Single Gun Safe

TD1428-SBC-S Stack-On 28Gun Safe

The Stack-On produces the Total Defense line only for people who want the substantial protection, from the burglars and the natural elements. At my opinion, it is one of the rare offerings, which is up on par at what other single gun safe makers give. In place of the regular 30-minute fire single gun safe that rate to 1400F, the single gun safe will handle the same temperature for the more assuring 75 minutes. It yields highly enhanced protection for the prized gun collection and making this product suitable for the gun owners that are looking for the solution that also covers all the bases. The single gun safe is waterproof – and can withstand 2 feet of the standing water for over 72 hours straight, which is a thing you might have to consider if you are stacking the weapons inside riverside cabin or garage that fills up during the flood season. This is a product which will make you smile. The quality is so good that you will not mind paying the price. It is one of the best in the market and this is the best. So, do you want to really make use of this? It is one of the best and you can enjoy making use of this. It is a product, which will last for a very long time and that is the best part about it. The demand for this is very high and quality is the main reason for that happening. There is nothing better than this.

The 4-way locking system, and packing 5 1.5’’ of live action bolts as well as 3 dead bolts for over 8 locking points total, and provides strong theft protection. The model has the combination lock, as well as it is well secured by drill resistant plate just like any other Stack-On. The pre-installed socket allows you to power the accessories like lights as well as dehumidifiers. The fully carpeted interior also is setup for storing 28 long guns on default, however, single gun safe also can get configured for holding over 14guns as well as other small items, and small items totally: 6 adjustable shelves will allow for a great deal of the customization. Included is the door storage system and removable bags for the items that need fast access as well as storage. TD1428-SBC-S that I have reviewed above is the exemplifies this perfectly, and for me this is the best Stack-On single gun safe around because this gives very strong theft protection, and excellent fire single gun safe, with extended waterproofing as well as great deal of the customizability; this at price that hardcore shoppers are pleased with.


  • Hefty 1400F and 75min fire rating.
  • Affordably priced, and complete weapon solution.
  • Flexible interior & commendable storage features.
  • Waterproof for over 72hours in 2feet of the standing water.


  • Can be made better

Barska Mini Safe

The Barska Mini single gun safe, and model AX11620, is the natural extension of the Barska’s commitment to fingerprint technology. Suppose top opening model that are mentioned above doesn’t have enough of storage capacity and you simply don’t like the top opening model, then this can be a single gun safe made for you. Let us have a close look at some advantages & disadvantages of AX11620 from the Barska

It measures 7.8in x11.8 in x7.8 in, the model isn’t very compact as AX11556 in the last review; but, the model can be hidden from the view in many areas of the home and office. The model weighs skimpy 12lbs. This is the amazing advantage while you want to store this in the non-traditional location and if you want to transport this by hand. Since the model is made with mounting, lower weight lets you the wider range of the locations in the home to select from, and without any need to worry of reinforcing the mounting area. Like with each BARSKA models that are reviewed, the fingerprint reader on the single gun safe will store over 30 different prints in the memory. Given this you just want some people to access contents of the single pistol safe, this is more than sufficient memory capacity.

Besides fingerprint technology entire single pistol safe is actually made from the heavy gauge steel. The body is of 1/16 of an inch thick, however, the door is of 3/16 of an inch thick. Motorized lock uses 2 solid steel deadbolts that will secure a door. The tough nut crack and the title says all, it is the mini single pistol safe. In spite of that, you may count on storing to 2 pistols. A number of the model of the pistol will hold depends on the caliber of weapon as well as whether this is the revolver or not. The size of the revolver’s cylinder is a main determining factor at whether single pistol safe holds one or more gun. Like with most of the biometric units on market today, AX11556 runs on 4 AA batteries. Whereas it is the reliable system in many cases, however, batteries will fail when not changed in the timely fashion. This features over 150 reviews online, and with the overwhelming majority giving single pistol safe a 5-star rating. There’re some consistent issues that have to get mentioned.

Now that you have reached the end of the guide, you undoubtedly will have realized that the company aims in giving value to gun owners who cannot afford to spend huge bucks on the fancy and top of line gun safes. Whereas most of the products end up getting limited in the applications because of budget constraints that are imposed by the manufacturer, there are some lines that actually do manage and achieve the Stack-On’s goal for totally secure and affordable weapon solution:

Pros of the Barska Biometric Safe:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Secure
  • Large memory
  • Backup entry
  • Capacity
  • Warranty
  • Near silent operation

Cons of Barska Biometric Safe

  • Weight
  • Customer service