level Liberty 24 gun safe also is stronger than any other entry level gun Liberty 24 gun safe in the market right now. It can withstand the fire for over 30 minutes. Inside of this safe is been lined with the carpet thus the guns won’t get damaged by steel. This is well equipped with the shelf at a top thus you may store the ammunition, the handguns, and any of the valuables that you would like to keep it well protected. It is to better have a quality safe which does the job well or you can go through Liberty gun safe review online. This will help you to choose you gun in a right way, which is very important.

Lots of fireproof safes may allow the smoke to enter this safe when the fire reaches the certain temperature, as well as bolts, will not at all keep your door in place and causing your door to bend and allowing the smoke as well as heat to enter this safe.  You don’t need to worry about buying Liberty Safe Gun as you can read Liberty safe reviews.  You need to know these things if you own a gun, you do not want to end up in a mishap if you go through Liberty gun safe review and get right know how.


  • Locking bars are of military style read
  • Door seal expands thus heat and smoke will not enter safe keeping contents well protected from any kind of fire damage for over 30 minutes.
  • The door opens at 180degrees and making it very simple to access this safe. You need a product like this which is offering safety features to the owner.
  • The anti-break hinges also make this impossible to pry safe open. This will help you to prevent kind of mishap.
  • The lock has the steel plate behind this and making it just impossible for the thief to drill lockout as well again an access to the safe.


  • Latch is a bit stiff and it can also loosen a little when you use this for the small time
  • The safe won’t hold 12 guns in case they have any scopes on it.
  • There are a hundred numbers on a dial. You will not be half number off as it can keep your door from opening. This may take some tries prior to you may open a safe on the first try

24 Gun Safe from Liberty

It is a bigger gun safe and has some amazing features as Liberty Revolution as seen in the Liberty safe reviews online. This safe will withstand the heat over 1200° F and for 30 minutes. This is well equipped with the 10 locking bolts which makest it just impossible for the thief to pry it open a door to get an access. Suppose that does not make you very comfortable about a protection the gun safe gives you may like a fact that this is well equipped with the hard plate that is made of the steel and making this just impossible to drill in a safe to get an access. This is made up of good quality and is very durable, as you can see in the Liberty gun safe reviews. Like a lot of other safes, the Safe has the pre-drilled holes thus this can be simple to anchor a safe to the floor. Hardware to anchor this safe to a floor isn’t included. You may see BTU rating on Liberty Safe that you’re interested at before dishing out money. You may also check out the Liberty safe reviews and how long they can withstand the temperatures or how hot of the temperatures safe will withstand without the valuables getting harmed. IF you are looking to get more information on the safe you can continue reading Liberty gun safe review over here.


  • Well equipped with the carpeted shelf for the small valuables, ammunition, and handguns.
  • Inside of this safe is been lined with the carpet that will prevent the guns from getting damaged by steel.
  • Safe is very small so it will get placed in the tighter spots than any other safes in the market right now.
  • Safe is below 400 pounds and making it very simple for you relocate safe in future.
  • There is the option to have the light installed in this safe.


  • The shelf is a bit flimsy thus you will not store much of ammunition in it.
  • Safe won’t hold 24 guns in case they’re mounted with the scopes.
  • You will not remove shelves like you may on a lot of other safes.
  • The dial may feel a bit stiff at first and it must loosen up a bit more after some times of the use.