Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

Steelwater-39Gun LD593924-BLK

This fire rated safe is the larger model of a Steelwater gun safe. This can house up from 24 to 30 guns. It can withstand the fire for an hour at the temperatures over 1,875° of Fahrenheit.

Interior is been lined with the gray color covering to prevent it from getting scratched by steel with Steelwater gun safe. It has well equipped with the shelves to store the smaller things, the handguns and the ammunition. In an event, the gun collection grows and you may remove shelves. For some really good information about the safe, read further my Steelwater safe review. The safe’s storage functionality makes sure you are as per the gun rules as a set out by State Department of the Justice. You will get free door organizer the dehumidifier in case you buy safe straight from the factory also you get lifetime fire as well as burglary warranty with Steelwater gun safe.

Steelwater gun safe is well equipped with the drill resistant plate that is behind lock making this impossible for the thief to gain an access to safe just by drilling out the lock. The door seal is also heat activated and can expand in an event of the fire and keeps out the water and smoke if you make use of Steelwater gun safe.


  • Drill resistant plate
  • Fire and water proof safe
  • 4 pre-drilled holes to anchor the safe to floor in Steelwater gun safe
  • Has got pre-drilled holes at the back of safe for you install dehumidifier fast and easily.


  • Storage space is also limited when shelves get installed
  • To fit eight guns, you may need to remove some shelves.
  • Combination needs to be set Steelwater or a qualified technician.
  • Warranty is voided if you ever change combination with Steelwater gun safe.

Steelwater 20Gun Safe

It is the smaller safe with a few excellent features read Steelwater safe review and that should give you some very good information. This will withstand the temperatures over 1,550° Fahrenheit to 45 minutes. Interior of Steelwater gun safe is been lined with the gray carpet that will keep steel in damaging the guns and other valuables. This has 2 sections and each section will house 8 long guns each. It is well equipped with 4 removable shelves that will store the handguns, ammunition and small valuables read Steelwater safe review, once you read then it will be easier.


  • Unlike combination lock, you may program own passcode without qualified professional and Steelwater
  • The safe is well equipped with the electronic lock, thus it is fast to access contents
  • The external battery compartment also is making it simple to change the battery and get an access
  • Pre-drilled holes that will anchor the safe to floor
  • Pre-drilled holes use to install dehumidifier in it
  • Re-locking bolt at an event lock gets removed from safe by the burglar


  • Safe isn’t waterproof.
  • Gun safe won’t hold 20 guns if you ever don’t remove shelves.
  • Like on a lot of safes with the electronic locks passcode is complicated to the program.

Suppose you are the gun owner or you have the tight budget then the Steelwater Safes will be something that I recommend looking in. If you aren’t sure, read Steelwater gun safe reviews and that should give you lots of information. The Steelwater gun safe gives the best quality of product much cheaper than the other companies in industry. You’re sure to find features that you are searching for in the Steelwater gun safe. Their safes also come with the pre-drilled holes that will anchor the safe to the floor as well as pre-drilled holes that will mount the dehumidifier. Lots of other companies also come with anchor holes however not the holes to install the dehumidifier. Suppose you drill the holes in safe, it can void warranty. An only downside about the Steelwater gun safe is to buy the safe with the combination lock. Suppose you purchase the safe with combination lock, then you will not enter your combination. Suppose you change combination, this can void the warranty. Do not forget to check best gun reviews list prior to you decide read Steelwater gun safe reviews without any problems!

Do not forget to check best fireproof and best biometric safes list prior to you decide! We can work through safe brand’s different offerings in Steelwater Gun reviews below read Steelwater gun safe reviews. Not like other companies that will change features of the safes Steelwater hasn’t had the mechanical change for many years. You may buy the replacement parts for the Steelwater gun safe from business after you’ve had the safe for many years as they hardly make the mechanical changes.  Some gun safe companies also stop making the parts for the gun safes after they make the new model. So, you are looking for gun safe, which suits you however you haven’t found one? You can check out these products as well as have a close look at the best-rated safes and top gun safes that are under 1000$ for more information read Steelwater gun safe reviews and you will find it in an easier way all the information. As a good brand with really good products, I would recommend Steelwater gun safe for people who have guns but don’t know where to store them.

Well, the Steelwater has a lot of safes that you can select from and with a lot of different features that you may enjoy in the gun safe. The owner’s experience has also helped him to make the Steelwater one of most stable guns manufacturers in the industry. The owner has got 5 years of the experience in the law enforcement. Also, he has 22 years of the experience in repairing, servicing, as well as opening safes which are impressive. The Steelwater safes are totally fireproof and safes as well come with the pre-drilled holes thus you may mount them to floor for the extra protection, read Steelwater gun safe reviews for some important points.