2021 Blue Dot Gun Safe Reviews

Blue Dot is a company which is producing commercial safes you can adjust to your own desires and wishes. Their custom-made Blue Dot gun safes are made of great quality and the people behind it promise you a great experience and superior customer service.

Blue Dot Gun Safe logo

The Bule Dot safes Company was established in 2004, which makes it a relatively young company in the gun safe business and they still have a lot to show to their current and future customers. The brand may be young but people are full of experience and desire to produce good quality products so the customers can keep their belongings secured in their Blue Dot safes.

They produce safes and gun safes but today I will only focus on Blue Dot safes so you can easily find a safe that is DOJ approved and it provides you safety for your belongings and guns you store in the office. Below you will find Blue Dot safes reviews that will help you see which of the gun safes made by the Blue Dot is the right choice. They are mostly made from larger numbers of rifles, but there are few handgun safes as well.

Advantages Of Blue Dot Safes

I know I can’t force you to buy Blue Dot safes and I don’t want to do that, I just want to share with you why they are worth investigating if you are looking for a gun safe for your office or even your home if you are interested in a commercial grade gun safe that you can customize by your desires.

Made For Commercial Use

Blue Dot safes are made for commercial use which makes them more durable and stronger than the ones made for home use. If you are looking for a strong and heavy safe for guns or any other belonging, then I would recommend you take a look what the Blue Dot has to offer.

Safes Come With The Warranty

There is no better way to show that you have a good quality product than to sell it with the warranty. Warranty makes sure that the product will last for a certain period of life so you can use it as an advantage if you are making pros & cons list to see which gun safe is the best choice.

They Care About Their Customers

The fact that you can make your gun safe with custom features is the best choice to see if a company cares about their customers. Blue Dot gun safes can be customized because they listen to their customer’s desires, like every serious gun safe company. Also, since they are a small and young company they want to show to their customers that there are as good as the most popular gun safes on the market that exist there for a few decades.

Blue Dot Gun Safes Reviews

Blue Dot Second Amendment Digital Pistol Vault

The only pistol vault made by the Blue Dot Company is this Blue Dot second amendment gun safe. The interior of this safe is enough to store a couple of handguns, documents, and other valuable belongings on two shelves. It is made of durable steel and its black color makes it easy for you to hide it from unwanted people.

Blue Dot Second Amendment Gun Safe – 50 Guns

Blue Dot Second Amendment Handgun Safe

This Blue Dot second amendment gun safe has 1-hour fire protection at 1700°F which is much more than an average home gun safe. Inside you will get 2 adjustable shelves so you can set the interior by your desire and you can choose the lock you like the most out of 3 options. The safe comes with the 1-year warranty, but if you are interested you can extend that warranty up to 5 years.

Blue Dot Second Amendment Gun Safe – 30 Guns

Blue Dot Second Amendment Gun Safe – 30 Guns

This is the smallest of the Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safes Series if you don’t include the hand and pistol gun safes. It also has 1-hour fire protection up to 1700°F and from the inside, it is carpeted with grey plush so your belongings won’t get damaged. Don’t get me wrong this gun safe isn’t small, it can fit up to 30 rifles, and it is only the smallest in this series. The Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safe is a great choice for people who know that they want their guns safe under a lock.

Blue Dot Second Amendment Handgun Safe

Blue Dot Second Amendment Gun Safe – 50 Guns

This is the biggest of the Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safes Series and it can store around 50 rifles. This gun safe comes with two-way locking system with 19 bolts in total and a drill resistant plate. It has the same fire protection and it also meets DOJ specification which is a must feature for every commercial gun safe. Having a commercial grade gun safe like the Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safe for 50 guns will keep all your firearm and belongings behind a thick steel door.

Blue Dot Second Amendment Digital Pistol Vault

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