Mesa Gun Safe Review

Choosing the Mesa safe with the good security features actually, plays a very important role to keep the items in the Mesa safe out of the reach from kids and burglars. Things you have to know about this gun safe are some technical things. Like: the thick steel, man locking bolts, the relockers and the hard plates. This is very important for you. Besides security features, the fire protection plays the important role to keep the items in Mesa safe, safe. I recommend the minimum of over 60 minutes worth of the fire protection doesn’t matter the situation. Suppose your Mesa safe is out in open, you will want the Mesa safe to look very good. Mesa safe can be a centerpiece for the game room, and living room or bedroom, so you will want something, which looks very nice and it is very pleasing. Suppose you plan to hide this away in the closet or corner in a basement, then aesthetics won’t be as important for you. You will want to ensure that the Mesa safe comes with the good warranty. The odds are that you will end up owning Mesa safe for many years as well as maybe lifetime, thus it is very important you pick up the Mesa safe that keeps protected with the great warranty. I recommend to pick up the Mesa safe, which has the lifetime warranty, including cover for the fire damage, the damage break-in as well as manufacturers defects. This is a quality product and lots of people from all over the world are making use of this. Once you are one of the, you will see why. Since you have got the product for the best price read my Mesa safe review.


First thing in my Mesa safe review is an MBF series. MBF series is the Mesa’s highly popular selling size gun safe. It is because of the great security features, the fire protection, the design and the affordability. Suppose you are sold on Mesa brand, then I will strongly suggest going with MBF. The series features three different capacity choices ranging from the small 14gun option all way to the largest model that holds over 42long-guns. As MBF series is been priced so well, and I will suggest going with the largest capacity model. MBF gives 60minutes of the fire protection at over 1750°F that is the minimum recommendation for the fire protection. Although this is the minimum recommendation, still it must provide enough of protection for the scenarios. Additionally, MBF gives protection at over 1750°F when many companies test at over 1200°F. MBF series as well includes the heat activated seal, which protects the valuables from the heat and the smoke damage. Safe’s body is also made from the high quality of 12gauge steel and is very rigid to survive 2story fall. The door of MBF series is of 4 3/8” thick as well as includes in it. The exterior of MBF series features the textured black finish and brass hardware as well as stylish Mesa Safe logo on the safe door. There is one thing I must mention in Mesa safe review. There are not any of the custom exterior choices that will be the downside for people who are looking to have something customized that will match the homes décor. Interior of safe comes completely upholstered with the adjustable shelving for the accessories as well as valuables and storage for the long-guns and included is the internal USB & power outlets which are interesting facts I just had to mention in my Mesa gun safe review. Mesa Safe Company gives limited lifetime warranty at MBF series. It can protect the safe from the theft and fire damage providing you are the original owner of safe. You’re needed to pay the removal and the freight costs. The Mesa guarantees electronic lock free by manufacturer’s defects for a year from the purchase date.  So if you are really interested in the product I have shown you in my Mesa safe review then you are ready to purchase one.


  • Style
  • Amazing features
  • Strong built


  • Price
  • Not for long use


MGL series from the Mesa Safe Co. also is the highly affordable and full size of the gun safe and comes well equipped with the entry-level safety & fire protection. I have chosen this model for my Mesa safe review because it is a perfect option for anybody looking out for something more budget friendly. Suppose you are looking for the safe to store some things of the extreme value and that have the irreplaceable sentimental value read Mesa gun safe review, then I will suggest going with more safe MBF model. MGL comes in three different sizes, MGL14, MGL24 as well as MGL36.That depends on the model you choose, the different safe sizes will hold anywhere around 14 to 36 long guns. As there isn’t much of the price difference between three models, I suggest going with the largest model. It makes expanding the collection very simple. MGL can provide 30minutes of the fire protection at over 1200F° that is less than minimum recommendation of over 60 minutes. Suppose you are sold on MGL series, then it will store gun safe in the location that is far away from the flammable objects like the wood flooring and the wood studded walls. It may not be fireproof, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth mention few lines in my Mesa safe review.

Good places you can store the gun safes with the lower fire protection will be cement basements or garages. MGL series includes the heat activated seal, which can seal all 4 sides of a safe door while exposed to the high amounts of the heat. It can protect the valuables from the heat and the smoke damage. The body of safe is also made from 14gauge of high-quality steel as well as comes with the heavy duty hinges. Safe’s door includes 6  to  3/4” of locking bolts, which help against prying. This comes with the choice of the electronic and mechanical lock with drill resistant plate.  Now I will list pros and cons of all safes in my Mesa safe review for you to see.


  • Best in class
  • Top security features
  • Amazing style


  • Price
  • Can have more features