Nightstand Gun Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric Access Pistol Model # QAP1BE

Suppose you are searching for something very quiet and simple to access, with the biometric lock, then Sentry biometric nightstand gun safe can be a perfect fit for you. This nightstand gun safe features the whisper quiet effect while opening. It allows you silently access the firearm without any risk of causing any panic or waking up the loved one close to you. Capabilities of the one-handed access nightstand gun safe lets you to fast reach in the bedside drawer as well as open this without looking. Gas strut instantly activates and this allows the lid to lift open silently as well as give you an access to the handgun. Gas strut keeps the lid open once nightstand gun safe gets opened. In this way, you do not have to worry about closing it loudly when you pull the hand out of a nightstand gun safe. The nightstand gun safe is also made to withstand the tough conditions which mean it will face lots of wear and tear and withstand it. The body is been reinforced with 12gauge solid steel, giving you the decent amount of the theft protection. The nightstand gun safe will easily get stored on many shelves and its style can give you an ability to disguise this amongst the books or boxes. This is one product without too much problem you can buy online. Once you do that then it will be much easier.

It is powered by the 4 AA batteries as well as it opens using biometric fingerprint scanner and keypad pin combination. It can ensure your kids cannot access nightstand gun safe and accidentally open the lid. Keep the soft cloth close to nightstand gun safe to wipe fingerprint scanner when you are done. As you may program two fingerprints, it is good to program the same finger twice. In this way, you will minimize the risk of the reader not reading the prints. Suppose you are concerned about needing fingerprints remembered, you don’t have to be. Finally, nightstand gun safe is very small as well as compact and is ideal for the nightstand drawer that will allow you the instant access. In an event that battery dies, two override keys make sure you always have an access to the safe. Suppose you want the nightstand gun safe to move at your home as well as car, you might have to look at some other options. Weighing at 12lbs gun safe nightstand is not light and is well suited for the permanent location. This does not come with slot and steel cable because attaching this to seat in the car is not possible.


  • Pry resistant lid
  • Whisper quiet
  • Multiple ways for entering gun safe nightstand
  • One hand accessibility
  • Use electronic key combo and biometric entry
  • Solid 12gauge of steel for the theft protection
  • Compression gas strut


  • Heavy
  • Not portable like other gun safes nightstand
  • 2 fingerprints allowed
  • Should be ‘woken up’ prior to entering code and scanning fingerprint

Gunvault MVB500Microvault Biometric Gun Safe

Suppose you are searching for the biometric nightstand gun safe, which you may easily move between the nightstand as well as car, then read on about Gunvault MVB500Microvault biometric gun safe. This safe is very light and made from the durable 20gauge steel frame. This will not have to permanently live next to the bed. GunVault brand is owned by the Cannon gun safes that the known brand for the quality. The security cable is been included while you buy a gun safe. This lets you very easily tie up the nightstand gun safe, inside the drawer to make sure that not just is this pry resistant, however, that nobody will steal safe. You may attach a security cable to safe while safe is at the open position. As it is very light, safe will be moved easily between the house and the car. Due to that, you may want to keep the gun secure in the vehicle while entering the locations that do not allow the concealed carry firearms. This is the product used by one and all and that is one of the main reasons why it has become very popular.  For this nightstand gun safe it is very important that you check the product well and compare the price with a few dealers and once you do that then there will be no problem. Many people are facing lots of issues as they have not got the right pricing. So you need to compare the prices in the right way from many dealers and once you do that then there will be the best deal with you and you will not have a problem.  So keep this in mind.

Exterior features the biometric fingerprint scanner, which can allow you save over 30fingerprints and these will all get regulated by the main user. You may be wondering: Why it remembers 30fingerprints? I do not have thirty people to program in my safe. You will want to program the same finger, many times. You will want to program other fingers if your finger gets cut and scraped. This will change the shape of the print and thus, safe will not read it. With Gunvault, you can be assured that the items will sustain the damage. Even when the safe falls, the firearm will be protected by nice interior foam. There is theft protection besides steel encasing. Hinges on nightstand gun safe, are well made on inside to make sure that the safe is also pry-resistant and nobody will force this open. Finally, the Gunvault is very confident in the safe that they give 5year of the limited warranty. It covers any theft and fire damage and you can get your broken safe with free nightstand gun safe.


  • Innovative design
  • Protective interior foam
  • Pry resistant locking
  • Best quality of security cable
  • 5year warranty
  • Very light & portable


  • 20 gauge steel (and thinner steel than option above)