Pistol safe reviews

If you only have pistols, then your choice should be a pistol safe. But, before buying any gun safe, read reviews, in your case, read pistol safe reviews. Here are listed some reviews that may come handy for you as a pistol owner:

Fort Knox FTKPB Pistol Handgun Safe

This is exceptionally strong (for pistol safe) 10GA steel body with a simple mechanical lock, Pistol Box also puts up the strong defense against different types of the breaching attempts. To get more information let’s continue with pistol safe reviews.

The lid is thicker and that is a big plus. Moreover, the lid has the hidden tamper resistant under this to impede cutting tool attacks. Also, you may secure Pistol Box to the mounting surface just by 4built-in bolt holes. However, there’s not any pre-built choice for looping the security cord. Safe’s lid is quite heavy, and facilitates fast access; the manufacturer has also fitted this with the gas strut. The users have also experienced some trouble with a strut and you will come to know about this once you read pistol safe reviews. Suppose there is the issue, you may always capitalize at a lifetime warranty that Pistol Box comes with. Interior of this product is given thick foam lining that will protect the pistol against any bumps as well as scratches because of sudden motion for example if you are using this as the car safe. The safe’s exterior is given a coat of the silver that will complete the subtle and conventional look. You should read detailed pistol safe reviews and that will give you a good idea about the product.


  • Dependable mechanical lock
  • Exceptionally strong body
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The lid has strut assistance


  • Lacks the pre-built security holes
  • Gas strut has got some complaints

Stack-On SS22-MBE 22 Gun Convertible Safe with the Electronic Lock Black

It is made from the solid steel with sufficient room for holding a fair amount of the full sized firearms, as well as sporting California Department of the Justice rating, Stack-On SS22MB-E is a best cheap safe for somebody on the tight budget according to pistol safe reviews. Whereas thickness of the steel body is not much more than of security cabinets, this nevertheless has drill resistant plate to secure the lock against any power tool attacks, as well as 6 (3x 1’’ of live action bolts and three dead bolts that will protect hinge side) and locking points thwart prying attempts which is something worth mentioning in pistol safe reviews. Safe utilizes the electronic keypad as the main unlocking system, however, comes with 2 mechanical override keys if electronics malfunction. It is the sensible move on the part of the manufacturer and given low-cost nature for this safe. Safe’s carpeted interior also is divided into four adjustable shelves – and offering you the degree of the customization seen in the budget products. In pistol safe reviews it is important to say that this has the quoted long gun ability of 22, so it will furnish needs of the average gun collector. Impressive is safe’s three year of limited warranty – and you will not see that in many budget options, it indicates that manufacturer has some faith in a product that they have made. To complete this pistol safe reviews I will say that the safe is not fire- and water-resistant, as solid theft protection will be all manufacturer will pack in the meager budget that they are allowed.


  • CA DoJ rated.
  • Stores decent number of the firearms at a cheap price
  • Allows interior customization
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Acceptably strong protection features for the budget option


  • Customer support is not stellar
  • Not fire and water resistant
  • Electronics might develop issues

Blue Dot Safes Amendment FireResistant Gun Safe

We are at the end of our pistol safe reviews. Featuring mighty 51long gun storage ability at the reasonable rate, Blue Dot Second is been geared towards the gun owners who reliable storage solution of large collection without even having to break the bank. Thus, surprising for the cost as well as the size, the manufacturer has also managed to make this from 12gauge steel and ensuring that this will hold own against most of the tool and manual attacks. Now, don’t you think that this fact is awesome fact for a pistol safe reviews? This features the UL Listed lock with 5/16’’ of steel plate that will block the drilling attempts. There is even the auxiliary locker, which provides the backup if the primary system gets breached. Locking system uses 18bolts setup in a 4-way configuration, thus prying attempts are also thwarted nicely. Suppose this does not give you any peace of mind (it should), you also can bolt safe down by using 2 pre-drilled of anchor holes –it is serious protection, and I will admit that this took me as a surprise. Safe is been rated to withstand the 1700°F of temperature for one hour and packs heat expandable seal. It is more than enough fire protection for the gun collection. Now about the capacity which is an important factor in pistol safe reviews. The safe will not hold over 51 guns as per the quoted capacity, however over 30 – 35 is the safe estimate and still, it is more than what many competitors give at this rate range. Also, Second Amendment has got door pockets that will hold the ammunition as well as other accessories so the interior will get devoted to guns. One main issue that I have with the safe is uneven space between body and door – undoubtedly, this stems from loose manufacturing standard. Other is the rather stingy one year warranty. Despite that, this might well be the best gun safe you will come across and considering features that it packs at affordable price point. Pros and cons of all pistol safe reviews are really similar:


  • Remarkably anti-theft & fire safety features
  • Plenty of room
  • Reasonably priced


  • Fleeting one year warranty
  • The uneven gap between the body and door