Best Gun Safe for Apartments

We keep guns in our homes for safety reasons. However, statistics show that these weapons accidentally kill or injure thousands of people every year. This is one of the reasons why some people don’t see the need to keep guns at home. For those of us who decide to keep them, it is crucial to ensure that it is stored safely and that you and your family understand the rules about handling the weapon. 

The safest way to store your gun is by keeping it unloaded and locked up in a secure gun safe. Here are some of the best gun safe for apartments, that guarantee you and your family’s safety. Keep reading to learn more. 

Gun Safe for Apartment Reviews

VAULTEK Secure Travel Case 

VAULTEK Secure Travel Case Review

Here is a new and improved VAULTEK gun case that you can easily fit in your suitcase and carry as you travel. This gun case is the ideal travel companion since it is lightweight, water-resistant, dustproof, airtight, and floats. 


The VAULTEK gun case fits almost all handguns and secures them using the built-in anti-impact latch locking system. After securing your essentials, lock the case using the available lock button. These dual compression latches seal the interior, creating airtight storage space and ensuring the case doesn’t open even when it falls. 

This portable gun case has a secure and reliable built-in lock system with anti-impact latch technology. The technology adds a security layer when you need it. You can unlock your VAULTEK travel case using the master code option or backup key access, which you can disable, preventing picking. 

You get a full-sized capacity and more refined and upgraded gun storage with the VAULTEK Secure Travel Case. It conveniently stores a removable interior tray that creates stackable storage. This space offers various slots to attach your weapon and its handling gear. 

The case has an advanced polymer construction, engineered to be lightweight and robust. It has been drop-tested and proved to be your ultimate lockbox. 

You’ll have to buy a 9V Alkaline battery to use the locking system conveniently. However, if the battery dies, you can still use it as a weather-resistant case. It is important to note that the package doesn’t include an alkaline battery. If your battery dies, a rubber keyhole at the front with a hidden micro-USB port under it allows you to charge the battery. 

VAULTEK designed this gun case to be ultra-lightweight to offer on-the-go protection. In addition, the product meets all the TSA guidelines and includes a steel security cable to keep your weapon secure every time. 


  • Two storage layers
  • Anti-impact latch 
  • Touch-activated keypad 
  • Backup manual access is available 


  • It doesn’t include the battery 

GunVault MicroVault Gun Safe 

GunVault MicroVault Review

Are you looking for a highly portable gun safe that offers quick access and superior safety? If yes, the GunVault MicroVault safe is your product. It offers security solutions and keeps your gun, valuables, and car electronics safe. 


One of the unique features of this resigned gun case is the illuminated keypad that makes it easy to open the safe in dark spaces. Other enhanced security features are integrated, such as its reinforced steel lip and the interior anti-pry tabs that prevent prying. You’ll also find a steel security cable that secures the gun safe. 

The gun safe has a spacious interior space that can easily accommodate two handguns and includes an in-lid storage pouch to keep small items and gear. Ensure that the safe contents stay locked up using the keypad technology or manual backup keys. A heavy-gauge steel frame covers the padded interior to ensure it stays put even when subjected to extreme conditions. 

You’ll love everything about this GunVault MicroVault safe, from its dimpled design to the various accessories. For instance, it has a low battery warning and audio tunes. These audio tunes notify you whenever anyone in the house accesses the firearms. There is, however, a silent access mode that mutes these tunes. 

The package also includes all the required mounting hardware. So there’s nothing to worry about in this versatile gun safe, a California DOJ-approved firearm case that meets the specified guidelines. Furthermore, the case has a 5-year warranty period. 

There are two ways to lock this gun safe, either using the finger keys or the manual backup codes. It is best to ensure that everything works as you receive your package, especially the finger keys and manual backup access. Ensure that you can quickly and conveniently use the case. 


  • Illuminated keypad 
  • In-lid extra storage space 
  • Precise fitting 
  • California DOJ approved 
  • 5-year warranty 


  • Backup keys don’t offer fast and convenient access. 

LANGGER V Biometric Slider Gun Case 

Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe for Nightstand

Here is an ideal slider gun case for your nightstand. This safe properly secures your handgun, prevents authorized access, and offers convenient gun access in the middle of the night. It also has a compact and unique design that allows it to fit in any space and blends in well with your nightstand. 


The Biometric Slider Gun safe has a slim vertical design that makes it easier to store your gun on your vehicle’s nightstand, desk, bookshelf, or confined space. Depending on the user’s preferences, it includes a mounting plate that allows various mounting configurations, either left, right or top-site. This mounting plate also allows quick removal by any authorized user. 

This gun case offers a high level of security thanks to its anti-theft hidden latch. In addition, the anti-impact latch ensures the safe stays put under impact. It also features a 16-gauge carbon steel casing with a durable and anti-corrosion finish. 

Its unique feature is the biometric sensor that can store up to 20 unique fingerprints. The high-resolution sensor captures fingerprint images and easily matches them in seconds for fast access. Apart from the sensor, you can either use the backup manual keys or PIN code to access your gun. 

Biometric Slider Gun Case beeps in case there’s an authorized access attempt. The case also beeps whenever a user enters the PIN code wrong three times. This acts as an excellent notification n whenever kids play or touch this safety tool. There is the option of turning off the beeps at night. 

There is more! The case interior features a foam pad that prevents shaking or movement inside. Feel free to customize and cut out the interior foam to ensure your handgun sits perfectly in the created space. This product comes with complete accessories, and you’ll find some pre-punched holes at the back and bottom to help you with the installation process. 

The gun safe is easy to use and program, as it takes less than five minutes to program your code and register fingerprints. However, it needs four AAA batteries to function, which are not included in the package. 


  • High-resolution biometric sensor 
  • Easy installation 
  • The unique slim vertical design 
  • Anti-theft hidden latch 
  • Unauthorized access beep 


  • Doesn’t include the AAA batteries. 

BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box 

BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box 

It’s time to ensure that your handgun stays safe with the BARSKA safe box. Unlike other safes, this classic case does not only keep your handgun but also provides extra room to store other valuables such as cash and gold. In addition, this case has reliable latching mechanisms that offer convenient access and keeps out unauthorized users. 


The fingerprint sensor installed on this device uses advanced technology to register fingerprints and grant user access. It uses an optical sensor that creates a bio algorithm of the fingerprint and stores the information in its memory. This same advanced technology is what reads fingerprints before unlocking the safe. 

BARSKA safe box is a safe built to last. It has solid steel walls and tamper-resistant edges that keep the inner contents safe. Furthermore, it has a carpeted interior that acts as a safety mat that prevents the valuables from getting scratched. 

Apart from Biometrics, the other way to access the safe is through a PIN code entry system. The PIN code keypad is located next to the fingerprint access. There are also two backup keys for recovery access. All the provided entry modes are safe, reliable, and inaccessible by unauthorized persons. 

Note that the biometric fingerprint sensor can store up to 30 fingerprints and retains only one pin code. 

Have you heard of the motorized deadbolt system? A unique technology is integrated into this gun safe to provide extra safety. The motorized system secures the locking system to prevent tampering that might affect the locking solenoids. 

After receiving the BARSKA security safe box package, installing it in the desired location takes a few minutes. This product comes with pre-drilled holes and required hardware for easy mounting on almost any surface. 

The biometric gun box requires 4 AA batteries to operate, and the good news is that they are included in the package. This product also has a limited 1-year warranty program for unsatisfied clients. 

Everything about this gun safe is top-notch apart from the fact that it is not convenient for storing precious and delicate valuables. The interior lacks any partitioning, meaning that there is a chance the safe components might collide. For instance, storing precious stones next to a gun may lead to scratches or cracks that comprise their value. 


  • Multiple and secure access methods 
  • Solid walls fitted with tamper-resistant edges 
  • Easy to mount 
  • Motorized deadbolts for added security 
  • Reliable biometric scanner


  • It lacks interior partitioning making it not the best choice for storing delicate valuables. 

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe  Review

The SanpSafe safe is much more versatile than other safes thanks to its wide slide-out drawer that easily accommodates handguns, shotguns, rifles, and other small firearms. It is also convenient for keeping valuables, important documents, and photos. This safe is compact and easily fits under your bed despite all these capabilities. 


The SnapSafe box utilizes space conveniently by offering a vast storage capacity for your valuables. It is superficially designed to be kept under the bed for easy access. However, its compact size allows you to have it in your car, bookshelves, or desk. 

This safe features a 140gauge heavy-duty steel construction that is impact and corrosion-resistant. The robust construction works together with the pry-resistant door to prevent unauthorized access. 

It is important to note that there is only one way to open the SnapSafe gun safe. A digital lock is in place that requires every user to input the registered 3-8 code before approving any access. This is a great way to keep children out if they ever get hold of the box.

You don’t need special skills or tools to install your unit. The box comes with pre-drilled holes ready for permanent installation. In addition, the package includes a commercial-grade cable, 5-foot long, to offer extra security support when anchored to any firm stationary object. 

This is ideal for renters who want to avoid installing the safe permanently. It is also an excellent in-vehicle use option. 

SnapSafe gun box makes an audible sound when someone tries to input the access code. This might be an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that the sounds notify you when kids and other people try to access it, and the disadvantage is that the sounds might be unnecessary if there’s an intruder in the room. Another disadvantage is that it has only one access method. It will be challenging to forget the PIN code since there are no manual recovery keys or access. 


  • Space-saving design 
  • 14-gauge steel construction plus pry-resistant door design 
  • Easy to install 
  • It fits shotguns, rifles, and jewelry


  • Immutable key-in sounds 
  • Only one access method 

Final Verdict

Guns are helpful safety tools as long as they are in safe hands. However, the damage that kids and teens can cause is imaginable if they accidentally get access to a gun. Keeping you and your family safe is vital by keeping these weapons safe and locked up. This review highlights five of the best gun safes ideal for any apartment. These options ensure maximum security and offer easy gun access anytime. 

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