Who Makes The Best Gun Safe?

All very often, I hear some stories about the people who tuck the guns away in the closets and under the beds just to come after the vacation or day at work and find that the home is burglarized and the guns are gone so want to know who makes the best gun safe. Suppose you think that you have hidden well, then you must think again as burglars know common places that the people hide their guns and they may look for them and destroy a home in the process. The gun safes make the process difficult for the burglars, so to know who makes the best gun safe, you can purchase the right gun safe. Apart from the burglaries, the gun safes protect you against the fire damage for the reasonable duration. At 2015, more than 500,000 structural of fires occurred in the United States, you do not know when one might occur in the house. Do you know who makes the best gun safe?

Best Sized For Firearm

The first thing you have to consider while purchasing the gun safe is the size. Does it fit your needs? You must start just by adding how many guns you own and then how many of guns you plan to buy in near future. You have to make sure the safe has the capacity to hold this all but do you know who makes the best gun safe that fits your needs? You have to think where in the house that safe can go because of the gun safes for the long guns, like rifles, are very large and tough to move (one of the benefits if burglar breaks though), thus you must ensure you have space at whichever size you select. But, suppose you need safe for the pistols, it must be simple to find a place to put this as these safes are smaller and you have o find out who makes the best gun safe for one gun or pistol.

Verifi Smart Safe Access Biometric Safe and FBI Fingerprint Sensor

This handgun safe is recommended as first of all, this features biometric lock style that provides the fast and simple access to the handgun and other valuable, which you have stored in the safe. In the case of the emergency, biometric lock gives you the faster access to the firearm compared to the combination lock safe. The handgun safe has a lot of unique features that are just unavoidable. Suppose you plan to buy handgun safe then it is one best safe ever. To buy the best gun safe you have to find out who makes the best gun safes for your needs.


  • It gives you the fast access with a single touch as it’s biometric
  • The safe is secure and solid
  • The safe features NiteLite so you may see inside safe & go through at night without even disturbing anyone
  • This locks automatically while you close the door which is one plus
  • Many people can use the safe
  • You may have total access to the safe


  • This product does not give proper assembling instruction.

Steelwater Extreme Duty22 Long Gun Protection for over 120 Minutes

Steelwater Extreme Duty is the great option with a lot of security measures as well as can be bought on Amazon for just $1,695.00. You get a lifetime warranty against the burglary and the fires. So do you know what is the best gun safe?


  • Although the safe holds over 22 guns, the Steelwater offers some options that will hold 39 & 45 guns that are part of the Extreme Duty series safes, thus you do not need to sacrifice the gun capacity for the safe security
  • As an only option on the list with 9gauge steel, Steelwater Extreme safe is made to hold against burglars that may be what you are searching for
  • The safe has 2 hours of the fire protection at over 1875°F. IT is great in case you are worried about a fire breaking out
  • The door has added ¼inch still plate that gives you protection if somebody is breaking in
  • Safe uses UL Listed Group two combination lock that means it is nicely tested
  • The safe has drill resistant plate to protect lock & mechanisms to get tampered with. It is the common method for the burglars to break in safe, thus you may want added protection

Steelwater Extreme safe has also added security and features that other options on the list do not offer, however you need to be keen to pay for that, do you know what is the best gun safe?


  • The safe doesn’t have an organizer on inside of the door that will be beneficial in case you wanted more of storage space.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Quick Access Pistol Security Box

Suppose you only need the handgun safe, Stealth Handgun Hanger is the great option that is purchased on Amazon only $129.99. The Stealth offers you a 1-year warranty with the safe.


  • This holds up to 5 handguns with 3 of them at the position where they’re ready to get pulled out as well as used. IT can allow you simple access if somebody breaks in the house when you’re home.
  • Not just you can bolt the safe down, but this comes with security cable can help keep somebody from running off with so do you know what is the best gun safe?.
  • Safe uses the electronic keypad, and it offers a manual key option when the battery dies or keypad is not working properly.
  • Inside of safe is also lined with the foam that will prevent the handguns from being scratched.
  • Safe has the red light inside that is the best feature if you want to remove gun in the dark room.


  • The safe just uses 14gauge steel, thus it is very susceptible to the damage. You may want something much stronger, but that can be tough to find with the traditional handgun safe.