Sentinel 64 Gun Safe Review

Owning the firearm is very high responsibility. Since you know, the guns are very dangerous and must always get kept locked up out of the reach from anybody who might misuse firearm whether in the accident and to harm someone. Due to that, you have to have a gun safe and I want to show you Sentinel gun safe review for more information. There’re many unfortunate scenarios, which are played that in the homes across the globe that can have been avoided by locking the firearms in one of many kinds of the secure locking safes.

Having the gun safe this is a very good option so you should continue reading the Sentinel 64 gun safe review. It will give you good insight, features and pros, and cons. Those are the main parts of a Sentinel gun safe review. Those gun safes are inaccessible to the burglars and the children but, there is more. In my Sentinel 64 gun safe review, I will mention more interesting things like the fact that they can to withstand the significant amount of the prolonged exposure to the extreme heat as well as fire. Some of the gun safes are made to withstand nearly 3 hours of the exposure to the fire! Losing the guns, ammunition or equipment in the fire is very easily avoidable just by being responsible and locking the firearms up in quality made gun safe. The gun safes are made not just to store the firearms but also to store all of the accessories as well as ammunition. Most of the gun safe brands include the adjustable shelving that will accommodate all kinds of the ammo, knives, pistols, vests as well as anything else that you want safe & secure. So read Sentinel 64 gun safe review and check features of sentinel gun safe. Now you know why it is very important to own the gun safe, let us take a close look at top brands as well as review best gun safes, like Sentinel gun safe review.

64-Gun Fire Safe

The 64-Gun Fire Safe with the Electronic Lock as well as Factory Installed Storage stands over 72inches tall as well as has 3 half shelves as well as 2 full shelves. Reinforced steel door gets filled with the fire retardant material, once you read Sentinel gun safe review, you will come to know much more. Fire resistant for over 30 minutes over 1,400 degrees. It has four-way locking with the 1.5″ of live-action bolts and drill-resistant and hardened steel plate. Electronic lock also includes the operational lights for the open and low battery warning as well as incorrect entry, always read Sentinel gun safe review and you will get some good information. Three half shelves, and fully carpeted rests & interior and weighs 738 pounds. I will finish this short sentinel 64 guns safe review, with a list of pros and cons:


  • Operation lights
  • Lightweight
  • Safe


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, make sure, read sentinel gun safe review for more information
  • 10 Locking points

Sentinel Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Another sentinel gun safe review talks about this gun safe.  Keep the guns and accessories totally locked away in Sentinel Fire Gun Safe. This holds over 64long guns as well as four pistols, and it has the adjustable shelving as well as door storage for the magazines and the accessories. For more details, read sentinel 64 gun safe review. This is rated to resist over 1400°F for over 30 minutes that will keep the valuables well protected in the emergency. With the simple to use electronic, the firearms can be safely available in Stack-On® 64 and 4 Fire Resistant Safe.


  • Electronic lock that will get programmed for 3-8 of digit code make sure that you read sentinel 64 gun safe review
  • Steel gun safe and capacity for over 64long guns and 4handguns
  • ETL tested for the fire resistance at over 1400°F for around 30 minutes
  • Backup keys included
  • Carpeted interior
  • Fully convertible interior and adjustable shelves & barrel rests
  • Three spoke steel handle
  • Door storage for four pistols, magazines as well as accessories
  • Black matte finish and chrome accents
  • Five locking points: three live action bolts & two dead bolts
  • Fastening hardware included
  • Weight over 528lbs
  • Exterior dimensions of 55H x 40W x 25D


  • Less feature
  • Price
  • Style

Homak  Electronic Small Pistol Box

Homak is manufacturing the steel kitchen cabinets as well as safes from 1947 in the USA so I think it is logical to put it in my Sentinel 64 gun safe review.  Patented design for a model number HS10036683 pistol box is also flat black made from the heavy 1.5mm of steel as well as has the tough finish for powder coated epoxy and 15minute of security lockout just after entering the codes three times incorrectly. That is the thing worth mentioning in Sentinel gun safe review.  You may reprogram this to the preferred codes and change codes for as well as those you trust.  The unit is as well available in the medium and the large.  This electronic keypad makes use of 4 each AA batteries as well as one each 9Volt battery for the backup entry (and batteries not included).  The door has the piano hinge and secures the guns, ammo as well as other valuables very safely in the small box.  Mount this in the vehicle, on a floor, wall and anywhere you want.  Patented design will keep the thieves out with the prying tools, if you aren’t sure it is true, read Sentinel gun safe review.

For the mounting, there are the predrilled holes at a back 5-1/2×4 inches.  The screws and the anchors are also included.  The door on the front can open to the clearance of 8inches flat.  This has the rubber mat for inside that will prevent the scratches as well as the rattling of the guns, and makes its point that you read Sentinel 64 gun safe review for more information.


  • Best in class
  • Top features
  • Style


  • Can have more features
  • Price