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SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Review

Today, many will choose to have a firearm such as a pistol as a form of personal protection and safety. Despite this, the storage of such weaponry is not often considered. With risks ranging from theft to accidental discharge of a firearm, this is of utmost importance.

In 2021, there were 495 incidental cases of accidental firearm deaths within the United States of America, further emphasizing why many should choose a firearm safe when transporting/storing their weapons.

This review will aim to consider the functionality, features, pros, and cons of the SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe to see if it is a suitable gun safe for your needs. We will also give you a worthy alternative if the SOULYI option isn’t what you were hoping for. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what it has on offer.

SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe for 4 Pistols Review

SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Review

The primary aim outlined by the producers of the SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe is for the safety of the user and others from accidental discharge of a handheld firearm. It is made from solid steel materials, ensuring no one can gain access to your safe and guns.

Not only do you have the option of using the biometric lock, you can also set a password with 3 to 8 digits for backup access. The best part about this safe is that the compact size allows you to install it safely in your bedroom, study, office, basement, or any other location you would like easy and quick access to your firearms in an emergency.

Who Is This Product For?

This SOULYI biometric gun safe is aimed at responsible adults who wish to protect and safety net themselves, their loved ones, their employees, and others from accidental access to and discharge from their handheld firearms which are stored in their home or office.

The SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe can store between 1-4 regular handheld firearms (around the size of a standard ‘Glock’ pistol). It is DOJ certified to protect the user from the discharge of 9mm bullets providing the gun is no thicker than 2.76 inches.

What’s Included?

The SOULYI Gun Safe does not come with any handheld guns, and only the ‘safe’ box is included. The biometric scanner is attached to the box, and there are no additional components to this item.

Overview of Features

The gun safe comes in two primary colors, matte black and pink, depending on personal preference. The diameters of the box are 14×10.6×3.2 (inches), meaning it is simple to store and easy to keep out of sight and reach of those not intended to see/use the gun safe.

Despite its small size, the gun safe can easily fit four regular-sized ‘Glock’ style pistols. This allows the safe storage of multiple firearms within one easy, safe/box.

The safe’s locking mechanism uses biometrics to remain secure from anyone other than the intended user. Using a 650 dot per inch biometric scanner for fingerprints, the high resolution assures that the safe should read your own fingerprint successfully and not mistakenly open for others.

The gun safe is made from specialized hardened steel, which has been tested and proven to be able to withstand the discharge of a regular 9mm bullet. This means that the safety of the user is not risked by using this item, as the guns stored within (even if they do fire accidentally) cannot shoot bullets that would reach the owner.

The gun safe is fitted with an alarm, so should a number of biometric logins be unsuccessful, or should the safe undergo attempted opening under force, a loud alarm will sound, notifying those around of possible theft or that an unauthorized person may have attempted to open the box; again safety netting the user from both theft and unwanted discharge of the firearms.

The product is DOJ (Department of Justice)-certified for the safe storage and transportation of firearms. This is not a legal requirement for storage safes/boxes to have and further emphasizes the quality and safety that the SOULYI Biometric gun safe has.

How to Use It

The gun safe is very simplistic to use. The first step once receiving your gun safe is to set your biometric password (i.e., scan your fingerprint onto the machine’s reader).

Once you have set this, use your chosen finger/thumb to open the safe and place your chosen firearms within the safe. Close the safe, and it will ‘auto-lock’ and be ready to store away out of sight.


  • Can fit four regular-sized ‘Glock’ pistols
  • Hardened steel perimeter can withstand the discharge of a regular bullet
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner – only intended user has access to the safe
  • 14 x 10.6 x 3.2 (inches) dimensions means easy storage
  • Is DOJ certified
  • Has an alarm sensor fitted into the safe


  • Expensive
  • Color choices are limited exclusively to matte black and pink


There are plenty of options to consider on the market other than just the SOULYI biometric gun safe for four pistols.

One of the best alternative options is the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols. It is very stable and versatile, giving you peace of mind. This safe has mute mode, so there are no sounds when accessing the safe.

You can safely store 2 standard handguns in this unit. Plus, you can mount this safe in your office, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home. The only downside is that it can’t store 4 guns, but if you can work with this, you will be happy with this safe.


The SOULYI biometric gun safe for four pistols can be a good purchase for the safe storage of your handheld firearms.

Unlike many other options on the market, being DOJ certified sets this product apart and ensures the safety of the user from accidental discharge of the weapons.

Despite the potentially high price, the clear emphasis that SOULYI have placed on safety really does make this a good purchase for those considering the purchase of a gun safe for their handheld firearms.

RPNB Multifunction 4-Pistol Gun Safe Review

Many people choose to invest in a firearm to protect their homes, and when they do, there comes a whole slew of other accessories that need to be considered. One of the most important is a gun safe to keep their family safe and the guns out of the reach of people untrained to use them.

There are a wide range of different options, and if they have been researching them, they may have run across the RPNB Multifunction 4-Pistol Gun Safe. Below we will take a look at this model in-depth to help those looking for a gun safe for their home. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

RPNB Gun Safe 4-Pistol Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Gun Safe 4-Pistol Multifunction Gun Safe Review

This multifunctional gun safe is crafted using durable steel to make it a long-lasting option for those who invest in it. Along with this steel construction, it is finished with a black finish that is anti-corrosion, which only heightens the unit’s durability even more. The overall design includes a gas strut that creates an automatic quick opening of the door.

On the inside, it is designed with a four pistol foam rack that holds the gun in the draw position. This makes it quick access while still creating a heightened level of security for the pistols and the gun owners themselves. Upon opening, the interior has a lighting system so that the gun owner can easily see inside, making sure there is a limited risk for accidents.

Who is this Product for?

This gun safe is perfect for just about any gun owner, but there are always those that’ll get a little more use out of something like this. For those that are looking for solely security measures, the quick draw access makes this a perfect investment.

It’s also great for gun owners that have multiple pistols or multiple family members that have pistols they want to keep safe. The biometric entry and ease of setup are factors that could be an advantage for those unfamiliar with utilizing gun safes.

What’s Included?

When one purchases this gun save, they get the following in the box:

  • Gun safe
  • Two backup keys
  • Two mounting anchor bolts
  • Owner’s manual

Overview of Features

There are a lot of amazing features when one takes a deep look at this gun safe. Starting with a high capacity, the unit is crafted to be able to give the gun owner, it comes with a four pistol foam rack that can be removed which elevates the capacity of the unit. The foam pack allows for quick access to the pistols, as it is designed to leave the pistols in a draw position. For those gun owners that are not really looking for that, the ability to remove it is a great plus.

Quick access is key when it comes to gun safes, and the inclusion of the gas strut is a nice touch. This allows the lid to open gently but still gives the gun owner enough room to reach in. When the lid is open, the struts easily support the weight and allow for a 90-degree angle.

Maybe the best thing about this gun safe, though, is advanced biometric technology. It is crafted with the 500 DPI semiconductor biometric sensor. When it comes to that sensor’s memory storage, which can have up to 20 different fingerprints saved, it’s perfect for families. It offers accurate and quick access.

In order to make access even more simple and quick, the designers of this gun safe included an interior light. This will help with the visibility, so there is easy access to the guns stored within the safe. The light itself stays on for 30 seconds when the lid is open and then shuts itself off afterward.

Though some of the components may not be as durable as others, and there are some concerns about the size of the digits on the lock itself, overall, this is a great investment.

How to Use It

In order to really understand how to use this gun safe to its fullest, one has to understand how to program this multifunctional pistol safe. Though the unit comes with a user manual, it’s always best to see things done through a visual medium as well. For those looking for an easy-to-follow guide to programming this safe, one should definitely check out the following video.


  • A biometric scanner and immediate access mode
  • Built with premium-grade steel for improved durability
  • Ease of use thanks to the three-digit combination
  • Finished with high-density foam from heightened safety


  • Some components are not as durable as others
  • Issues with the visibility of the digits on the lock


For those that have vision impairments, the gun safe that is being reviewed may not be a great choice. Someone with this issue will want to find one that has more legible numbers, and the ONNAIS Gun Safe could be a good solution.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

Though it might not be able to house four pistols, it has a wealth of other features that make it a great option. This includes a quick access fingerprint system that is crafted with advanced biometric technology.

The overall construction is made of solid steel and finished with an anti-corrosion coating for better durability. This pistol safe is a great investment for any gun owner due to its highly portable nature and the use of a three-way access, making it quick to get in no matter the situation they are in.


The most important thing to gun owners is quick access when it comes to gun safes. After all, these safes are housing things that were invested in to secure their home and families. The use of high-quality materials in the RPNB Gun Safe helps with that and improves the durability of the unit. Though some have found the numbers to be small on the lock itself, the rest of the components make up for this and create a better value than many competitors.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

Many people look to add more security and safety to their homes by purchasing firearms and storing them. It definitely is not suggested for anyone to leave their gun lying around, and so in order to keep everything safe, many people invest in gun safes.

For a gun owner looking for a trustworthy and high-performance gun safe, they’ve probably run into biometric gun safes and a plethora of them. One of those is the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe. Below is an in-depth look at this model that we hope helps gun owners make an informed decision.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review


This gun safe is a customized version crafted with a few special features. One is ensured that it is crafted for ultimate safety from the special lid to the added security via the two screw mounts and heavy steel cable. The body itself is designed using solid steel construction and finished for extra durability with an anti-corrosion coating.

This unit is designed to house two regular-sized pistols or several smaller items if you’re just using it for security reasons. Inside it is padded with a soft foam to help protect the safe from damage. This overall design means that it is a high-quality option for many different types of gun owners.

Who is this product for?

Though this unit can be just as beneficial for those looking for home storage, it shines the most because it is compact and easy to transport. This means that for gun owners headed out into the great outdoors, it could be a wonderful investment.

All of the features and the large capacity make it a great option, but what really makes it stand out, especially for gun owners looking to use it as a gun safe for travel, is the solid steel construction. This means that it can stand the rigors and challenges of outdoor adventures.

What’s included?

When a gun owner purchases this gun safe, they will get the following in the box:

  • Safe
  • Two screw mounts
  • Heavy steel cable
  • Owner’s manual

Overview of Features

The safe has a wealth of different features that make it stand out. Perhaps the biggest thing when it comes to the safety and security of firearms in one’s home is the biometric locks and features attached to them. This safe is crafted with a quick access fingerprint technology that allows the gun owner to get into their safe and grab their firearm within seconds.

The safe is crafted to have a large memory capacity of up to 30 fingerprints along with this technology. This means that it is a perfect option for families because multiple members of the family could have their fingerprints stored for easy access. Along with this, it is a three-access point safe which means there is also the ability to use a keypad and keys.

Another great feature is the inclusion of something called the mute mode. This allows a gun owner to activate a silent system so that they will not disturb others or signal to unwanted intruders in one’s home, not alerting them to the fact that the gun owner is getting into their safe. On top of that, it is easily mounted via either the steel cable or the mounting screws so that any gun owner can securely mount it and keep it even safer.

Though it does not hold more than two pistols, and some feel that the price is a little steep, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. This gun safe is outfitted for optimal storage and security of firearms. All these features, coupled with the compact and easy transportable design, make it a great investment.

How to Use It

The best way to use and learn how to use any gun safe is to read the owner’s manual. By understanding how the biometric system works when it comes to saving fingerprints and understanding the rest of the features built into the system, the gun owner can be sure that they’re getting the most out of it.

For those that are more visual, the following video comes directly from the company itself and could be of great use.


  • Capable of storing up to 30 fingerprints
  • Design is created to be easily transported
  • Outfitted with three access points
  • The unit comes with a one year warranty


  • Not as large as other safe options
  • Some find the price to be a little steep


The capacity of the gun safe that has been being reviewed in this article is only two pistols. This may be a poor choice for those gun owners with more firearms that need to be stored away. For those gun owners, we have found an alternative that offers great durability and quick access but affords more space for multiple pistols.

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

This gun safe still offers a high capacity of storage when it comes to fingerprints. In fact, one can store up to 20 different fingerprints in it. Along with this, it also has a larger capacity and comes with a removable foam pack that allows one to store their guns in a quick draw position.

The unit itself is outfitted with a three-access point capability and an advanced biometric technology system. So it offers all of the great features of the product in this review but with more space.


Having a high-quality gun safe to protect the firearms in one’s home is a must. This unit offers a compact nature and high-level security, including a biometric keypad that can store a large number of fingerprints. Because of this and the high-quality material, it is definitely a good option for just about any gun owner.

Whether one is looking for a gun safe to protect their firearms in their home or while they’re out in the great outdoors, there are many great features attached to this biometric gun safe.

We certainly hope that this in-depth review of the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe has helped those gun owners out there looking for a high-quality safe in their decision-making process.

Younion Pistol Safe Review

Safety is key when looking at owning a gun. No matter if the gun owner is looking to improve security at home or while they are on the road investing in a high-quality pistol safe could be a good choice. But if gun owners are looking and doing the proper research, they have probably come across many different options.

Some with more advanced technologies, others with simpler ones and the choice is really up to them. One of the options that may have come across their screens is the Younion Pistol Safe, and below is an in-depth review of that model.

Younion Pistol Safe Review

Younion Pistol Safe Review

The pistol safe is crafted using high-grade premium 16 gauge steel. This makes the housing incredibly sturdy and able to stand up to just about anything. Along with the box itself, the gun owner will receive a heavy steel cable that helps secure the safe to fixtures and other items for improved levels of security.

The interior is protected with a foam that helps secure one pistol and protects the case from any potential damage. Overall, the unit is crafted in a compact nature, making it easy to transport and ideal for a few different type of gun owners.

Who is this product for?

Though we’re sure almost any gun owner could benefit from investing in this safe, it is really designed for those with limited firearms that need to be secured and those that love to travel. Its compact nature makes it easy to transport and store within the luggage, so it could be the best choice for those gun owners who like to head out on adventures.

What’s included?

If a gun owner invests in this pistol safe, they will find the following in the box:

  • Safe box
  • Steel cable
  • User’s manual

Overview of Features

There are many different gun safes out there that have higher grade technology than this unit. But that may be one of the best things about the gun safe itself. The unit is outfitted with a three-digit owner set combination system. This removes the need for special technology, unnecessary lighting, and the need for any keys.

When it comes to the unit’s interior, it is outfitted with a protective foam that helps keep the gun safe from damage and scratching. The unit also comes with a high-quality heavy steel cable that can create a stationary form of protection for one’s firearm.

All of those amazing but simple features are combined into a very compact safe. This gives it a high level of portability. These features, combined with the high-quality materials, give this unit a better value than many of its competitors, making it a great investment.

Even though this unit can’t be mounted to a wall and can only store one pistol, the simplistic design can be perfect for many different types of gun owners. Neither of these two disadvantages is enough to detract from the benefits one could take advantage of by purchasing this pistol safe.

How to Use It

The biggest thing about understanding how to use this gun safe is how to set the password. Below are the steps one will need to take to do this:

  • Start with the dials at 000 and then turn the button next to it to unlock the position. This will allow one to open the lid.
  • Once this is done, the gun owner should look at the backside and move the lock slot from position A to position B, allowing them to reset the password.
  • Then go back to the outside of the lid and set the dials to the password the gun owner wants.
  • Once this is done, go to the backside again and move the slot back to position A to lock the position.


  • Compact nature makes it very portable
  • Price versus value is better than the competition
  • Three-digit combination lock for easier use
  • Crafted with 16 gauge carbon steel


  • Not able to be mounted to a wall
  • Low capacity level of one pistol


Those with multiple guns may find the single pistol capacity a little limiting if the home has two guns or more. We have found a couple of alternatives that might be a good fit for them that still offer all the model’s great features and durability.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe

ONNAIS Gun Safe Review

This biometric gun safe is a great choice. It allows one to house two pistols and has a large capacity when it comes to fingerprint storage. The high-quality biometric technology gives it a leg up over a lot of its competitors.

This, combined with the premium-grade solid steel construction, gives it a level of durability that, like the model we have been reviewing, allows for a perfect option for those that like to do a little adventuring. On top of that, the gun owners have multiple access points, which could be another advantage over a plethora of other gun safes

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

When it comes to homes with more than two pistols to store in their gun safe, this multifunctional gun safe is a good alternative to the one being looked at in this article. Along with the high capacity, one will have the ability to store up to 20 different fingerprints, and this makes it a great choice for homes with multiple gun owners.

When stored, the guns are placed into a foam pack in a quickdraw position for easy access. Speaking of access, the unit offers three different methods: a biometric fingerprint, a keypad, and keys.


Gun owners know that guns are quite the investment, and though they may find it necessary to have one in their home, they don’t want them to be damaged or left out, causing a potential risk of danger. That’s why many of them invest in high-quality pistol safes like the one that has been looked at in this in-depth review.

This unit is a simply-designed compact pistol safe that offers features that make it easy to access and protect one’s firearms. We hope that this review has helped the gun owners out there looking for a high-quality option when it comes to pistol safes to make a decision that is right for them.

Best Gun Safe for Apartments

We keep guns in our homes for safety reasons. However, statistics show that these weapons accidentally kill or injure thousands of people every year. This is one of the reasons why some people don’t see the need to keep guns at home. For those of us who decide to keep them, it is crucial to ensure that it is stored safely and that you and your family understand the rules about handling the weapon. 

The safest way to store your gun is by keeping it unloaded and locked up in a secure gun safe. Here are some of the best gun safe for apartments, that guarantee you and your family’s safety. Keep reading to learn more. 

Gun Safe for Apartment Reviews

VAULTEK Secure Travel Case 

VAULTEK Secure Travel Case Review




Here is a new and improved VAULTEK gun case that you can easily fit in your suitcase and carry as you travel. This gun case is the ideal travel companion since it is lightweight, water-resistant, dustproof, airtight, and floats. 


The VAULTEK gun case fits almost all handguns and secures them using the built-in anti-impact latch locking system. After securing your essentials, lock the case using the available lock button. These dual compression latches seal the interior, creating airtight storage space and ensuring the case doesn’t open even when it falls. 

This portable gun case has a secure and reliable built-in lock system with anti-impact latch technology. The technology adds a security layer when you need it. You can unlock your VAULTEK travel case using the master code option or backup key access, which you can disable, preventing picking. 

You get a full-sized capacity and more refined and upgraded gun storage with the VAULTEK Secure Travel Case. It conveniently stores a removable interior tray that creates stackable storage. This space offers various slots to attach your weapon and its handling gear. 

The case has an advanced polymer construction, engineered to be lightweight and robust. It has been drop-tested and proved to be your ultimate lockbox. 

You’ll have to buy a 9V Alkaline battery to use the locking system conveniently. However, if the battery dies, you can still use it as a weather-resistant case. It is important to note that the package doesn’t include an alkaline battery. If your battery dies, a rubber keyhole at the front with a hidden micro-USB port under it allows you to charge the battery. 

VAULTEK designed this gun case to be ultra-lightweight to offer on-the-go protection. In addition, the product meets all the TSA guidelines and includes a steel security cable to keep your weapon secure every time. 


  • Two storage layers
  • Anti-impact latch 
  • Touch-activated keypad 
  • Backup manual access is available 


  • It doesn’t include the battery 

GunVault MicroVault Gun Safe 

GunVault MicroVault Review




Are you looking for a highly portable gun safe that offers quick access and superior safety? If yes, the GunVault MicroVault safe is your product. It offers security solutions and keeps your gun, valuables, and car electronics safe. 


One of the unique features of this resigned gun case is the illuminated keypad that makes it easy to open the safe in dark spaces. Other enhanced security features are integrated, such as its reinforced steel lip and the interior anti-pry tabs that prevent prying. You’ll also find a steel security cable that secures the gun safe. 

The gun safe has a spacious interior space that can easily accommodate two handguns and includes an in-lid storage pouch to keep small items and gear. Ensure that the safe contents stay locked up using the keypad technology or manual backup keys. A heavy-gauge steel frame covers the padded interior to ensure it stays put even when subjected to extreme conditions. 

You’ll love everything about this GunVault MicroVault safe, from its dimpled design to the various accessories. For instance, it has a low battery warning and audio tunes. These audio tunes notify you whenever anyone in the house accesses the firearms. There is, however, a silent access mode that mutes these tunes. 

The package also includes all the required mounting hardware. So there’s nothing to worry about in this versatile gun safe, a California DOJ-approved firearm case that meets the specified guidelines. Furthermore, the case has a 5-year warranty period. 

There are two ways to lock this gun safe, either using the finger keys or the manual backup codes. It is best to ensure that everything works as you receive your package, especially the finger keys and manual backup access. Ensure that you can quickly and conveniently use the case. 


  • Illuminated keypad 
  • In-lid extra storage space 
  • Precise fitting 
  • California DOJ approved 
  • 5-year warranty 


  • Backup keys don’t offer fast and convenient access. 

LANGGER V Biometric Slider Gun Case 

Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe for Nightstand

Here is an ideal slider gun case for your nightstand. This safe properly secures your handgun, prevents authorized access, and offers convenient gun access in the middle of the night. It also has a compact and unique design that allows it to fit in any space and blends in well with your nightstand. 


The Biometric Slider Gun safe has a slim vertical design that makes it easier to store your gun on your vehicle’s nightstand, desk, bookshelf, or confined space. Depending on the user’s preferences, it includes a mounting plate that allows various mounting configurations, either left, right or top-site. This mounting plate also allows quick removal by any authorized user. 

This gun case offers a high level of security thanks to its anti-theft hidden latch. In addition, the anti-impact latch ensures the safe stays put under impact. It also features a 16-gauge carbon steel casing with a durable and anti-corrosion finish. 

Its unique feature is the biometric sensor that can store up to 20 unique fingerprints. The high-resolution sensor captures fingerprint images and easily matches them in seconds for fast access. Apart from the sensor, you can either use the backup manual keys or PIN code to access your gun. 

Biometric Slider Gun Case beeps in case there’s an authorized access attempt. The case also beeps whenever a user enters the PIN code wrong three times. This acts as an excellent notification n whenever kids play or touch this safety tool. There is the option of turning off the beeps at night. 

There is more! The case interior features a foam pad that prevents shaking or movement inside. Feel free to customize and cut out the interior foam to ensure your handgun sits perfectly in the created space. This product comes with complete accessories, and you’ll find some pre-punched holes at the back and bottom to help you with the installation process. 

The gun safe is easy to use and program, as it takes less than five minutes to program your code and register fingerprints. However, it needs four AAA batteries to function, which are not included in the package. 


  • High-resolution biometric sensor 
  • Easy installation 
  • The unique slim vertical design 
  • Anti-theft hidden latch 
  • Unauthorized access beep 


  • Doesn’t include the AAA batteries. 

BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box 

BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box 




It’s time to ensure that your handgun stays safe with the BARSKA safe box. Unlike other safes, this classic case does not only keep your handgun but also provides extra room to store other valuables such as cash and gold. In addition, this case has reliable latching mechanisms that offer convenient access and keeps out unauthorized users. 


The fingerprint sensor installed on this device uses advanced technology to register fingerprints and grant user access. It uses an optical sensor that creates a bio algorithm of the fingerprint and stores the information in its memory. This same advanced technology is what reads fingerprints before unlocking the safe. 

BARSKA safe box is a safe built to last. It has solid steel walls and tamper-resistant edges that keep the inner contents safe. Furthermore, it has a carpeted interior that acts as a safety mat that prevents the valuables from getting scratched. 

Apart from Biometrics, the other way to access the safe is through a PIN code entry system. The PIN code keypad is located next to the fingerprint access. There are also two backup keys for recovery access. All the provided entry modes are safe, reliable, and inaccessible by unauthorized persons. 

Note that the biometric fingerprint sensor can store up to 30 fingerprints and retains only one pin code. 

Have you heard of the motorized deadbolt system? A unique technology is integrated into this gun safe to provide extra safety. The motorized system secures the locking system to prevent tampering that might affect the locking solenoids. 

After receiving the BARSKA security safe box package, installing it in the desired location takes a few minutes. This product comes with pre-drilled holes and required hardware for easy mounting on almost any surface. 

The biometric gun box requires 4 AA batteries to operate, and the good news is that they are included in the package. This product also has a limited 1-year warranty program for unsatisfied clients. 

Everything about this gun safe is top-notch apart from the fact that it is not convenient for storing precious and delicate valuables. The interior lacks any partitioning, meaning that there is a chance the safe components might collide. For instance, storing precious stones next to a gun may lead to scratches or cracks that comprise their value. 


  • Multiple and secure access methods 
  • Solid walls fitted with tamper-resistant edges 
  • Easy to mount 
  • Motorized deadbolts for added security 
  • Reliable biometric scanner


  • It lacks interior partitioning making it not the best choice for storing delicate valuables. 

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe  Review

The SanpSafe safe is much more versatile than other safes thanks to its wide slide-out drawer that easily accommodates handguns, shotguns, rifles, and other small firearms. It is also convenient for keeping valuables, important documents, and photos. This safe is compact and easily fits under your bed despite all these capabilities. 


The SnapSafe box utilizes space conveniently by offering a vast storage capacity for your valuables. It is superficially designed to be kept under the bed for easy access. However, its compact size allows you to have it in your car, bookshelves, or desk. 

This safe features a 140gauge heavy-duty steel construction that is impact and corrosion-resistant. The robust construction works together with the pry-resistant door to prevent unauthorized access. 

It is important to note that there is only one way to open the SnapSafe gun safe. A digital lock is in place that requires every user to input the registered 3-8 code before approving any access. This is a great way to keep children out if they ever get hold of the box.

You don’t need special skills or tools to install your unit. The box comes with pre-drilled holes ready for permanent installation. In addition, the package includes a commercial-grade cable, 5-foot long, to offer extra security support when anchored to any firm stationary object. 

This is ideal for renters who want to avoid installing the safe permanently. It is also an excellent in-vehicle use option. 

SnapSafe gun box makes an audible sound when someone tries to input the access code. This might be an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that the sounds notify you when kids and other people try to access it, and the disadvantage is that the sounds might be unnecessary if there’s an intruder in the room. Another disadvantage is that it has only one access method. It will be challenging to forget the PIN code since there are no manual recovery keys or access. 


  • Space-saving design 
  • 14-gauge steel construction plus pry-resistant door design 
  • Easy to install 
  • It fits shotguns, rifles, and jewelry


  • Immutable key-in sounds 
  • Only one access method 

Final Verdict

Guns are helpful safety tools as long as they are in safe hands. However, the damage that kids and teens can cause is imaginable if they accidentally get access to a gun. Keeping you and your family safe is vital by keeping these weapons safe and locked up. This review highlights five of the best gun safes ideal for any apartment. These options ensure maximum security and offer easy gun access anytime. 

Best Drawer Gun Safe

When looking to purchase a drawer gun, there are many things to contemplate, but convenience is what is considered the most for many people. Drawer gun safes come with compact designs that are easy to mount in tight places, for example, in a cabinet or even in your car.

Since they are small, you can quickly get to them in an emergency. With this in mind, we will look at and list the best drawer gun safes. Hopefully, this will help you make a choice and pick a drawer safe that suits you and will work for you.

Drawer Gun Safe Reviews

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe

V-Line Security Safe





The V-Line Security Safe is a heavy-duty security safe that is also multipurpose; it constitutes steel with a rugged tactical black powder coating. The ball bearings support the slides on the large pullout to ensure smooth operation. It can hold two 1911 firearms and an iPad while leaving room to spare for the magazines.

The V-Line Security Safe can fit in a small area underneath your desktop or any table, just as long as at least 4.25 inches of clearance. The safe comes with mounting brackets that support both the top and bottom mounting. You also have the option of half trays or even complete if you want to store small valuables such as jewelry.

This safe gun drawer comes in a semi-flat black color; it weighs 22 pounds and has a chamber width of 25 inches. It uses a combination to open.


If you are looking for a smart, safe, and easy to get to drawer gun, this might just be it. The large capacity pullout drawer is something to consider. It comes in at 11.5″ d x 8.75″ w x 2.5″ h; this comes with foam layers that protect your valuables. The drawer’s face and shell outside constitute tough steel.

The top layer is ¾”, which means you can customize it for your valuables or the handgun. It is fitted with sliders over 100+lbs and is heavy-duty for smooth operation. It also comes with a unique SIMPLEX mechanical pushbutton lock that the user can program.

The safe does not use batteries, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them or them dying. It also works with under-counter monitoring; you can mount it on top or underneath the cabinet. You can even mount it in vehicles as long as there is ample space for the slide-way.

In addition to these amazing features, the V-Line Security Safe is CA DOJ-approved, making it a worthy choice. It also does not require batteries as other gun safes do.

The only problem with this safe is that you could crack it open with enough combination tries if given enough time.


  • It is versatile
  • Comes with a large capacity
  • Sturdy, strong, and safe exterior
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • No batteries required


  • If given plenty of time, you can gain access to this safe

BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe, Slide-Away

BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe

This safe gives you easy access to your documents, firearms, or valuables, courtesy of a biometric finger scanner, a rapid backlit keypad, or a spare key. If you are more interested in getting to your fast always or are looking for a safe that will be exclusively for emergencies, we would recommend this one. It has an anti-theft alarm, the lock type is electronic, and has a chamber depth, height, and width of 7.4, 2.8, and 13.5 inches, respectively.


The BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe has a rugged and tough exterior that consists of solid steel wall construction. It has an internal safety bracket and built-in hinge lines to prevent intruders from breaking in. In addition, it has a durable coating powder finish to prevent it from rusting and ensures it keeps anything inside safe for a very long time.

Overall exterior dimensions are 13.5″ W x 11.2″ D x 3.7″ H. It offers you a large capacity; you can store up to 2 firearms and a couple of magazines.

To access it is easy in the event of an emergency; you only need a fingerprint, specifically a pre-determined fingerprint. It will give you extra-fast access to your safe. You can use multiple fingerprints; the limit is 20 individual fingerprints. It is something to have at the back of your mind if you have other friends or family members you would like to access the safe in an emergency. It has a touch lifetime of up to 1000,000 times hence quite durable.

The drawer has a safety feature wherein case someone tries to open your safe and gives the wrong pin or unauthorized fingerprint three times, the safe will beep to cause an alarm.

If it is at night and you want to access your box, you can use the backlit keypad fast. In addition, this safe gives you the option of setting it to silent mode. Such functions come in handy, especially at night or in low light scenarios when an intruder is present; you can quickly access your safe.

The only problem we saw with this safe is the limited mounting issue where you have to leave around 3 inches of free space at the rear to allow you to use your keys in case you cannot use the fingerprint.


  • Quick, easy access
  • Convenient features such as silent mode
  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Multiple options for access


  • Mounting options are not flexible

BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

This gun drawer safe is sturdy and comes with portable capacity and weight. It is small compared to other safes, but it is large on the inside. It is capable of handling two pistols and magazines or one large handgun. The lock type used is electronic and has an anti-theft alarm. The general material used to make this safe is alloy steel.


This drawer comes in with safe dimensions of 11.8″ x 10″ x 2.4″ exterior and 11.4″ x 7.1″ x 2″ interior. It weighs around 8.2 pounds. This safe has quick access biometric capabilities. You can get to your valuables or firearm high-speed, courtesy of the rapid, efficient fingerprint scanner. It is hard to get into without proper authorization. When using the fingerprint scanner, ensure that your hands are clean and dry, as wet or smudgy hands can sometimes be rejected.

The exterior consists of rugged steel, meaning it is impenetrable. The body and hinges are fully metal to prevent break-ins. In addition to this, there are locking mechanisms to ensure whatever you store inside is secure. It also gives you a pin code and key access options.

The safe has a six-digit keypad that gives you 67950 combination options instead of the four-digit keypad safe that gives you 256. The fingerprint is pretty reliable and quick; it uses the latest high-resolution semi-conductor. This safe can hold up to 20 individuals’ fingerprints.

However, even though the fingerprint works well, it is not 100% consistent. This is something to keep in mind.

In a low-light scenario, this safe will suit you well. It comes equipped with a backlit keypad which means if you want to get to your box in the dark, you can easily access it. Also, if someone tries to get into your safe, it will beep. It will be triggered if someone’s fingerprint is not recognized in three tries or through the pin code.

The silent mode is another feature worth mentioning; you can set your safe in silent mode. So in case an intruder gets into your home, or when you don’t want to bother other people in the room, you can set it to silent mode and open and close it without any sound.


  • Efficient fingerprint scanner
  • Works well in low light
  • It has a well-built exterior
  • The 6-digit keypad makes it even safer
  • It has an efficient alarm system


  • The fingerprint scanner is reliable but lacks consistency

BARSKA Portable Security Desk Drawer Safe

BARSKA Portable Security Desk Drawer Safe




This safe comes with a solid steel design that keeps away intruders. However, the steel design does not contribute to the weight; it is light for a safe. Therefore, you can easily transport it. The inside comes with a soft floor mat to accommodate whatever you want to store.


The BARSKA Top Open Security Desk Drawer Safe also includes a removable tethering cable. It comes in black, and the lock type used is a keypad to open. The safe majorly constitutes alloy steel.

This safe weighs 14.82 pounds. It has dimensions of 17.5″ x 12.5″ x 5″. To get inside this safe, you need to enter a custom PIN on the keypad. It also comes with emergency backup keys. The box is designed indoors and works great for keeping firearms, cash, jewelry, or laptops. It is sturdy and safe; it is hard to get into without a pin.

Overall it is well packaged, and the firm alloy steel surfaces look great. It comes with a black finish that makes it look elegant.

However, there are a few issues with this safe; if you are looking for a safe that will allow for stealth, you might want to skip this one. The beeps are too loud; you can hear them across a room.

Even though the safe is well-built with enough force and muscle, you could get into this safe as it is not as secure as the other ones.


  • It is light and portable
  • You get a free soft floor mat for the interior
  • Comes with a steel removable tethering cable
  • Has an elegant design
  • Sturdy build


  • The beeps are too loud

Gun Safes for Pistols Biometric Drawer

Gun Safes for Pistols

This safe can be relied upon to keep your documents safe regarding reliability. It has one-touch biometric capabilities. So the fingerprint is pretty reliable. It can also fit under other furniture such as the table, bed, or office desk. The lock type used is electronic, has a chamber width of 11 inches, and is waterproof.


This safe weighs 8.18 pounds; the dimensions are 15.55″ x 12.52 x 3.9 “. The material used constitutes mainly alloy steel. It has a sturdy and rugged build to it which ensures its durability. This Safe has biometric capabilities. The fingerprint scanner can hold up to 20 fingerprints.

However, the fingerprints on this gun safe are not reliable as, at times, they may recognize even fingerprints that are not authorized; this happens occasionally but not all the time. Additionally, your hands might not work if they are wet, ensure that they are dry when using the fingerprint scanner.

The bio-fingerprint safe comes with a reliable steel structure that is corrosion-resistant. Due to this, it is possible to have it in any indoor space. It comes with high strength and a solid structure; the slide-away safe can store your firearms, documents, jewelry, etc.

The 100% steel walls and tamper-proof inner edges make it a viable option. It fits very well under a desk or a bed. Opening and closing it is pretty pleasant as the drawer slides so smoothly; it is steel hence safe and durable.

The boxes are easy to install and are portable; the box comes with four holes at the top. It has three silent steel balls that prevent the drawer from slipping out. The box gets power from 3 AA alkaline batteries which do not come with the safe. It also has convenient USB charging, which is convenient and has strong versatility. The USB can connect to a USB power bank, a 5V charger, or a computer.


  • Sturdy, rugged build
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Efficient USB charging
  • It can accommodate multiple things, firearms, jewelry, etc.
  • Small hence can easily fit under typical household furniture


  • Fingerprint reader tends to be unreliable sometimes


These are some of the best drawer gun safes out there. We recommend going for the BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe. It is the most secure one. However, if you would like an aesthetically pleasing safe that you can use to store your jewelry or firearms at home, the V-Line Security Safe is the one to get.

The BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe is perfect if you want a safe exclusively for an emergency as they have the silent feature and a backlit keypad. The BARSKA Desk Drawer Safe is the one to get for your car, given its portable and even boats, because it is waterproof. It is up to you to decide which one will suit your needs. Eventually, it all narrows down to your specific needs.

Where to Mount a Pistol Safe

So, you’ve got your hands on a shiny new pistol safe and you’re excited to start storing all of your valuables, including your firearms, safely in your house. But now comes the problem of figuring out where exactly to mount your safe.

If you’re facing this dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best places to mount your new pistol safe that will provide you with as much protection as possible.

Read on for more information about where to mount pistol safe units in your home or office to ensure that they are in the safest (no pun intended) possible position. Let’s get right to it!

Open safe door with gun and bullets

What Makes a Good Safe Spot

There are a few key elements that you should keep in mind when choosing where you mount your gun safe. Here are the important things you should consider when you are selecting a suitable safe mounting position.

Ease of Access

Making sure that your safe is well-concealed is all well and good, but if you want to be able to get into its contents quickly and reliably, you are going to need to mount the safe somewhere where you can access it easily. If you’ve got it tucked away at the back of a cupboard in the kitchen, when you need it in your bedroom, then hiding it in the kitchen is the wrong choice.

The bedroom is generally the best place to keep your safe. If an intruder tries to break into your home in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to access your firearm the moment you wake up, rather than going to another room to get it.


Walk into the room where you plan on putting your safe. Can you see the safe when you walk into that room and have a quick look around? If not, then you’ve concealed the safe well. By hiding your safe well, you will significantly reduce the chances of it being found by an intruder.

The best places to conceal your pistol safe include your bedroom drawer, a nightstand, cupboards, and a wardrobe.

Storing Multiple Firearms

The kind of firearms you want to store in your home will influence where you decide to place your safe. If you have invested in separate safes for your rifles and pistols, then your smaller pistol safe will generally be best placed inside a compact space, such as a nightstand.

When it comes to rifle safes, you’re going to be reasonably limited on space, but they will usually fit within a wardrobe. If you’ve got a walk-in closet, then hiding it behind a row of coats or dresses works really well for both concealment and ease of access – it’ll be difficult for intruders to spot but easy for you to access.

handgun and bullets

Mounting Your Pistol Safe

If you are using a small gun safe to store your pistols and rifles, the best practice is always to mount it to some kind of surface, whether you bolt it or screw it down. The average man can carry a 40-pound safe out of your house and into a car, so if you haven’t secured your safe down in some way, then it is far more likely to get stolen.

It’s also fairly common for thieves to just take the whole unit with the valuables inside so that they can work on breaking into the safe when they aren’t in your home. Most safes come with pre-drilled holes, and if your pistol safe is going to be a permanent fixture in your home, these holes are essential.

You’ll usually find them at the bottom of the safe, but some units have them drilled into the side for attachment to walls. When preparing to bolt your unit down, the best practice is to put the safe in the position that you plan to keep it, then mark the holes on the wall. That way, when you drill the holes, they will align perfectly when you put screws or bolts in while also mitigating any potential human error.

You can use either screws or bolts for this process, depending on what you’re attaching the safe to. Your safe might come with a set of tools, but these are generally quite sub-par, so we recommend getting your hands on another robust set.

What’s the Ideal Location for a Pistol Safe?

When it comes to pistol safes or any safes for that matter, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind, including fire risk, solid securing surfaces, and ease of removal. The best place for some of your larger home safes includes a room with at least a step-down access and that has concrete floors to provide total protection against removal.

When you store your safe in a room with at least one step, removing a larger safe model becomes significantly more challenging. Rolling a safe is relatively easy once the unit has been tipped on its side, and a motivated intruder can remove even a 1000-pound safe from your home if the thieves can get it onto a set of rolling wheels.

However, this is nearly impossible when you’ve got your safe in a room with at least one step in it. As for smaller pistol safes, there’s no safer place to store them than inside your room. Your nightstand is probably the best place since you’ll have easy access and also an element of concealment if you mount it below the stand. Otherwise, underneath your bed is a good option.

Wrapping Up

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to mounting your pistol safe in your home. For us, the best place is always in or underneath your nightstand, but mounting your pistol safe anywhere in your bedroom will ensure that you’ve got easy access and that you’ll always know exactly where it is. Stay safe!

Are Gun Safes Airtight

Gun safes exist to keep your firearms safe and away from people you don’t want to access. So, it makes sense to assume that they would be airtight because that would mean that they’re also as secure as possible, right?

While this certainly isn’t flawed logic, the truth is gun safes are not airtight. And in this article, we’ll be looking at why exactly they aren’t airtight and some other safety concerns you should look for in your gun safe.

Read on for more information about whether or not gun safes are airtight. Let’s get right to it to find out!

woman opened safe

Why Gun Safes Are Not Airtight

There is a straightforward reason why gun safes are not airtight, and it has to do with the fact that there are holes throughout the safe – holes that serve an essential purpose. They allow for some airflow throughout the safe as air moves in and out of the safe through the holes.

This also means that the safe is not waterproof and is partly why most safes are not fireproof. But there is more to it than this.

Where are these holes?

Considering that gun safes are no more than giant steel boxes, it’s pretty surprising just how many holes there are in them. Here are some of the main areas where you’ll find holes in your gun safe.

Bolt-down holes – This is not a central place for air to escape since most gun safes are bolted to the ground. However, bolt-down holes can be found on pretty much every safe in the world.

Door seam – This is a pretty obvious place and the main area where air passes in and out of the safe. However, there is a way to test how much air is escaping through your safe’s door seam. If it takes a while for the door to close, and you have to push on the door to close it completely, then it’s relatively airtight. However, it’s not very airtight if it closes with a clunk.

Dehumidifier hole – A dehumidifier hole exists due to how little airflow there is on a gun safe, despite how many holes there are. Because of this lack of airflow, humidity in the air will settle down onto anything you’re storing in the safe. But with a dehumidifier, the safe’s interior will stay warm enough that humidity won’t settle onto your essential belongings.

Wall mounting hole – This hole doesn’t exist on many safes, and the safes that do have it are usually ones found in cabinets. Wall mount holes are found at the top back of the safe and are there to bolt into the studs of a wall. This will prevent the safe from falling forward.

What to Look For in a Gun Safe

It would be best to look for a few things when you are on the hunt for a new gun safe. Here are some of the essential features.


It’s all well and good to have a high-quality lock, to begin with, but even the best gun safe locks on the planet can be defeated if a thief is determined enough. This is why it is crucial to invest in a relocker.

Essentially, a relocker is a fail-safe measurement that engages in the event that your gun safe’s lock has been compromised. If your lock is destroyed, the relocker will kick into gear and keep the safe locked so that, even if the intruder completely removes the lock, the bolts or bars of the safe will not disengage.

You’ll find two lockers on the market: internal relockers and external relockers. Ideally, your safe will have both, but you should never consider a safe that doesn’t have either.

UL-Listed Locks

As we mentioned earlier, the lock is the core of your gun safe and you’re going to need a good one if you want to keep intruders away. The best locks on the market are those with a UL listing, which means that they have been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

UL is an organization regarded as the gold standard for reliability and safety testing. These locks meet the rigorous requirements that the company sets out and will be able to keep your firearms and other valuables safe.

Safety box in hotel room.


If you’re like most people, you didn’t buy a gun safe just to protect your firearms from thieves. Another primary reason to purchase a gun safe for your home is to protect your other valuables in the event of a fire, so you might want to consider a safe that has fireboarding.

Fireboard layers are installed on the door, floor, walls, and ceiling of the safe, and the more layers, the more protected your gun safe will be against fire. Be wary, though – unlike locks, there is no UL testing process or standard system for testing fire ratings.

As such, several brands will exaggerate their fire ratings to make their safes seem, well, safer. They might list a temperature resistance or fire resistance time that their safe cannot withstand.

Multi-directional Protection

The most basic safe designs only feature locking bars or bolts at the side of the door, opposite the hinges. If an intruder can pry the door past these initial bars or bolts, they’ll have total access to your safe.

More advanced safe designed feature bolts on the top and bottom, which provides them with further protection against pry attacks. The best designs will also feature bolts on the hinge side, which provides protection for that side.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see from the information, gun safes aren’t airtight and there is a good reason for this too. It is vital that your firearms and ammunition have a safe space to be stored that has healthy airflow so moisture does not build up. Ensure that the safe you purchase has good ventilation to avoid problems with rust, corrosion, and safety issues that could come from a stuffy, moist gun safe.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe Review

Whether you’re a new pistol owner or someone who’s been an avid gun lover for ages, having a high-quality handgun safe is crucial. You want to ensure that the safety of this weapon is always on your mind, and because it is such a critical necessity, there is a wide range of options. From a more traditional model to a higher-tech model, there is a wealth of options available to you, and if you’re on the market looking for them, you may have run across the Fort Knox FTK-PB pistol safe.

If you have and are wondering if it is worth the investment, keep reading because we will take an in-depth look at this model to see the advantages and disadvantages of spending your hard-earned money on it. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what it has on offer.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

handgun safe




This handgun safe is crafted using 10 gauge steel and topped with a door designed in the wrap-around style that makes it difficult for anyone to break into. Along with this, the unit is designed with a hinge that is heavy-duty and unable to be tampered with, elevating the contents’ security even further.

The gas strut utilized in the heavy door makes it easy to open and creates a one-handed operation capability that helps in emergencies. The lock itself is a reliable mechanical lock. The entire safe build is designed to accommodate one to two pistols, perfect for many gun owners.

Who is this product for?

There are a lot of great features in this exceptional, simply-designed gun safe. Because of this, many gun owners will benefit from investing in it. However, there are a couple that might benefit more. The first is a gun owner that is working with a tight budget. This simple safe is quite budget-friendly because of the lack of all the high-tech features of some other gun safes.

Along with that, because of this simplistic design, for first-time gun owners who may be looking to expand and purchase another weapon, the size of the safe is perfect for them.

What’s included?

When you purchase this handgun safe, you will get the following in the box:

  • Handgun safe
  • User’s manual

Overview of Features

When you look at the features of this handgun safe, the word simple comes to mind. But just because it is simply designed doesn’t mean these features aren’t high quality and performing. The first thing most look at with a handgun safe is the lock style.

This unit uses a simplex style combination lock that is user-friendly and very familiar to most. Though many modern handgun safes utilize electronic locks and fingerprint scanning, this one uses an old-fashioned lock which could elevate its performance, especially when it comes to the chance of one of those more high-tech options malfunctioning.

We’ve already discussed the fact that the unit is durable. It is constructed with heavy 10 gauge steel and a door that is built in a wrap-around model. This thick steel construction does affect its weight which might help keep the safe where it is meant to be. It also means that this unit is challenging to break into, which is the whole point of having a handgun safe.

Inside the handgun safe, two layers of foam help secure the contents and keep them from moving around. The overall size is compatible with many pistols and can potentially house up to two pistols plus their magazines. It also features a strut that uses gas for easier use. This does allow for a one-handed operation which is essential when you’re in an emergency situation (as we said above) and have to get to the contents of that safe quickly.

The last thing about this amazing gun safe is that it is anchorable. The unit comes with pre-drilled ports in the bottom so that it is easy to mount. Of course, if you’re not looking to mount it, these holes can be filled with rubber plugs. But in the end, it is safe and easy to mount on pretty much anything, which could be pretty beneficial in the long run.

How to Use It

In order to utilize this handgun safe to its fullest capacity, you have to understand all the features of the unit. As discussed above, there is a wide range of features, but here is a video that goes over each.


Many people have a problem with the heft of the handgun safe model we have been taking a look at. The fact that you can’t put multiple clips in the safe could be a reason for some to consider another option. To answer these disadvantages, we have found an excellent alternative.

Vaultek VS20i Smart Handgun Safe




Though you may not be looking to move your gun safe around, it is always helpful if you can do so on occasion. But with a weight of 22 pounds, the model we’ve been looking at is not necessarily the most comfortable to move around. On the other hand, this model from Vaultek comes in at just under 10 pounds. Along with this, it is designed to be able to hold multiple pistols and magazines comfortably.

On top of all that, this unit is outfitted with Bluetooth compatibility and uses a fingerprint scanner to secure the lid. It’s also crafted with responsive LED lighting and utilizes 16 gauge carbon steel for a durable and corrosion-resistant handgun safe.


Investing in a simple to use and high-quality gun safe can offer more security to your family and help ensure safety. The Fort Knox FTK-PB has a lot of fantastic qualities. On top of the fact that it is budget-friendly, it is crafted to allow for easy installation and durability for more prolonged use.

The size is excellent for a couple of pistols, and it has a reliable locking mechanism. Though the use of premium grade 10 gauge steel does make it quite heavy, and it may not be able to fit several magazines depending on the gun size, it is still a great option for many gun owners.

VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe Review

Going through the top-rated biometric handgun safes in the market, you will appreciate why they are rapidly gaining popularity. These gun safes ensure your weapons remain out of reach of children or any other unauthorized personnel. They do this while still making it easy for you as the owner to access your gun whenever the need arises.

However, before you get a gun safe, it is vital that you are well informed and, therefore, in a better place to weigh your options. This is particularly important since not just any gun safe will suit your needs. How it is to be used and the level of security are some of the primary considerations you should take into account. Below we will highlight the features that make the VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe a worthy purchase.

VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe Review

handgun safe with adjustable shelf




Handgun safes are usually boxes with locks on them. However, Vaultek takes their pistol safes a notch higher, incorporating some fantastic up-to-date technology. The VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe presents you with fast access to your gun, documents, or other valuables, while still maintaining convenient portability.

The safe also features a backlit keypad for quick access with 40,000 possible unlocking combinations and a capacity to easily fit a pistol, its magazine, and other valuables.

Who is this product for?

Buying a firearm will set you back a couple of dollars. Therefore, it is sensible to protect such an investment from landing in the wrong hands – burglars or children. Aside from how easy it is to lose a pricey investment like a firearm, the repercussions of your firearm being stolen can be more disastrous if it is sold on the black market or used to commit a crime. If you want to protect your firearm from such occurrences, then the VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe is for you.

What’s included?

  • Vaultek Safe Essential Series Safe
  • Backup keys
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Micro USB cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Security cable
  • User manual

Overview of Features

The VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Hand Gun Safe’s slim design presents you with the perfect combination of safety and strength. Its carbon steel and steel construction offer fantastic durability. It has a four-digit keypad with 12 million possible combinations to facilitate easy and rapid deployment.

The safe is fitted with a high-resolution, oversized biometric scanner capable of holding a maximum of 20 different fingerprints. Its keypad has an inbuilt proximity sensor, making it easier to close and open the unit. In addition, it is a rapid access module compatible with “Smart Key,” a downloadable android and iOS application.

The interior of the handgun safe is well-lit by an integrated LED light which adds to the convenience provided by its easy-to-use design. You get to see all your valuables in the safe, even in dimly lit conditions ensuring you retrieve or keep precisely what you want. The VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Hand Gun Safe comes in four distinct sizes at a considerably low cost. The V-line 2597-S Desk Mate will provide you with all you need for a home office. It has a large door capable of accommodating the majority of handguns. It also has a detachable felt-lined tray to add to your convenience.

The safe includes ultra-modern technology to guarantee your firearm’s safety. It is fitted with biometric sensors that make for a convenient and secure locking system. The VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Hand Gun Safe is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries that facilitate the usage of the safe without the need to plug it in. When sufficiently charged, the batteries have enough juice to power the handgun safe for four months without using any external power source.

It has a Numsafe lid that opens automatically on demand. Four minutes later, it goes into security sleep mode – a safety feature that erases the need for codes or keys. In addition, this Numsafe keypad has rechargeable batteries that run for months and that you can plug anywhere, making the handgun safe, portable, and appropriate for domestic use.

The VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handsafe Safe includes the patented SIMPLEX lock, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. Though its battery is durable and can last several months on weak batteries, it also has a backup battery system. Its backlit keypad also doubles up to provide extra security and is lightweight and easy to install. You can get it in a variety of models which come together with the mounting gear, not to mention the slick design, which is perfect for confined spaces.

How to Use It

This handgun safe is straightforward and quick to access for the safe owner. It features two master keys and principally locks using a five-numbered keypad. The keypad allows you to access the safe’s contents by entering the security combination, which could be any of the 40,000 possible combinations making the code sufficiently secure.


  • It has a compact design
  • Rugged and sturdy 16-gauge carbon-steel construction
  • Packs rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Smart LED lighting


  • Offers limited storage space
  • Non-concealable due to sensor-activated keypad backlight


Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe with Programmable Keypad

Home Security Safe




Sporting a distinct design ideal for storing a wide array of valuables, the AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device is a unique safe that is guaranteed to impress you. The organization has paid keen attention to quality in the device’s construction.

An excellently-built anti-pry door is fitted to indicate your valuables and gun’s safety in the device. Additionally, this safe is made from superior quality steel to guarantee maximum durability and efficiency.


Thanks to the significance of the role gun safes play, picking a handgun safe model you can trust is not easy. Nonetheless, with the vast array of top-notch features and long-lasting assembly, this VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Hand Gun Safe will prove a reliable choice due to the aspects highlighted above. Therefore, the VAULTEK is the best safe if you are looking for a safe guaranteeing convenience, durability, and safety.