Mirror Gun Safe

Tactical Walls 60″ of Concealed Storage Mirror

The recessed in-wall storage option from the Tactical Walls, 1450M Bundle can be disguised as the full-length mirror. This features the hidden cavity with 2 secret compartments perfect for storing the items like the ammunition, rifles, and handguns. Smaller compartment is of 14W x 10x 3.5”D, whereas larger of two is of 14W x 40H x 3.5D. In order, to access in-wall shotgun safe, you need to do is to disengage concealed lock as well as slide cover for the smooth opening/closing. The best feature about the mirrors is back wall.  It is magnetic and can hold the firearms or anything else made of metal.  Here is the example of the pistol held in place.  Magnets were very strong while trying to pull pistol off the back wall. The buyers have 2 locking options that they can choose from that include the Radio Frequency Identification locking or magnetic locking.  They also showed both the versions at the booth and both have the backup keys, thus you get some extras if you misplace the main key. The magnet was been placed at a top left corner of shotgun safe that allowed this to get opened. Here is the version of shotgun safe totally opened. Like you may see, the tall version enables for the rifles and the shotguns to get stored inside.  Three bands, you see over back are of magnetic as well as hold rifle in proper place.  This was very high-quality wood as well. This is a good product and once you make use of this, it will become much easier for you. So come and buy this product and you will enjoy the quality. This is a real value for the money product.

It is made from the Poplar and the Baltic Birch, overall build is sturdy and robust thus rest assured that this may last for many years and make sure the shotgun safe is a great storage. As inserts of the in-wall shotgun safe actually are made from the ABS plastic, they’re simple to clean. Furthermore, the mirror is of shatter resistant as well as comes backed with the plywood that will give you with 2 layers of the security. The full hardwood frame also encases mirror for the additional security and rigidity. There are some options for wood color and this makes customizable so this can match furniture at your room.  It is one way that the shotgun safe can be inconspicuous.  It would stick out like the sore thumb if the wood was kept opposite of rest of your furniture in the home.

Installation is been concerned, it is a straightforward process. But, I recommend you follow the Tactical Walls installation instructions to make sure in-wall shotgun safe gets installed rightly as well as shotgun safe. Suppose you are not able to install in-wall shotgun safe on your own, you can consider getting the help of the professional. After the installation, 1450 Bundle also can get customized as per your needs by using the optional hangers, and additional shelves and optional LED lights, besides other things prior to you store this up with the firearms. A product, which can be purchased online also and once you do that then you can order it from the comfort of your home and that is the best part about it.


  • Two secret compartments
  • Straightforward
  • Strong and Robust


  • Price
  • Shipping

 Tactical Walls 30″ of Concealed Storage Mirror

1420M Bundle is one recessed in-wall storage choice from the Tactical Wall. This features the secret compartment, which can get used to store various items like ammunition, pistols and about anything that you would like to hide from the view. Storage cavity of the in-wall safe will be 14W x 20H x 3.5D. The in-wall safe by Tactical Walls gives fast as well as convenient access to the firearms in an event of the emergency. In order, to access this, use supplied key for disengaging concealed lock as well as slide cover to its side. Whereas magnetic retention makes this simple to access or organize the hardware, LED lights the storage. However, I can see the shotgun safe up close. This has magnetic backing like safe above.   Just like 1450M Bundle, the in-wall safe actually is made from the Poplar and the Baltic Birch. The overall build of safe is very robust, thus you are sure it can last you a lot of years to come. The mirror is of shatter resistant that will keep people around safe. This is backed with the plywood as well as encased in the full hardwood frame, and providing some additional layers of the security.

Magnetic locking of 1420M Bundle also is sturdy and can protect the unauthorized access to the valuables. In addition, you may customize the in-wall safe when needed. You may use the hangers, the optional coat hooks and about anything that will make shotgun safe suitable for the needs. Additionally, Velcro loop backing will not just protect finishes, however, allows you attach Velcro-backed products.


  • Strong
  • Simple to use
  • Best feature


  • Price
  • Style

Tactical Walls 26Concealed Storage Mirror

The best home defense option, 1410 Bundle is much smaller of a lot. This features hidden cavity with the secret compartment, which hides behind the wall mirror. Thus, no one (besides you) can know its there. It’s the good day while you may have simple access to the firearms and they stay hidden. The compartment is 14W x 10H x 3.5D and is used to store the ammunition, handguns as well as other small valuables. It is made to be very inconspicuous from the view; the in-wall shotgun safe gives fast access to items behind this. Just use supplied magnetic key or pass this over concealed magnetic locking, slide cover to side –you’re good to go!


  • Best in class
  • Gives good storage option
  • Amazing built


  • Can have more features
  • Very costly