Single Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe

Barska model AX11652 is the super single rifle safe and Barska is making best single rifle safe from 1994.  You may have fast access to guns as well as rifles that you wish in this single rifle safe. You may allow an access for the users you would like to open single rifle safe without the combination and key with the silent programmable mode.  Silent access feature allows you to mute beeping notification, which is always a good feature in gun safes.  This has the optical scanner that will analyze all the users’ fingerprints in the 120 fingerprint memory.  For the safety make use of single rifle safe, those individuals you’ve approved for the access can open this safe.  It is stored in biometric module database and this safe has 3point of deadbolt made from 1inch of steel locks for the added security. The Barska Access Biometric Safe AX11652 has the adjustable 4 position rack for the rifles with the removable shelf.  The removable section can allow you to keep the rifles lined ready to use.  Also, you will have security while you mount safely with the 6 pre-drilled mounting holes in back and 4 on the floor.  You can secure this to the wall, floor, and another flat surface. The faceplate is also removable for backup key lock in case you have the dead batteries with single rifle safe.

This safe uses 4 AA batteries. When the door gets shut and you will hear 3 repeating beeps and indicator light of ‘E’ flashes red, this means batteries are very low. You can replace batteries at once just by removing battery compartment of ‘B’ cover as well as replacing dead batteries with single rifle safe.  You can close and get ready to go and all registered fingerprints may stay stored.  You may receive 2 backup keys including external battery pack in this single rifle safe. Unfortunately, it is not fire and water resistant, but it is a DOJ approved. Outer dimensions come in 8.6inches long x9.8inches wide x52.17inches high, as well as inner dimensions will be 6.3inches long x9.7inches wide x52inches high.  Safe weighs over 66 pounds. You may receive the User’s Manual as well as 1year of Limited Warranty with single rifle safe. Safe also comes completely assembled, and you will have to install batteries included.


  • Indicator light
  • Fingerprint gets stored
  • Good and strong


  • Limited warranty
  • Style

Sentry Safe Biometric Access Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe access pistol safe number QAP1BE has the capacity of over 0.08 cubic feet.  This door is totally pried-resistant and made from steel with the whisper-quiet entry while getting to the gun in the hurry without any alerting sound. This can hold one of the J&K sizes of the revolver and full size of the semi-automatic gun.  Safe is for the unauthorized access, and not theft.  This has the holes that will bolt down and that will hold this in the proper place so the thieves can’t run off with it. The biometric lock is also a threat protected by using a digital lock with the fingerprint scanner giving more security.  The security is distinctive as an own fingerprint. You can choose the biometric lock, the zero feedback keypad and override key for the quick and quiet access to the gun. You may program 4 fingerprints so give it to the persons you can trust.  You won’t lose fingerprint memory while you change the batteries and that is a good thing. The keypad will light up with the blue lights and uses four each of AAAA batteries, being included. This safe is made from 12gauge of steel construction and reliable and durable. It uses the single-handed entry at times of the emergencies with the compression gas strut and it provides in and out of the drawer use. This is not water and fire resistant, but, like I said, it is DOJ approved. Outer dimensions come in 3.2inches high x12.0inches wide x9.9inches deep with single rifle safe.  Inner dimensions are of 2.2inches high x9.7inches wide x6.6inches deep as well as weighs over 13pounds. You may receive two override keys, two lag bolts as well as washers, the User’s Manual and one year of Limited Warranty with this single rifle safe.


  • Best programs
  • Easy to use
  • Best in feature


  • Not fireproof
  • Not waterproof

GunVault SpeedVault Safe

The GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 safe in the black 18gauge steel housing has the foam liner that will protect the gun from damage or clattering.  With more than 20 years with the biometrics, the GunVault has had the fewest reject and highest acceptance rates that will provide you with the dependable and consistent vault with the safe access always. This is available in combination type safe. The biometric fingerprint scanner can store over 120 individual prints as well as has the activation button for the security.  This comes with two override keys with single rifle safe.  You can like a fast acting down front panel, which can house the firearm for fast getting to emergencies at home and business. The GunVaultIt will easily get mounted anywhere in different directions for the effortlessly accessing with included hardware with single rifle safe. Accurate fittings will not get opened with the pry tools. Interior light allows you to open the safe in the low and no light conditions thus you may see the gun and what you are doing. The 9V battery operates at 1 9Volt alkaline battery (which is not included).  The keypad is of digital and you may have the audio and the LED battery warnings.  This doesn’t have the spring loaded door; this is gravity drop and the door opens as well as stops on the rubber bumper. This is DOJ approved is single rifle safe and it is one of the best options in the market.


  • High acceptance rate
  • Good in style


  • Price
  • Less inbuilt feature with single rifle safe.