Modular Gun Safe

Why Buy the Modular Safe?

Suppose you have the tight space, narrow place, and maybe move frequently, the modular gun safe can be a right choice for you. The modular gun safe is also shipped in pieces, and with simple to assemble panels, which give security as well as durability for the firearms as well as other valuables. When assembled, the modular gun safe is as sturdy and reliable as the traditional safe. So, with the modular gun safe, connection points are of internal, thus there is not any chance of burglar just taking apart the safe to get on contents. First modular gun safe actually was the brainchild of the third generation builder as well as gun collector, Edward McGunn. After facing an effort as well as the expense of moving the heavy safe, he thought “Why cannot a gun safe come at pieces?”  That is how modular gun safe was born. He created SnapSafe Titan that had the panels light so they can be moved anywhere by the single person. Now, SnapSafe Titan & Stack-On manufactures many modular safes, which are very durable as well as affordable. The innovative designs are moved and assembled very quickly—and some without any tools. The modular gun safe has got features that are similar to the conventional gun safe: the durable construction, the fire ratings as well as the theft-deterrent designs. The modular gun safe is a very good investment.

Snapsafe Titan Vaults

Titan Series Vaults give all security of the conventional, into welded modular safes. They are simple to assemble and modular safes will move anywhere, piece-by-piece. Every modular gun safe consists of pieces which main advantage is the ease of assembly. This ideally fits within any of the closet giving the user complete and hassle free experience whereas protecting the documents, firearms, valuables, as well as jewelry from theft and fire. The product is ideal for anybody that is not able to transport the modular safes in the apartment, upstairs, and in hard to reach out rooms in the home. This is one of the best options.  You can make use of modular gun safe without any problems.


  • Kwik-Lock Modular System
  • Assembles within minutes without tools
  • 7 Gauge Door
  • Comes with the Sledgehammer & pry-bar resistant of 3/16″ steel door
  • Capacity to hold over 12long guns
  • 9 Gauge Walls
  • 2300°F of one-hour Fire protection
  • Heat activated fire seals
  • UL Security Listed digital lock
  • LaGuard Mechanical lock
  • Spring loaded re-locker
  • 8 of 3/4″ steel live bolts
  • Lined interior
  • Powder coated finish
  • Two mounting holes on base of the modular safes
  • Adjustable lined shelves
  • Simple to assemble
  • Shipped Free & Delivered right to your door
  • Commercial grade with “non-breach seal” bolt door


  • Price
  • Poor shipping

SnapSafe 75410 Wall Safe

It is simple to hide and access it anywhere you want! You can very easily install modular gun safe between the wall studs for the permanent security of the handguns, documents, jewelry, keys as well as more (and hardware included). You can install in the closet, behind the picture, in office, at a shop — and anywhere you want your storage for the valuables to be! The pry resistant door keeps children as well as unauthorized users to gain an access. The digital access and traditional key entry are included and constructed of 16gauge steel with the heavy duty nine gauge doors. The black powders finish on modular gun safe gives is another dimension. The features help to maximize the storage includes the spring loaded compartment under the bottom shelf, the magnetic strip with the hooks, as well as magnetic document clip. This is a very good option and you can enjoy making use of this. This is a top product and I would recommend modular safes.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Comes with amazing feature
  • Top in class


  • Style
  • Design
  • Price

Stack-On GCB8RTA Gun Cabinet Assemble Security Cabinet – 8Gun

GCB8RT, the Gun Cabinet with the capacity to hold over 8 rifles and shotguns over 52” tall, also keeps the ammo in the modular safes and out of harms reach. The Gun Cabinet gives the reliable and the organized storage unit for the guns, the ammo as well as gives the perfect space when maintaining the security at the same time. It is one of the best deal that you can get anywhere with amazing feature and simple assemble. This is very good choice, once you buy it, you will come to know how good the quality is. This is a very popular product and you can make use of that. The modular gun safe is something you should go in for as this will really help you get things done in the right way. This is the brand which is very popular and with so many good features it is a very good option, so just go ahead and buy it and you will not have a problem. Come and have a good time and you will really enjoy making use of this.


  • The California DOJ Fire arm Safety Device.
  • Holds over 8 rifles and the shotguns over 52″ tall.
  • Standard three-point of the locking system and with the double bitted, the key coded lock for the added security.
  • The steel top shelf gives some additional storage and can get conveniently removed.
  • The unit is very simple to assemble with the integrated, and form fitting parts, which are fastened together. The fasteners have also tampered proof from outside of a cabinet.
  • The foam padded bottom, as well as a barrel, rests that will reduce any of the scratches.
  • The black epoxy finish and chrome accents.
  • The pre-drilled holes in a bottom, as well as the back of the cabinet, also allow for simple attachment to floor and wall.


  • Can have more features
  • Lack of style and design