Best Drawer Gun Safe

When looking to purchase a drawer gun, there are many things to contemplate, but convenience is what is considered the most for many people. Drawer gun safes come with compact designs that are easy to mount in tight places, for example, in a cabinet or even in your car.

Since they are small, you can quickly get to them in an emergency. With this in mind, we will look at and list the best drawer gun safes. Hopefully, this will help you make a choice and pick a drawer safe that suits you and will work for you.

Drawer Gun Safe Reviews

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe

V-Line Security Safe


The V-Line Security Safe is a heavy-duty security safe that is also multipurpose; it constitutes steel with a rugged tactical black powder coating. The ball bearings support the slides on the large pullout to ensure smooth operation. It can hold two 1911 firearms and an iPad while leaving room to spare for the magazines.

The V-Line Security Safe can fit in a small area underneath your desktop or any table, just as long as at least 4.25 inches of clearance. The safe comes with mounting brackets that support both the top and bottom mounting. You also have the option of half trays or even complete if you want to store small valuables such as jewelry.

This safe gun drawer comes in a semi-flat black color; it weighs 22 pounds and has a chamber width of 25 inches. It uses a combination to open.


If you are looking for a smart, safe, and easy to get to drawer gun, this might just be it. The large capacity pullout drawer is something to consider. It comes in at 11.5″ d x 8.75″ w x 2.5″ h; this comes with foam layers that protect your valuables. The drawer’s face and shell outside constitute tough steel.

The top layer is ¾”, which means you can customize it for your valuables or the handgun. It is fitted with sliders over 100+lbs and is heavy-duty for smooth operation. It also comes with a unique SIMPLEX mechanical pushbutton lock that the user can program.

The safe does not use batteries, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them or them dying. It also works with under-counter monitoring; you can mount it on top or underneath the cabinet. You can even mount it in vehicles as long as there is ample space for the slide-way.

In addition to these amazing features, the V-Line Security Safe is CA DOJ-approved, making it a worthy choice. It also does not require batteries as other gun safes do.

The only problem with this safe is that you could crack it open with enough combination tries if given enough time.


  • It is versatile
  • Comes with a large capacity
  • Sturdy, strong, and safe exterior
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • No batteries required


  • If given plenty of time, you can gain access to this safe

BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe, Slide-Away

BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe

This safe gives you easy access to your documents, firearms, or valuables, courtesy of a biometric finger scanner, a rapid backlit keypad, or a spare key. If you are more interested in getting to your fast always or are looking for a safe that will be exclusively for emergencies, we would recommend this one. It has an anti-theft alarm, the lock type is electronic, and has a chamber depth, height, and width of 7.4, 2.8, and 13.5 inches, respectively.


The BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe has a rugged and tough exterior that consists of solid steel wall construction. It has an internal safety bracket and built-in hinge lines to prevent intruders from breaking in. In addition, it has a durable coating powder finish to prevent it from rusting and ensures it keeps anything inside safe for a very long time.

Overall exterior dimensions are 13.5″ W x 11.2″ D x 3.7″ H. It offers you a large capacity; you can store up to 2 firearms and a couple of magazines.

To access it is easy in the event of an emergency; you only need a fingerprint, specifically a pre-determined fingerprint. It will give you extra-fast access to your safe. You can use multiple fingerprints; the limit is 20 individual fingerprints. It is something to have at the back of your mind if you have other friends or family members you would like to access the safe in an emergency. It has a touch lifetime of up to 1000,000 times hence quite durable.

The drawer has a safety feature wherein case someone tries to open your safe and gives the wrong pin or unauthorized fingerprint three times, the safe will beep to cause an alarm.

If it is at night and you want to access your box, you can use the backlit keypad fast. In addition, this safe gives you the option of setting it to silent mode. Such functions come in handy, especially at night or in low light scenarios when an intruder is present; you can quickly access your safe.

The only problem we saw with this safe is the limited mounting issue where you have to leave around 3 inches of free space at the rear to allow you to use your keys in case you cannot use the fingerprint.


  • Quick, easy access
  • Convenient features such as silent mode
  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Multiple options for access


  • Mounting options are not flexible

BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

This gun drawer safe is sturdy and comes with portable capacity and weight. It is small compared to other safes, but it is large on the inside. It is capable of handling two pistols and magazines or one large handgun. The lock type used is electronic and has an anti-theft alarm. The general material used to make this safe is alloy steel.


This drawer comes in with safe dimensions of 11.8″ x 10″ x 2.4″ exterior and 11.4″ x 7.1″ x 2″ interior. It weighs around 8.2 pounds. This safe has quick access biometric capabilities. You can get to your valuables or firearm high-speed, courtesy of the rapid, efficient fingerprint scanner. It is hard to get into without proper authorization. When using the fingerprint scanner, ensure that your hands are clean and dry, as wet or smudgy hands can sometimes be rejected.

The exterior consists of rugged steel, meaning it is impenetrable. The body and hinges are fully metal to prevent break-ins. In addition to this, there are locking mechanisms to ensure whatever you store inside is secure. It also gives you a pin code and key access options.

The safe has a six-digit keypad that gives you 67950 combination options instead of the four-digit keypad safe that gives you 256. The fingerprint is pretty reliable and quick; it uses the latest high-resolution semi-conductor. This safe can hold up to 20 individuals’ fingerprints.

However, even though the fingerprint works well, it is not 100% consistent. This is something to keep in mind.

In a low-light scenario, this safe will suit you well. It comes equipped with a backlit keypad which means if you want to get to your box in the dark, you can easily access it. Also, if someone tries to get into your safe, it will beep. It will be triggered if someone’s fingerprint is not recognized in three tries or through the pin code.

The silent mode is another feature worth mentioning; you can set your safe in silent mode. So in case an intruder gets into your home, or when you don’t want to bother other people in the room, you can set it to silent mode and open and close it without any sound.


  • Efficient fingerprint scanner
  • Works well in low light
  • It has a well-built exterior
  • The 6-digit keypad makes it even safer
  • It has an efficient alarm system


  • The fingerprint scanner is reliable but lacks consistency

BARSKA Portable Security Desk Drawer Safe

BARSKA Portable Security Desk Drawer Safe

This safe comes with a solid steel design that keeps away intruders. However, the steel design does not contribute to the weight; it is light for a safe. Therefore, you can easily transport it. The inside comes with a soft floor mat to accommodate whatever you want to store.


The BARSKA Top Open Security Desk Drawer Safe also includes a removable tethering cable. It comes in black, and the lock type used is a keypad to open. The safe majorly constitutes alloy steel.

This safe weighs 14.82 pounds. It has dimensions of 17.5″ x 12.5″ x 5″. To get inside this safe, you need to enter a custom PIN on the keypad. It also comes with emergency backup keys. The box is designed indoors and works great for keeping firearms, cash, jewelry, or laptops. It is sturdy and safe; it is hard to get into without a pin.

Overall it is well packaged, and the firm alloy steel surfaces look great. It comes with a black finish that makes it look elegant.

However, there are a few issues with this safe; if you are looking for a safe that will allow for stealth, you might want to skip this one. The beeps are too loud; you can hear them across a room.

Even though the safe is well-built with enough force and muscle, you could get into this safe as it is not as secure as the other ones.


  • It is light and portable
  • You get a free soft floor mat for the interior
  • Comes with a steel removable tethering cable
  • Has an elegant design
  • Sturdy build


  • The beeps are too loud

Gun Safes for Pistols Biometric Drawer

Gun Safes for Pistols

This safe can be relied upon to keep your documents safe regarding reliability. It has one-touch biometric capabilities. So the fingerprint is pretty reliable. It can also fit under other furniture such as the table, bed, or office desk. The lock type used is electronic, has a chamber width of 11 inches, and is waterproof.


This safe weighs 8.18 pounds; the dimensions are 15.55″ x 12.52 x 3.9 “. The material used constitutes mainly alloy steel. It has a sturdy and rugged build to it which ensures its durability. This Safe has biometric capabilities. The fingerprint scanner can hold up to 20 fingerprints.

However, the fingerprints on this gun safe are not reliable as, at times, they may recognize even fingerprints that are not authorized; this happens occasionally but not all the time. Additionally, your hands might not work if they are wet, ensure that they are dry when using the fingerprint scanner.

The bio-fingerprint safe comes with a reliable steel structure that is corrosion-resistant. Due to this, it is possible to have it in any indoor space. It comes with high strength and a solid structure; the slide-away safe can store your firearms, documents, jewelry, etc.

The 100% steel walls and tamper-proof inner edges make it a viable option. It fits very well under a desk or a bed. Opening and closing it is pretty pleasant as the drawer slides so smoothly; it is steel hence safe and durable.

The boxes are easy to install and are portable; the box comes with four holes at the top. It has three silent steel balls that prevent the drawer from slipping out. The box gets power from 3 AA alkaline batteries which do not come with the safe. It also has convenient USB charging, which is convenient and has strong versatility. The USB can connect to a USB power bank, a 5V charger, or a computer.


  • Sturdy, rugged build
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Efficient USB charging
  • It can accommodate multiple things, firearms, jewelry, etc.
  • Small hence can easily fit under typical household furniture


  • Fingerprint reader tends to be unreliable sometimes


These are some of the best drawer gun safes out there. We recommend going for the BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe. It is the most secure one. However, if you would like an aesthetically pleasing safe that you can use to store your jewelry or firearms at home, the V-Line Security Safe is the one to get.

The BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe is perfect if you want a safe exclusively for an emergency as they have the silent feature and a backlit keypad. The BARSKA Desk Drawer Safe is the one to get for your car, given its portable and even boats, because it is waterproof. It is up to you to decide which one will suit your needs. Eventually, it all narrows down to your specific needs.

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