Liberty Revolution Gun Safe Review

Liberty Company actually is one of most respected brands in the market. This brand liberty revolution 12 gun safe is really good. They are producing some liberty revolution gun safe that is available for many years. Looking for the product line you can see that there’s not just one model that the Liberty makes, which is subpar and inexpensive. You will be totally hard pressed in finding other brands with many satisfied customers for liberty revolution 12 gun safe. This doesn’t mean that the liberty revolution gun safe are totally overpriced; this means that they’re just not very keen to compromise on the absolute best quality. It has the elevated liberty revolution gun safe at one of the top manufacturers of the gun liberty revolution gun safe in the US selling 1.7million units. The Liberty started as the small liberty revolution gun safe company that was located south of the Salt Lake City, in Utah in the town named Payson and now has expanded the line to more than 30 different models for liberty revolution gun safe as well as has earned the amazing 98% of customer satisfaction rate. If you buy the product and something goes wrong, you have spent your hard earned money on it and you will need support if the support is not right then there could be problems. So if you want a good product always with quality also look for good customer service. Once you do that then things will be very easy. You can be sure that you are having the best in the market. This is one of the golden rules and once you buy this you should be happy and get all the help which you deserve as a buyer.

Liberty Series Revolution

Revolution series is one most economical and budget friendly Liberty revolution gun safe. But keep in mind, just because the series is very affordable than rest doesn’t mean that Liberty has actually skimped out on the quality. It is the best choice for anybody who is starting out and for somebody who is looking for the Liberty revolution gun safe that actually fits the budget. The unit also comes with three different size as well as price options: the Revolution 12, the Revolution 18 and the Revolution 24. Numbers indicate how many of long-guns every Liberty revolution gun safe size will hold. There’re many options as well as accessories that are available you can add on and that we can cover in next paragraphs. Revolution series entry level design, still it boasts 30minute of fire rating. It is uncommon amongst many other brands series. Normally many other brands generally tend to skimp on the feature as well as use just one layer of the fireboard that can save on the cost, however Liberty uses three in ceiling a well as door and one layer in walls to give 3 0minutes of the fire protection at over 1200°F. Liberty uses Palusol heat-expanding that can expand to 7 times the size when it is exposed to the temperatures over 212°F. Revolution series comes well coated in the durable gloss black finish as well as gray fabric and is also made from the high quality of 14gauge steel. This is a little lighter gauge steel their other series, however, is also expected while going with the economical choice. This as well has the 4” of wide military style bars in Liberty revolution 24 gun safe, the external relocker for the punch protection, the internal hard plate that will prevent the lock drilling as well as integrated Zbar that helps in the pry resistance. It is more secure than many other brands level units. Revolution series also comes totally standard with the ULlisted mechanical lock in liberty revolution 24 gun safe however they give an option to upgrade at NL electronic chrome. All the Liberty revolution gun safe generally come with the transferrable warranty not just against the defects in materials as well as craftsmanship but against the attempted break-in and fire for the entire lifetime of the original owner. Locks and painted surfaces also come with 5year of warranty.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • 30 min fire rating
  • Strong built


  • Price
  • Lack of combination


Revere is next step from Revolution Series. It is actually more of the leap than the step, actually and is a most affordable choice in the Liberty’s lineup that gives 11gauge of steel. Revere is been offered in some different capacity choices: Revere 23 that has the long gun capacity 25 as well as Revere 30 that holds around 30long guns. The long gun capacities will differ depending on the size of the gun as well as scope if you go in for Liberty revolution gun safe, thus don’t get disappointed if you cannot quite fit max gun capacity. Revere series give a lot of sweet upgrades & accessory options and many different colors you can choose from. Fire protection rating also is bumped up to 40minute fire protection and rating at over 1200°F by using three layers of the fireboard in the ceiling in Liberty revolution gun safe, two layers in the door a well as jambs and one at walls. It comes with the Palusol heat-expanding the seal that can expand over 7 times the size in the temperatures of over 212°F. While asking yourself like what fire rating one must be aiming at, consider such things: and How far is nearest department, where my Liberty revolution gun safe will be located or what kind of building material it will be up against. Fire protection rating just is as important as security rating. The Liberty Revere standards, Revere has the level 15security rating as well as is the first and most affordable choice to include over 11gauge steel as well as 2piece roll body. Additionally, the triple cased steel plates are been included to protect the lock from the drilling. Revere has the added steel gusset and pry-resisting tabs, which give enhanced rigidity that will increase the pry resistance and eight 1” diameter locking bolts with Liberty revolution gun safe.


  • Amazing make
  • Fireproof
  • Good price


  • Shipping