Rhino Ironworks Gun Safe Review

Ironworks AIW7242X

With the distressed “steampunk” look, IRONWORKS Rhino gun safe Line seems to be from 1800’s. Every safe is made totally unique as well as no 2 Rhino gun safe has the same finish. Those works of art are hand antiqued that will accentuate natural grain as well as variations in steel. Besides the eye-catching look, the line offers the tremendous amount of the security and a fire protection. It is seamless continually welded 10gauge body gets beefed up with the corner reinforcements as well as provides some best security in the class. When it comes to the door, the Rhino gun safe does not disappoint. This has 1 7/8″ of thick formed door with the full coverage of 1/4″ plate. The door gives very pry resistance as well as has four-way active big diameter door bolts. The locking mechanism also features the Rhino’s pending F4 Locking System that features the tamper resistant handle, the RhinoPlate Drill Resistant, and rivet-studded reinforcement as well as anti-drill and anti-punch bolt work. The system is the best in the class as well as can keep the favorite Guns, and important documents and any other most prized possessions totally locked up and just accessible to people with the combination. Go in for this Rhino gun safe and you will not need to buy anything else as this is the best. It is one of the best quality products, which will really help you to get the work done in quick time. Not to mention its look, which is awesome.

The Rhino gun safe is very tough, it has earned UL Certification as the Residential Security Container and it meets and exceeds all specifications for the CA DOJ Standards. The Rhino gun safe is also fire rated for over 90minutes at around 1200° ensuring the possessions can stay cool. It is will intact till the end of the fire. Now let’s talk about the interior. Deluxe door organizer at a back of Rhino gun safe ‘s door can allow you keep the pistols, knives, clips, as well as any other valuables on the shelves, everything so neatly organized. Power Outlet & Interior Lighting can allow you see inside of the Rhino gun safe. It also can have the dehumidifier, laptop, and other corded electronics totally active and work inside of the Rhino gun safe. Its interior is been upholstered with the faux leather fabric that will complement antiqued exterior. First from Box, the safe will get configured completely as the full gun interior and you may split this to be 1/3shelves and 2/3gun. The Rhino gun safe comes with the La Gard Basic Lock as well as distressed wheel handle that will finish off most unique safe of the industry. You and your friends can keep the valuables totally safe, as well as give yourself complete peace of mind when you are searching for with the IRONWORKS AIW Rhino ironworks gun safe. One of the best features this awesome gun safe has is a lifetime warranty on the product. Not only it looks good, it is really quality safe which you will love from the day one.


  • UL Certified Residential Container
  • Attack Resistant External System
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Internal Relocker
  • Patented RhinoPlate Resistant Armor
  • Anti-Tamper Linkage and Anti-Punch and Anti-drill
  • Anti-Tamper Clutch and Handle
  • Seamless Welded Body
  • Large Diameter Bolts with Rhino gun safe
  • 10Gauge Body with the external corner reinforcements
  • Pry Resistant Door
  • 1 3/4″ of total door thickness
  • Approx 3/8 inch door edge (and 1/4″ of plate with the external reinforcement ring)


  • Style which is rather unique may stand out too much
  • Design that won’t fit any person
  • Price

Rhino Ironworks 75Minute Gun Safe Series

The Rhino Ironworks combines advanced F4 locking system with the reinforced construction in the vintage creation, appropriate for the setting.  Every Rhino gun safe comes hand distressed that will appear as the well-worn antique, and creating one of kind furniture piece, which is a part art, a part security. Tamper resistant clutched, the thick plate door front, the rivet-studded reinforcement as well as anti-drill & anti-punch bolt defend the valuables against any kind of burglars. The Rhino Ironworks gun safe is made to order. That means that you will have to wait for 8 to 10 weeks once order gets placed.  The Rhino gun safe gives limited Lifetime Warranty and free repair and replacement in an event of the attempted and actual burglary attack and free repair and replacement in event of the fire The deluxe door organizer and embroidered logo of the Rhino Ironworks gun safe come with included distressed faux suede fabric and rivet-like upholstery. It has plush adjustable shelving and interior walls with multiple layers of the 5/8” of thick UL Rated protective lining. It has 4 predrilled holes (of 9/16” diameter) and external hinge, with 180°+ of opening door gives higher access than the internal hinged designs that is limited to 90° of the opening. The swing upgrade is accessible for the rifles at every size. It is a privilege to find Rhino Ironworks gun safe for sale because people who buy it, stay with it forever.


  • UL Listed Group 2Manual dial lock (and Type1 Electronic lock available)
  • Listed with the U L® as Residential Security Container & meets and exceeds the California DOJ acceptable rhino ironworks gun safe standards
  • Internal AntiTamper clutch
  • Patent pending F4 locking system
  • 12gauge steel composite door and external reinforcement ring.
  • Anti-Punch and Anti-DrillBoltwork
  • 12gauge formed body with the external corner reinforcements on the critical attack points
  • Recessed door for the Pry-Point protection
  • Seamless and continuously welded body
  • Internally & externally welded body to get added strength (the total corner thickness. 1/4”)
  • Patented carbide RhinoPlate™ Resistant Armor that protects lock from the drill attacks
  • Spring loaded relocker keeps the rhino ironworks gun safe secure in case lock gets tampered with and removed
  • Large door bolt 4way active, 4sided protection (18door bolts total)


  • Price
  • Less feature