Sturdy Safe Review

Sentry safe defense center vol2.1: home defense stash

In a price just above 500$ as well as free shipping choice for all the parts of US, the Sentry safe is a type of the safe that you may actually say: “this is affordable with sturdy safe”, still designed to fit the top of gun safes list. Due to that, I have made a sturdy safe review. The Sentry Safe is particularly designed as the center for the home defense as well as there is not any need to say the design can fit in any of the SHTF scenarios with sturdy safe. This has then electronic lock and enabled to get programmed for choosing as well as changing the password and if the system fails you, the override key is accessible for your service. The home defense safe is very sleek since it does not require much of space to get placed as well as you may keep this in a hallway of the home and anywhere where you may easily reach this. Unlocking and locking are very quiet, which means that you can operate this silently during most extreme situations. If the home is invaded you certainly will not want intruders to hear the sound of the gun safe unlocking. This has enough of storage space for a rifle and handgun. There’s the nicely made storage space particularly intended for the rifle as well as a small shelf above this where you may store the gun and ammo. The batteries are not needed and corner bolts, as well as pry resistant doors, also are the part of the Sentry Safe design to get increased security with sturdy safe.

The Sentry Safe HDC11E Defense Center 2.1Cubic Feet


  • A real example of the solid good defense gun safe can help you to have the firearms available whenever you want those most.


  • The gun safe isn’t resistant to fire with sturdy safe
  • Not like all safes we have earlier listed, so can be the deal breaker in case you’re looking for the safe that can protect the firearms from the fire.
  • As per some users, suppose you put a lot of pressure on this lock, it can easily break with sturdy safe.

GunVault NV200 NanoVault: budget and reliable

I have decided to put Gun Vault on the list for many reasons, even though the gun safe is different from gun safes that we have earlier listed. The first reason for the safe to make it to the list is the simplicity with sturdy safe. Why did I think it was very important? Well, to go through the customer feedbacks for a lot of different gun safes, and I have noticed a pattern regarding the electric system that is used for safe guns: when there was something actually wrong with the safe, a malfunction will be testing users’ nerves with the digital keyboard failure. Following solution to open safe will be by using the override key that generally comes with each sturdy gun safe. Suppose it is a case with many gun safes, then why not to try the gun safe that will just get opened by the key? The GunVault has got neither batteries nor electric system as the part of the design, however, it is very simple to get used as well as safe for keeping the gun. As the big plus, this is very light-weighted thus you may place this anywhere as well as carry this with you. Obviously, if you want the gun safe for the rifle, then you have got no use of this. If you have the handgun that has to get protected as well as kept safe or out of reach of kids, then the GunVault can be a perfect solution. Interior as well as bottom of a gun safe is well coated with the memory foam. That foam is very thick, the gun is totally safe from the potential causes of the damage. The key lock is very simple to operate and cannot fail you at the way that the digital keyboard can. This is made from steel so it is totally unbreakable and safe for the gun. For the extra safety, the security cable is been included and what you may like most in case you are buying at a budget with sturdy gun safe, the gun safe is accessible for under 100$, making this a safest cheap choice on market with many satisfied users. The GunVault can be the best gun safe for your money that you have in investing and buying the gun safe with sturdy safe. Safe is completely portable, thus you can take this with you wherever you go with sturdy safe.


  • Very simple to operate
  • Portable
  • Cost effective.


  • Seems that security cable is included in package isn’t very reliable as you will expect with sturdy safe
  • Not like GunVault gun safe with sturdy safe.

There are many reasons why you will want to keep the guns locked up in the gun safe and to actually ensure that the gun is out of reach for anybody else except you, and you have to buy the solid good gun. This is based on the preferences and type of the guns that you have, and you may go ahead as well as pick one from the list to fit the budget as well as your needs since we have picked out something for everyone with a sturdy gun safe. There are some highly important factors that will help you to decide which of the gun safe is a right for you, storage capacity, water resistance, fire resistance, probably price and reliable lock system with sturdy safe.

When you find the best gun safe that will fit your needs, certainly you will feel much safer knowing that the firearms are safe. Suppose you are the rifle owner, then you have got no use of the safe although you will certainly love to give the biometric system one try. The gun safe also comes with the USB ports, thus you can charge it, as well as has the spare battery to be included in a package.