Sentry Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

You can protect the family from the dangers, within and outside your home, with your pistol which is safely stored in Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe. Why that one? Well, Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe is one of the safest pistol safe that they have ever made. Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe keeps very little hands off from the firearms and at the same time, it will allow the fast, quiet and single handed access while you need this most. Sentry Safe Quick Pistol safe gives the features like the zero feedback lock as well as compression gas strut that will allow you to fast defend the home. The Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe is engineered with the solid steel and pry-resistant door, and your family and home are well protected. This Sentry Safe Pistol Safe also has the collection of some powerful features, which make it the reliable defense solution. For example, the Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe allows you to access the pistol quick, and that will empower you to protect the home and family and the property while it matters the most. The Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe access to the firearm doesn’t need to mean putting the family at risk. Quick Access Safe isn’t just the powerful solution for the home defense, it is much more. The solid steel construction and pry resistant door help you to keep the family and home safe from the unauthorized access to the firearm. For the advanced protection, this Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe also is available with the biometric lock beside the digital lock as well as override key. Reader reliably detects user’s fingerprint that allows you for the quick and single-handed access for a firearm.

Sentry Safe QAP1BE – Review

The quick-entry safe in the combination with the sensational innovation of fingerprint gun is without the doubt one perfect solution for anybody who appreciates maximum safety. The technology is just scanning the fingerprint, and for us is the invaluable advantage, and particularly because beyond the combination of the digital, this allows for the individual protection that prevents to get to the content safe by the unauthorized opening. Making the programming Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe is easy and simple, providing we follow instructions. In practice, it is very convenient, safe as well as allows us to encode 2 fingerprints. It is single handed access for safe with Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe.

Advantage and at the same time disadvantage for a safe it is small overall dimensions that facilitate the potential theft. Obviously, we may attach this to walls, drawers as well as floors, however, it affects limitation of the mobility with sentry quick access pistol safe. Also, the Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe doesn’t have required set of 4 AA batteries, thus we have to make sure to purchase it before proceeding and encoding it.

During the use of safe, it is essential to follow instructions, as only then we may encode the fingerprints correctly. That depends on the type of safe (or manual covers models), it’s worth noting next steps that just carried out properly use device becomes simple and enjoyable with Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe.


  • Programming using the biometric fingerprint scan
  • Very quiet opening function, which ensures the programming digital pad with zero audible feedback
  • The resistant to the mechanical opening resistant doors that guarantee safety of unauthorized persons
  • Best ease of use that allows in the emergency situations to reach for the firearms
  • Strengthen cover made on basis of the heavy duty 12gauge solid steel construction


  • Small size
  • Doesn’t include batteries
  • Fingerprint programming can be complicated

0.08 cu. ft. Access Handgun Safe and Fingerprint Lock

You can get the advanced protection for the firearm with Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe with the Biometric Lock. With the protection unique as the fingerprint, the gun safe is a reliable solution that will keep the firearm locked up very tight and the home secure. Thus, allowing you fast and whisper a quiet access to the firearm, Quick Access Safe empowers you to protect the home, family as well as your property. Made for you, the Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe features the fingerprint scanner for the reliable access to the firearm every time. The users can program up to 21 fingerprints, thus in an event of the emergency, you will not need to worry about remembering the passcode and where you have left a key. Safe comes with the programmable lock as well as override key, and providing you with the backup access for the firearm should need to arise. Compression gas strut opens Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe quietly as well as holds the door open and giving you the single handed access to the firearm. It means that not like any other gun safes, the Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe won’t alert the potential threat with the changing bolts and loud locking mechanism. Thus you may feel very confident, that while seconds count, you will have fast access you want. Having the quick access to the firearm doesn’t mean that you need to put the family at risk. Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe is been reinforced with the heavy duty, 12 Gauge steel, as well as solid steel construction that will make the gun safe durable and reliable with Sentry Safe quick access pistol safe.


  • The compression gas strut also opens door silently as well as holds this open for the single-handed access at the confined spaces
  • Biometric fingerprint lock and electronic lock and zero feedback
  • Pry resistant steel construction that will help to protect against the unauthorized access to the firearms
  • At a ready handgun, presentation to get convenient access to the firearm
  • Override key for the convenient backup access


  • Can have better mechanism
  • Style