Under Bed Gun Safe

For more discretion about under bed gun safe, you may hire the interior decorator that will make the safe look like a wall it is made into. They’re much bigger than any other gun safes and catering to issue of the space as the things you can think about while you think of investing in the gun safe. For best user experience, you will have to select the wall safe you may access (or unlock) as fast as possible without even compromising the safety and intended security given by under bed gun safe. Common sense must be exercised with the location of the under bed gun safe. That particularly applies to the manner that you may seek to conceal the under bed gun safe. In the practical situations, you may need some immediate access to contents of the wall under bed gun safe, thus you must not obscure the passage in under bed gun safe with the items like massive paintings, and something that still stays the common practice.

Sentry Safe Quick Pistol Safe Model

Here is the affordable option for people who want the sturdy essential safety, all along with the rapid accessibility, from the bedside under bed gun safe: Biometric Access Pistol under bed gun safe is made from the thick steel, as well as packs the biometric lock, which will get programmed to open just to the fingerprint. This 12 gauge of steel construction is the remarkable feature for the price in which the under bed gun safe ships, as well as provides outstanding structural integrity as well as burglar proofing in the conjunction with pry resistant door. At situations where you want instant and discreet access to the firearm, biometric lock, and combined with safe’s compression gas come in very handy: safe opens without the sound, so intruder is not alerted when you prep for the self-defense. There is the standard electronic keypad (or noiseless) combination mechanism to open the lock which can be very useful if you wanted to offer somebody else access it without any need to be present. I liked keys that were more tactile though, as present ones do not allow you enter combination very fast. The word of warning: the biometric under bed gun storage has got trouble in working with the dirty and faded fingerprints; this one is no exception: and there are many complaints of biometric mechanism that fail to recognize owner’s prints after many continuous attempts. Moreover, safe drains batteries very fast, so you might have to stock up at some best quality Energizers! Safe does generally come with a 1-year warranty although, you have got a lot of time and try this out or get this replaced when it develops the flaw with under bed gun storage.


  • Biometric system gives rapid and noiseless access safe contents.
  • Best core strength.
  • Affordably priced.
  • One year warranty.
  • Electronic combination mechanism also serves as the backup.


  • Safe drains batteries fast.
  • The keypad does not support fast combination entry.
  • Biometric lock might fail for some individuals.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

SV500 SpeedVault is the low profile still dependable bedside safes I have come across for under bed rifle safe: and made out of the arguably thin layer 18gauge steel, this nevertheless manages and impress thanks to the high strength lock, and multiple mounting choices with stylish design. High-strength locking makes safe invulnerable to the hand tool that based pry attacks, while 18gauge steel body will be putting. You have to remember that you will be positioning the safe next to the bed, and where it will be impractical as well as improbable for the burglar to break this via the power tool! Speaking of positioning, safe will get mounted in many orientations, so you may set this up in the manner that gives you greatest accessibility; actually, you can even mount this horizontally under the bed if you ever wanted to! Interior is also lined with the soft foam that will minimize rattling as well as prevent scratching and bumping. There is the white light made in the interior that will activate when you open this safe – and depending on the situation, this can be the asset or the liability! The under bed rifle safe incorporates the fast access electronic mechanism, which runs on the single 9V battery that is very standard fare. You will get some of the override keys if there is electronic mechanism fails: it is the good thing, and considering that the battery drainage is a chief issue linked with the under bed rifle safe. Also, SV500 emits the mechanical whine every time you lock and unlock it that is detracting from the general aura of the understated utility as well as discretion. Despite the remarkably low price, the under bed rifle safe comes with the 5year warranty for the fire as well as theft from the manufacturer that is, well above the industry standard for the higher cost offerings.


  • High strength and pry-resistant lock foil the burglary attempts.
  • Economically priced.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Low profile style with the multiple mounting positions.


  • The under bed rifle safe battery runs rapidly.
  • Noisy locking and unlocking.
  • 18GA construction will not stand against any power tools, but an unlikely attempt.


Like with all other kinds of the gun safes, selecting the right one for the bedside is the matter of the individual needs above anything else. Suppose you want the safe for the protection against any burglary, you can go for one the thicker gauge construction as well as a strong lock. For people who just want to block the kids’ access to the handgun, the cheaper electronic safe can do fine. But, the requirement that actually holds totally true for all the bedside gun safes will be the rapid as well as convenient access. Suppose the safe manages to combine that with the robust construction as well as reasonable pricing, this can be very useful to a greatest segment of the handgun owners.