Personal Gun Safe

A personal gun safe is the storage space meant for the firearms that are used in homes to defend from intruders and burglars. But, with an overwhelming number of the safes that are available in the market, nowadays purchasing one might prove very difficult decision. So,  before buying personal gun safe learn more about them. This guide is mainly made to assist you to choose the essential personal gun safe. The gun safe reviews also comprise of some helpful information, like gun safe features as well as the benefits that will help you to decide which safe suits your requirements the best for a personal gun safe. Safes are good to store the rifles as well as other small ammo. Some top gun safes in the market to house the guns are given below.

Paragon Lock and Safe – 8Rifle Safe Cabinet

This is about elegance and defense for a personal gun safe. It has good aesthetics, as well as comes with the storage space of over 8guns of over 47” long. This safe also comes with the interior locking cabinet, which has an own locking mechanism for a personal gun safe.

This personal gun safe is ideal for the gun users that have many long guns; this has a great little facility at a form of the storage box in the personal gun safe to give storage of the valuable items like ammo, jewelry, and more. Paragon Lock and personal gun safe are the great investment for your life that will provide some valuable protection for the firearms and valuables against invaders.


  • Hidden hinges give protection against the theft.
  • Comes well coated with quality 18gauge powder for the better defense.
  • The gray mat is given at bottom to give great cushioning for the rifle storage
  • With heavy steel build, this is just impossible to penetrate


  • Style
  • Price

Barska Large Rifle Safe

With Barska Biometric personal gun safe, you have an only personal gun safe that you will ever need for the rifle protection. All of the removable internal racks have space for over 12 rifles. The model also comes with the fingerprint technology, which allows only 1 user and nobody else to have an access to this personal gun safe.

Barska Large Biometric personal gun safe combines the technology with the durable build quality that will give you the smart way for safe keeping the firearms. The massive storage space also is ideal for storing a large amount of the rifles all along with the handguns to have the optimum personal gun safe collection.


  • Comes with the solid five deadbolt locking system that will keep shrewdest of the intruders out of their reach.
  • Stores massive over 120 programmed fingerprints at the memory
  • With the solid steel build, this guarantees that contents are well protected from the unauthorized use.
  • Inside of personal gun safe box been is lined with the cushion material that will preserve the most intricate of the valuables.


  • Can have more features
  • Less pattern

Bighorn 19ECB Safe

The safe is an epitome of the defensive build quality and comes with the massive 2.7 5mm thick steel that will be resistant to the amount of the prying and hacking open. BIGHORN 19ECB personal gun safe itself is made to house the good number of the rifles, documents, handguns, and other equipment, very comfortable. This relies on the heavy build quality that will provide the maximum protection.

Because of the heavy build, personal gun safe is actually meant for the owners to use many firearms that are locked up in it, if possible, to keep this under protection till required. BIGHORN 19ECB safe is the good investment that can last you many years and give you with best firearms protection.


  • 8 door bolts that will secure door with the 1” of the diameter of every door bolt.
  • Provides the fire protection of over 1200 degree Fahrenheit
  • Gives the top of line defense quality and with 1.5” of thick steel front and 4.75” thickness that will complement the defensive prowess.


  • Less storage
  • Price

Steelwater Standard Duty 16Safe

Steelwater Duty 16 is the gigantic tower of the defensive capabilities for the firearms; this has the unique feature, which allows you to never get locked out of own personal gun safe with a double bitted key. This comes with the large storage for over 8 – 9 rifles and has many compartments that will store the handguns, ammo as well as other important valuables.

Steelwater personal gun safe is a must buy for people looking to have built in the auto release bypass instead of being locked out. This personal gun safe itself is ideal with the durable build as well as the top of line defensive abilities.


  • Has over 9 1” of diameters of the steel locking bolts that will ensure the maximum security in toughest of the conditions.
  • The lock system is well enabled with the EMP proof system
  • Will sustain the fire resistance of over 1550Fahrenheit making this the tough personal gun safe, which will not crack under the amount of stress.
  • The door is of 4” inch thick that is drill proof as well as ballistic proof. It ensures that door will absorb much punishment and be impossible penetrate


  • Problem with handling
  • Price

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 1911-EGun Safe

Winchester 19-11-E personal gun safe is mammoth 12gauge steel safe, which is totally fire resistant for one-hour flammability of above 1400 Fahrenheit. This comes with the storage space of over 24 guns as well as offers the valuable space for many other items that require storing like handguns, ammo, rifles, and more.


  • It offers the drill resistance as well as is just impossible to break.
  • With three layers of the fireboard constructed in the door and 2 layers in the body, safe is very fire resistant and gives complete protection against the fire for an hour at least.
  • Comes with the 10 1.25inches of the solid steel bolts that make sure safely is totally impenetrable with the 4way locking system.


  • Price tag
  • Less storage