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Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting -

Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting to Buy in 2021

Hunting is something that you can engage in with different weapons, and rifles are typically the most popular choice. Still, bowhunting has been around for much longer and, in our opinion, may be even more entertaining.

The biggest flaw of hunting with bows is accuracy, and this is where rangefinders can help. This little device can go a long way when it comes to improving precision and being more efficient when shooting in rough conditions.

With this in mind, we did some testing and created a list of the best rangefinders for bow hunting, including affordable and high-end products. Let’s get started!

Rangefinders For Bow Hunting Reviews

Wosports Hunting Range Finder

When we started our research, the idea was to find products that are multi-functional and that can be used for a variety of activities. That is what this Wosports rangefinder offers, as apart from its bowhunting potential, the manufacturer claims that it offers a reliable golf mode.


As soon as it arrived, we were quite impressed by the lightweight construction that this rangefinder is highlighted by. Coming in a camo design, we found the housing to be weatherproof. However, we also found that it isn’t as precise in rain and fog as it is in dry weather.

We performed a couple of tests both in open terrain and in the woods and found that it can measure anywhere from 5 to 700 yards. Most importantly, the margin for error is set at 2 yards as long as the weather conditions are adequate. There is also a feature to lock onto flag poles up to 150 yards away, which can be of great help for any golf enthusiast.

The coolest point about this rangefinder is the “power/start” button that is a part of the scan mode. It will allow you to get real-time information on the current distance from your target. With the measuring time being set at under one second, we didn’t have to worry about whether the target would be out of sight before the information was updated on the LCD.

Wosports offers lifetime customer support, so if you are having any issues with the rangefinder, they will be available to fix it. Overall, it is a well-made and affordable product that one can definitely rely on for bowhunting.


  • Good price
  • Measures up to 700 yards in distance
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Precise, real-time information
  • Multiple modes


  • Not for rainy weather

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

One of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing rangefinders is the company that stands behind it. TecTecTec is a name that has been around for years, offering great quality at affordable prices. This product is also accompanied by a two-year limited warranty. With this in mind, we had high expectations for this rangefinder both in terms of precision and versatility.


First and foremost, this laser rangefinder is effective at up to 540 yards in distance. We tested it for a couple of days and under different weather conditions, only to find that, as long as it isn’t heavily raining, the margin for error is as little as 1 yard. Thus, you can be quite confident even when hunting when it is foggy and windy.

Highlighted by innovative technology, it offers fantastic speed and measures the distance in as little as 0.6 seconds. Most importantly, it features a real-time scan mode that will allow you to keep your target locked in. We found it to be beginner-friendly mostly due to the multilayered crystal clear optics.

Also, the grip is made anti-slip, while the construction itself is lightweight at just around 185 grams. In terms of durability, you don’t have a lot to worry about when it comes to the outer shell withstanding rain and other rough conditions. You are getting all the necessary maintenance items, including a microfiber cloth and a convenient pouch for easy storage and transportation.

What you should keep in mind is that the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder simply isn’t adequate for nighttime use. Other than that, there is not much that we were concerned about, as it proved to be efficient in all daytime weather conditions.


  • Good price
  • Measures up to 560 yards
  • Fast measurements
  • Lightweight construction
  • Waterproof


  • Not for nighttime

AILEMON 6X Laser Rangefinder

The most important trait of a good rangefinder is that it enhances your observing game while allowing you to stay unnoticed. Thus, we were quite excited to see whether the AILEMON 6X was able to stand up to the expectations.


Coming in a couple of different color variations, including black and green camo, it is made to suit the needs of almost any bowhunting enthusiast. As soon as we put this rangefinder into action, one feature was particularly impressive, and that was the ability to precisely lock onto moving targets that are uphill or downhill. The horizontal mode seems to be the most innovative feature that this rangefinder offers.

What we love about it is that, although bowhunting is its primary application, you can also use it for rifle hunting or golfing. This makes it a fine choice for anyone who is on a limited budget and wants to get the most out of a single product. On top of that, there is also a one-year limited warranty that is set to secure you for any manufacturer defects in that time period.

The couple of features that make it so precise are Pin Seeking, Speed Measurement, and Continuous Scan, which all work together to provide you with error-free, real-time information. Not to mention, the angle-ranged compensation goes a long way if you are shooting on uneven ground, and it measures up to 1,200 yards in distance.

The coolest point of it has to be its battery life. Unlike most other range finders, this one has a battery that doesn’t need to be replaced every couple of days. It can simply be recharged through a USB cable.

Keep in mind that it is quite tricky to use when it is too sunny, but other than that, we did find it to be suitable in different weather conditions. Overall, it is a cost-efficient rangefinder that we had a lot of fun with.


  • Measures up to 1,200 yards
  • Continuous scan mode
  • Rough weather conditions
  • Horizontal mode
  • USB charging


  • Tough to read in bright lighting

Halo XL450 Rangefinder

Moving on with our list of the best rangefinders for bowhunting, we wanted to find a product that offers versatile use and withstands rough conditions. According to Halo, that is exactly what this XL450 model does. Do we agree? Take a look!


The first feature that highlights this product is the precise ClassIIIA laser working at under 5mW. While it is powered by CR2 batteries, which aren’t the best solution if you are looking for longevity, these can still be replaced with Superfire batteries for efficient continuous use. The speed and accuracy that this laser is highlighted by keeps the margin for error at 1 yard.

It can effectively measure up to 450 yards, which means that it is suitable both for open terrain and wooded areas. The objective lens is set at 25mm in diameter, while the magnification is 6x and offers clear and precise imagery.

The coolest part of this product has to be the Angle Intelligence Technology that is accompanied by a scan mode for optimal use. With just a single click, we were able to get precise yardage measurements for several targets.

The Dri Loc seal and AW2 case play an essential role when it comes to protecting the rangefinder and offering optimal sturdiness. The main issue that we had is that the LCD reading is a bit too small. Additionally, although lightweight, the shape is a bit odd for carrying it in your pocket.

Overall, while there is room for improvement, we consider it to be beginner-friendly and suitable for bowhunting.


  • Good price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Up to 450 yards
  • Angle Intelligence Technology


  • Small reading

Laserworks Rangefinder for Hunting

At the end of our list, we decided to test a product that comes at a somewhat higher price but offers superb performance. Suitable for rifle hunting, golfing, and bowhunting, it is set to provide laser measurements of up to 1,200 yards and precise readings in several different functions.


The main point that we were excited about is the fact that it seemingly offers precise measurements for different activities. After a couple of different tests, we found that the distance for stationary targets in open terrain, such as trees, is around 1,000 yards, while for moving targets, that number is around 450 yards. If you are a golfer, then you will be glad to hear that the flagpole locking mode can work as far as 350 yards away.

The feature that we particularly enjoyed is the slope compensation. The rangefinder is set to automatically calculate and determine how far away the target is depending on your current shooting position, whether you are downhill or uphill. Most importantly, we were satisfied with how it performs in rough weather conditions.

This is an ergonomic rangefinder with an anti-slip grip and waterproof technology to protect it from rough weather. Additionally, there is a one-year warranty that is relevant for all manufacturer defects. The main issue that we had is the low battery life.

This can be a huge problem, especially if you plan to hunt for the whole day. Other than that, we don’t have a lot to say against it, as it is a well-made and precise product that is worth trying out.


  • Measures up to 1,200 yards
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic design
  • Slope compensation
  • Versatile use


  • Low battery life

Wrap Up

Our personal favorite is the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder. In our opinion, it carries the most value, offering spectacular precision and the ability to perform in rough conditions. The product that comes in second place is the AILEMON 6x Rangefinder that is highlighted by an innovative charging system and is made to offer a superb continuous scan mode.

Best Rangefinders for Long-Range Shooting -

Best Rangefinders for Long-Range Shooting of 2021

Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hunting enthusiast, you know the importance of a proper rangefinder. It can make shooting at a distance much easier and also goes a long way in terms of improving accuracy.

Interested in what the market has to offer when it comes to long-range shooting rangefinders, we did a bit of research and found some options by focusing on a few main factors, such as price, construction, available modes, and optical system.

After testing several products, we were confident enough to create a list of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting with high hopes that some of these are able to meet your needs. Let’s get started.

Rangefinders For Long-Range Shooting Reviews

Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000

It is safe to say that Vortex is one of the most recognized names in this field, so we weren’t surprised to find that the Razor HD 4000 is more than worth the price. The first thing that we were impressed by was the 7x magnification that will be of tremendous help when it comes to finding your target in the middle of a forest.


This product is highlighted by a 25mm objective lens, which seems to be the most efficient solution for long-range shooting rangefinders. This product offers versatile use, as you can use it with a rifle or a bow, and it can also be mounted to a car window or a tripod.

It doesn’t matter what you are going to use it for, as it can perform under different conditions. The Razor HD 4000 is highlighted by a sturdy, weather-resistant case that is going to protect the rangefinder from rain and snow. Also, we didn’t experience any lag in the unit’s performance even though it rained for the whole first day.

With this unit, there are several different modes. You can choose between “normal”, “first”, “last”, and “extended” target mode depending on how far away your target may be and whether it is on the move. On the other hand, there are two additional laser range modes that are set to track continual distance and give you a better chance of locking in on the designated target.

This rangefinder is user-friendly, as it is highlighted by easy-to-use menus and comes with an interface that is quite simple to navigate. Most importantly, the light transmission is spectacular, and you will be getting precise and clear imaging at all times.

The main and only issue that we have with it is the high price. However, given what you are getting and the fact that it is suitable for versatile applications, we consider it to be a worthy choice!


  • 7x magnification
  • Clear and precise images
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof housing
  • 6 different modes
  • Efficient target locking


  • Pricey compared to similar option

Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX

It is always good to find an affordable product that is still able to provide you with reliable performance. That is what the Sig Sauer rangefinder offers. Not only that, but it also offers Bluetooth connectivity, which can be a spectacular addition for anyone who is serious about hunting. Here is what we found out through a few tests.


The first thing that we were happy about is that it offers 7x magnification. This is good to know, as it comes at a more affordable price than the Vortex model and is still suitable for professional use. Additionally, the objective lens is 25mm, which is quite effective when it comes to both reflective targets and animal targets.

You might be most interested in the ranges that this finder allows you to work with. We found that when it comes to deer and big game that is on the move, it can laser measure up to 1,400 yards in distance. On the other hand, when it comes to stationary targets that are reflective, we were able to get 3,400 yards of range, which is quite impressive.

The most innovative design detail has to be the integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect it to BDX rifle scopes. We tried this feature out and found that the data transfer to the reticle is quite smooth. We also had a pleasant real-time experience with up to four scan updates in just a single second.

What is wrong with it you might ask? It isn’t very sturdy, and we found that the image goes blurry when there is heavy rain. Still, apart from cranky performance in rough weather conditions, we found it to be incredibly precise and reliable for long-range shooting.


  • Affordable price
  • Can measure up to 3,400 yards
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Four scans per second
  • Simple to use


  • Blurred images in rain
  • Not the most sturdy

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Getting on with our list of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting, we wanted to find a beginner-friendly rangefinder that came at a fine price. Coming in two different variations – the Venture and the Volt – it was quite exciting to test whether it would be as precise as advertised by the manufacturer.


The first thing that you should know is that this product doesn’t have the laser measurement potential of the previous products. Thus, we were quite happy with the fact that it actually performs well at 625 yards when it comes to moving targets. Most importantly, it is efficient when it comes to real-life tracking, which means that you will be able to keep your target locked in for as long as you need.

Again, the Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder is advertised as beginner-friendly. We found that to be true, as the whole operation comes down to a simple one-button control. Additionally, there is an anti-slip grip that goes a long way when it comes to keeping your rangefinder in a stable position until the target is detected.

We were quite surprised with its sturdiness, as the price isn’t too expensive. Highlighted by IPX4 waterproof technology and aluminum housing, it is something that we could rely on even during rainy days. On top of all that, it was quite fun to experiment with the so-called “Tilt” feature, which plays an essential role when it comes to shooting from elevated or sloping ground.

Our main concern is that, after you replace the initial CR2 battery, you might get a couple of error notices. Still, you should be able to fix it by following the detailed user’s manual or contacting customer support. Overall, it is a well-made and affordable product that we had a lot of fun with.


  • Weatherproof
  • Precise at up to 625 yards
  • Simple operation
  • Target locking


  • New battery error message

Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder

Much like Vortex, Leupold is one of the leading names when it comes to hunting and shooting rangefinders. It is advertised to be one of the sturdiest models on the market, offering a margin for error of as little as 1 yard even under the roughest weather conditions.


The first thing that we wanted to try out is whether it can be precise even in foggy and rainy weather. Luckily, those were the exact weather conditions that we experienced the first day we tested it, and we were very surprised with how well it was able to perform. The coolest part is that, along with the sturdy housing, there is also a two-year warranty on all the electronic parts.

The feature that we were the most satisfied with was the True Ballistic Range with Wind, which is made to provide detailed information on the potential arch and ballistics, as well as how the weather conditions will affect your shooting at long range. Additionally, the included scan mode is essential for having precise real-time information on the changing distance. This goes a long way for locking in on a moving animal.

With three different reticle modes, including the Plus Point, Duplex, and Duplex + Plus Point, you can choose depending on whether you are shooting in open terrain or forest, as well as the expected distance. The only issue that we had was the EATS batteries, which simply aren’t too great, especially for continuous use. Luckily, we found the Surefire to work as a relevant substitute that can be easily installed into this rangefinder.


  • Sturdy construction
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • 3 reticle modes
  • True Ballistic Range
  • Precise in rough conditions


  • Short battery life

Uineye Laser Rangefinder

Last but not least, we were eager to find a product that could be used for different activities. According to the manufacturer, the Uineye rangefinder is good for golf, hunting, and shooting, which is the main reason why we were excited to try it out.


While it comes in several different variations, the matte black is the one that offers measurements of up to 1,950 yards. While we were testing this product, the point we were most impressed by was the speed and accuracy at which it works. The margin for error seems to be as little as 0.33 yards, which is the best out of all the products that we have reviewed.

Additionally, the 8x magnification that you are going to experience is of great help, especially when you are in the middle of a forest searching for big game. Talking about the innovative features, there are several modes that make this product suitable for versatile use. These modes include “angle”, “height”, and “horizontal”.

On top of all that, this rangefinder is simple to use and highlighted by a lightweight construction, making it perfect if you are often on the go. Also, it is accompanied by a 1-year warranty for all defects.

Our only issue is that it isn’t waterproof. Other than that, this is a well-made and precise rangefinder that you should give a go.


  • Measures up to 1,950 yards
  • Several measurement modes
  • Sturdy housing
  • Lightweight construction
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not waterproof

Wrap Up

While we think that all the aforementioned products are worth the price, our personal favorite is the Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder. Frankly, apart from the fact that it doesn’t have the best battery life, it offers spectacular precision and accurate performance even in rough weather conditions.

For our second choice, we would go for the Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX. It may not be very accurate in the rain, but it offers reliable performance for the price that it comes at.

Best Rangefinders for Hunting -

Best Rangefinders for Hunting of 2021

One excellent piece of hunting equipment is a high-performance rangefinder. Without it, a hunter is unable to determine range, aim, and fire accurately. Coincidence rangefinders were developed in the early stages of World War II. Over the last 80 years, they have become a ubiquitous leisure shooting tool, having further advanced and become more compact over time.

With recent developments in the technology of rangefinders, including features such as wind factor prediction and bullet drop compensation, rangefinders can significantly improve the aim of huntsmen.

However, such developments of rangefinders have ultimately rendered cheaper or budget rangefinders obsolete, and you’ll struggle to find low-budget options when searching for new models. This ultimately forces hunters, both beginners and experts, to invest in the more high-end, pricey models that come with all the modern features.

Choosing one of these contemporary models can be a very difficult task, as you don’t want to invest in one that simply doesn’t fit your requirements. To help you with this task, we have done some reviews and comparisons of the best rangefinders for hunting on the market today. Let’s take a look.

Rangefinders For Hunting Reviews

Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder

This Impact 1000 model from Vortex helps hunters assess distance and improve their aim with built-in angle compensation and intuitive platform functions. The maximum range of the rangefinder is 1,000 yards, and the angle compensation allows shooting to be performed with ease from any distance within that range, which also makes this rangefinder suitable for both hunters and shooters.


This rangefinder lives up to its 1,000-yard range promise, as having tested it, targets are just as clear at 700 yards as they are at 1,000 yards. By clear, we mean crystal clear. The angle compensation and LOS modes seem to function well, too, even at 1,000 yards.

The controls feel natural on the fingers and can be easily manipulated while standing still and aiming at a target. One of the most important features, the 6x magnification, is easily controlled and provides an accurate magnification.

Plus, the automatic adjustments seem to correspond with the target and lighting. The optics appear to work well in clear light, obviously, as well as low and darker lighting conditions.

On top of these features, this Vortex model also boasts other features, such as LOS mode, which assists the shooter with precision and high-angled shots. There is a scanner that allows for continuous range for moving targets or while panning.

The adjustable diopter has a maximum magnification of 6x and can be adjusted smoothly while targeting. Also, the multi-coated optics allows for this Vortex to be useful in all levels of lighting. Plus, this rangefinder comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, this product does not work that well in fog or mist. Another drawback is that the screen is not illuminated, which means it may be difficult to read for some.

This product also benefits from the fact it is lightweight. It can easily fit in your pocket and isn’t bulky enough to get annoying. Plus, it is waterproof. It is expensive, but it is worth it due to its many benefits for both beginners and experts.


  • 1,000-yard range guarantee
  • Angle compensation
  • Comfortable control
  • Accurate magnification
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Works in low light situations


  • Expensive compared to similar models
  • Screen is not always clear
  • Doesn’t work in fog

AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder

This camouflaged rangefinder from AOFAR promises to provide accurate range perception in all weather conditions – including fog and dust. It uses AI technology and pin seeker, and it is thoroughly up to date with the latest rangefinder capabilities.


The range on this product works exactly as it claims to, and the extra 200 yards that it offers makes for guaranteed long-range precision, particularly in open terrain. Plus, the objective lens works better than other similar options for guaranteed targeting through fog or other unfavorable shooting conditions. However, this product does not do too well in dim lighting as promised, as it is particularly difficult to make out the markings in darker conditions.

Shooting horizontal and downhill is also taken care of by this nifty device, and it saves you time when trying to calculate yardage.

The product is comfortable to hold, and the grooves fit well in your hand. Its controls are also easily manipulated as you look through the lens, and they are all positioned in ways that make sense. The case is sturdy enough to ensure that the rangefinder won’t become damaged if dropped. The camouflage design is also a nice touch and is perfect for woodland shooting.

Its battery is built to last through long hunting trips, as the rangefinder switches itself off automatically after just 8 seconds of inactivity. It then turns itself back on again whenever required, picking up where it left off.

This model boasts 6x magnification and an impressively wide range perception between 5 and 1,200 yards. The product comes with a handy carry pouch, a carabiner, and a cleaning cloth.

It would be prudent of shooters to invest in another battery for this range finder, as despite its automatic switch-off feature, the battery seems to drain quickly.


  • Guaranteed precision and accuracy
  • Works in foggy environments
  • Horizontal and downhill shooting
  • Comfortable to hold for longer times
  • Sturdy case for easy transport and protection


  • Doesn’t work in dim lighting conditions
  • Poor battery quality

Bushnell BoneCollector 850 Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell BoneCollector prioritizes creating a brighter view for the user with a bigger optics lens than its competition. It is made of all glass, which ensures that optimal lighting gets into the lens – no matter the weather, conditions, or lighting. The fact that it’s all-glass also ensures that what you’re seeing in the lens are colors that are true to life and that the image is not altered in any way.


In comparison to its competition, the Bushnell BoneCollector has obvious limitations, including its limited range of 850 yards – which is at least 150 yards less than some of the other high-end rangefinders. There are also next to no additional features that come with this model.

This rangefinder also offers a maximum clear range of 850 yards. It uses ARC technology to compensate for whatever angle you are shooting from, allowing you to view the true distance whether you are standing lower or higher than your target.

The display screen shows all essential information, including the remaining battery life. The intuitive design also features two holes so that you can attach a lanyard to the rangefinder and hang it around your neck.

However, Bushnell does not try to conceal these facts, and they advertise it exactly how it is. Once these limitations are overlooked, the BoneCollector still performs as well as it promises to. This is a compact device that is easily packed away and is ideal for lengthy hunting trips. It feels durable, and its camouflage design keeps it hidden.

It’s one of the more straightforward devices to use, with no additional gimmicks causing confusion. All it requires is for you to push a button and look through it – that’s it. The optics are clear, and items only start to get blurry after 850 yards.

Although it costs over $100, the BoneCollector is still considerably cheaper than its competitors. You’re getting what you pay for, though. The only minor annoyance in regards to this model is the CR-2 3-volt batteries that it requires, which can be difficult to find.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Basic, straightforward use
  • Clear optics at very long distances
  • Good price – cheaper than competitors with great quality


  • Limited range and no additional features
  • Requires obscure batteries

TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder

Available in both 700-yard and 1,000-yard models, this hunting rangefinder from TIDEWE boasts desirable features, including 6x magnification and both horizontal and vertical distance adjusters. This product is easily gripped in time of need and promises to provide accurate range readings from anywhere between 3 and 1,000 yards in under half a second.


The image afforded by the range is superb and delivers a clear image both up to 700 and 1,000 yards, depending on what model you purchased. However, the magnification lets this product down and renders its fantastic range less effective, as the alleged 6x magnification becomes extra blurry after just 200 yards. This product also performs poorly in fog or otherwise undesirable conditions.

At a practical weight of 0.35 pounds, this device is built for portability. With a handy rubber-grip design, waterproof coating, and durable build, it will also withstand numerous drops and all kinds of weather conditions.

The eyecup is twistable, so you can change the focus of the range. Also, the buttons located along the top, which are comfortable to reach and press when in use, adjust the sight and allow the user to alternate between different modes. The LCD is also illuminated, so it can be read in all lighting conditions.

There are a lot of minor details about this product that are commendable, including its lightweight compactness, as it fits easily into a pocket of almost any size. Also, its rechargeability means that you never need to purchase new batteries for it, and the way it shuts off after inactivity keeps its power preserved for longer when out in the field.

The case it comes in is also excellent and features a magnet instead of a zipper or Velcro. This allows the rangefinder to be slipped out discreetly when you need it fast.


  • Good range for precision and accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Preserves power for longer battery life
  • Quiet case with magnet closure for protection


  • Poor magnification compared to other options
  • Doesn’t work in foggy environments

Gogogo Sport 1200 Yards Laser Range Finder

The Gogogo Sport 1200 is one of the cheapest rangefinders available today, and it performs all that is desired from a high-end model. This includes 1,200-yard range perception, an LCD, and several different modes depending on the activity, including speed mode, scan mode, and golf mode.


The range finder works excellently – even at 1,200 yards – as long as the device is held steady while the button is being clicked. This is not a hard thing to do, as the button is within comfortable reach and doesn’t require a lot of pressure. The point is marked by the rangefinder each time it is used.

This device weighs 184g, is built with a sturdy outer shell, and boasts a lithium battery with a charging port, so you don’t need to worry about buying new batteries for it. The range finder both calculates the yardage for you and the speed, saving you a lot of time and effort.

The product offers a one-year warranty and comes with a carry pouch, a USB cable for charging, a connectable strap, and a cleaning cloth.

The field of view requires you to press your face right up against the device, which is fine for some but understandably uncomfortable for those who wear glasses. Even then, when your face is pressed against it, although accurate, the field of view remains limited. The magnification is average and far less powerful than advertised.

The device is comfortable to hold, has a nice grip, and lasts a long time after just a couple of hours of charging. It is also very well priced. It doesn’t exactly perform consistently throughout the day, and its visibility suffers at nighttime, but during the day it works fine.


  • Excellent range for added accuracy
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Long, reliable battery life
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good price for what you get


  • Limited field of view doesn’t work in dim lighting
  • Uncomfortable to look through for longer times
  • Average zoom function


All the rangefinders we’ve reviewed excel in their own way, and there’s one for every kind of hunter out there. Overall, our top pick for the best rangefinder is the Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder, as it delivers all you’d expect from a high functioning rangefinder. It is sure to be appreciated by hunters of any experience level. If you’re looking for something cheaper, go with the Gogogo Sport 1200 Yards Laser Range Finder.

Best Pistol Red Dot Sights -

Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Reviewed 2021]

The world of recreational shooting has changed a lot over the years, especially in the realm of firearm sights. The obvious benefits of red dot sights were long ignored and were rejected in favor of the less effective iron sights.

Opinions have changed in recent times, to the point where it’s almost impossible to find a rifle without a red dot sight festooned to it, and even harder to find one with an iron sight.

At the advent of this transition, there has been a wave of brands capitalizing on red dot sights, and many are now available to buy cheaply. However, given the price of some of them, alongside the varying characteristics of each, it can be difficult to know what one is best for your requirements.

Here we are going to take a comparative look at the best pistol red dot sights that you can get on the market to help you with your aim. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Pistol Red Dot Sights Reviews

Athlon Optics Midas TSR3 Red Dot

This red dot sight from Athlon Optics belongs to the upper tier of sights due to its versatility. This includes being fully compatible with both pistols and rifles, its advanced motion sensor activator, and its extensive battery life.
This red dot sight produces a powerful light and can work in all types of environments. Priced roughly at $199, it is leaning towards the more expensive red dot sights. However, this price may be justifiable by its quality.


The main reason this red dot sight is a real cut above the rest is its battery, with over 50,000 hours of battery life guaranteed. This renders this red dot sight perfect for lengthy shooting trips and of the utmost reliability for competitions.

However, it is worth noting that this level of battery life is only guaranteed when the sight is at medium brightness and that it will not last as long at full power. This is a slight disadvantage when long-range shooting is required.

Long-lasting power is ensured by the device’s touch-sensitive sensors, which automatically puts it to sleep once inactivity has been detected for 5 minutes. This is also a positive because you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off, as it activates again as soon as motion is detected.

Motion sensor activation may take some getting used to, however, for people who are not used to it.  Many other red dot sights on the market will only be singularly coated optics, whereas this one has been coated several times to ensure that reflected lights are kept to a minimum, which ultimately gives this sight a stronger beam than most.

Additionally, entering different lighting environments does not hamper this sight’s performance, as the light emitted is customizable, with 13 different illumination settings: 3 for night and 10 for daytime. This red dot sight is easy to mount and set up.

It also features a wide range view that is wide enough for users to feel comfortable having both eyes open while shooting, ensuring an overall better hunting experience. This sight is not, however, the cheapest on the market.


  • Reliable, with 50,000 hours of battery life
  • Touch sensors ensure power is saved
  • Optic coated several times
  • Strong light so performs in different lighting
  • 13 illumination settings
  • Easy set-up
  • Can keep both eyes open


  • Must be on medium brightness to last
  • Price is quite high
  • Touch sensor may be confusing

SIG Romeo MSR Red Dot Sight

This aluminum-made red dot sight from SIG Sauer firearms is a sturdy piece of kit, weighing 4 pounds. This item is not bulky, however, and packs a lot of power into a tight space. This sight boasts over 20,000 hours worth of battery life, 12 brightness settings, and a coated lens to ensure maximum brightness. This red dot sight is also water and fog-proof.


The Romeo MSR Red Dot Sight is highly recommended for first-time buyers of red dot sights; it’s very easy to set up and install and comes with handy tools to help you do so.

The sight offers 12 brightness settings – 2 for night vision and 10 for daytime. These are easily manipulated by the adjustment knob located on the side of the device, which, again, is great for first-time users, as it’s easy to tell exactly what setting you are on at all times.

This sight is very versatile and can be mounted comfortably on a variety of different rifles. The sight is also water and fog-proof, rendering it suitable for all types of weather.

This product offers a very accurate light, and once it has been mounted and set to your needs, it requires no further adjustments. The red dot can be zeroed in easily and stays exactly where you line it. It is, therefore, very straightforward and perfect for beginners.

This sight offers a dual witness feature, making it possible to see other sights in addition to the Romeo MSR without offsetting anything.

Although the battery life is good, at 20,000 hours of battery life, it is not as long-lasting as its competitors. Plus, the battery this sight needs, a CR1632, is not very common, which means you may struggle to find a replacement.

The battery cap can sometimes pop open, which affects the sight’s overall usage, as it will trigger the red dot to turn off and on intermittently. Make sure to utilize the tools the sight comes with in order to keep the cap fastened tightly.
There is also no on/off switch, which can become impractical at times.


  • Easy to set up
  • 12 brightness settings
  • Versatile
  • Water and fog-proof
  • Good for beginners


  • Shorter battery life
  • Required batteries are uncommon
  • No on/off switch

Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

This red dot sight from Trijicon offers a far-reaching light, with a dual witness feature allowing its compatibility with other sight devices. Producing a clear dot to ensure upmost accuracy is achieved, this device is also easy to manipulate and adjust. There is a knob located on its side which reduces the struggle of zeroing in. The knob controls the sight’s 8 brightness settings and 3 adjustment modes. This sight promises a 3-year battery life.


The field of view afforded by this red dot sight is one of the widest on the market, ensuring optimum shooting, no matter the activity. This makes finding the dot a lot easier, meaning the user can shoot at a quicker rate.

Both the screen and the dot itself are impeccably clear, making for comfortable shooting. The dot is easily adjustable, with 3 main sizes to choose from: 1.0 MOA, which works great for accuracy; 2.5 MOA; and 5.0 MOA, which is great for competitive shooting. This versatility is what makes this sight great.

The three-year battery life that comes with this sight is excellent value for money. However, this length of life is only achievable if the sight is kept at setting number 4.

On top of this, the screws provided with this sight may not fit on all types of guns and may require additional tweaking in order to get them to latch on. Sanding the screws to the required size is, at times, necessary.

This is one of the more expensive red dot sights on the market, so it may not be the best investment for beginners.  The sight glass is encircled in a thick aluminum ring, which may appear a little clunky to some. This product also does not include a mount.


  • Widefield view
  • Clear screen and dot
  • Easily adjustable
  • Can be used for various activities
  • 3-year battery life


  • Screws may not fit
  • Expensive
  • May appear clunky

Tasco Propoint

Tasco brings its binocular expertise over to this red dot rifle sight, and it certainly shows. The Propoint is recommended mostly for hunting, with its far-reaching light. Built with aluminum to withstand all kinds of weather and rifle recoil, the Propoint is seriously rugged. It can easily be mounted onto a variety of different guns and features two different mounting base settings. This red dot rifle is recommended for beginners.


This red dot rifle sight from Tasco is highly recommended for beginners. At an unbelievably low price, it is great for people not yet fully committed to the sport but are interested in trying it out with the aid of a high-quality sight.

This sight also provides unbeatable long-distance vision, which is expected from a company specializing in telescopes. Given this specialty, the Propoint specializes almost exclusively in hunting. This means, however, that the Propoint may not be the best option for other shooting sports.

On the other hand, the Propoint is versatile when it comes to what guns it can be mounted to, as it can be latched on to pistols, MSRs, and shotguns. It is aided in this by its two mounting base settings.

Featuring 11 brightness settings, this rifle is perfect for all kinds of conditions and differing brightness levels. The optic has also been coated numerous times, ensuring a more direct and stronger beam of light. The Propoint is very durable and is designed for weather recoil.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very low price for a great product
  • Long-distance vision
  • Great for hunting
  • 2 mounting base settings


  • Limited to hunting
  • Not good for close-range

Trijicon RMR Adjustable (LED) Sight

This sleek, LED red dot sight from Trijicon is one of the most lightweight on the market, at only 1.2 ounces with the battery included. Standing out from the competition also for its coyote brown design and LED illuminated dot, this product is also unique in comparison to its competitors. The comfortable buttons located on the side of the sight allow users to easily change the brightness of the dot and change between automatic and manual.


This sight is great for people unfamiliar with adjusting to different lightings and settings, with an auto-adjust feature built-in that is proven to be highly accurate and reliable. Plus, the option is there to switch this feature to manual for the more experienced shooter.

This product maintains Trijicon’s quality guarantee and allows for incredibly accurate shooting. So accurate, in fact, that this pistol helps sharpen the user’s eye and will help to refine free-hand shooting.

The different sized dots available make the product easily adjustable depending on the type of shooting being carried out, with the dot itself being very easy to spot through the lens.

With a four-year battery life, this is one of the more durable red dot sights on the market. The buttons on the side, used to both adjust brightness and switch between automatic and manual, are easily manipulated and comfortable to use.

The color and overall design make this sight really stand out, particularly when attached to a handgun. However, the coyote brown design may not be for everyone, and your gun may not even suit the color scheme.

The windage of this sight is also backward, which may take some getting used to for those with experience using other red dot sights. This product does not easily mount on to all types of guns and may require an RMR Glock Mounting kit, particularly if the gun in question features a Glock MOS slide.


  • Auto adjust for easy use
  • Good for under experienced users
  • Great for free-hand practice
  • Easily adjustable thanks to its unique style
  • 4-year battery life is very impressive
  • Automatic and manual options


  • Design may not suit everyone
  • Backward windage
  • May not mount

Final Thoughts

Given how vastly each of these red dot sights differs from one another, it is imaginably still very difficult to settle on what one to buy – particularly when you involve some of the more expensive ones in your decision making!

With this difficulty in mind, we’d recommend the Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight for its impressively wide-field view, its versatility, and its battery life. Trijicon may be on the more expensive side; however, they’re one of the most respected brands in the world of gun equipment, and this particular offering appears to be their best in terms of pistol red dot sights.

Best Red Dots for Shotguns -

Best Red Dots for Shotguns: 2021’s Best Picks

It can be extremely difficult to aim when shooting with a shotgun. For this reason, many experts would tell you that red dot sights are an absolutely essential piece of equipment.

A red dot sight allows the shooter to keep both of their eyes open while aiming and firing at an object. This is because the red light pinpoints roughly where the bullet will hit once the gun is fired, meaning that the shooter does not need to squint through the sight.

If you are on the market for a reliable red dot sight for your shotgun, there are plenty of decent options for you to choose from. To narrow it down for you, we have made a list of the best red dots for shotguns that are all long-lasting, popular, and top-quality sights that should definitely be considered. So without further ado, keep reading to see what they have on offer!

Red Dot for Shotguns Reviews

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot Sight

This matte black, red dot sight can be mounted on any shotgun, as well as pistols, rifles, and muzzleloaders. The product has a waterproof construction, meaning that you will not have to worry about your sight becoming impaired in poor weather conditions.


If you are looking for a top-quality red dot sight, this Bushnell product may be exactly what you need. In fact, this sight is the number one bestseller for the company. This sight is made from top quality materials and has a shockproof design, ensuring that the force of the gun does not cause any damage. The Bushnell sight also has nitrogen-purged fog proofing, allowing the light of the red dot to remain just as persistent in fog, mist, or heavy rain.

This product is compatible with any shotgun, pistol, rifle, and muzzleloader models. With a Picatinny mounting type, you should also find it incredibly easy to install and fit this sight to your gun.

The sight comes with 11 different brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the light according to the weather and time of day. With a waterproof construction and design, you will not have to worry about rain damaging the product. On top of this, the sight is built to be completely shockproof, ensuring that it does not become impaired by the force of the gun.

This product is made from top quality materials, giving you a durable and long-lasting red dot sight. The sight also comes with nitrogen-purged fog proofing, meaning that the brightness of the light will not be affected by rain, mist, or overcast conditions. More so, the interior optical surfaces will not fog due to humidity or rapid temperature changes. This sight is parallax free from 50 yards, ensuring maximum accuracy when aiming.

This product does not include batteries when purchased. While it is more expensive than other options on the list, this sight is a customer favorite and has incredibly high reviews.


  • Compatible with all shotgun, pistol, rifle, and muzzleloader models
  • 100% waterproof for all-weather hunting
  • Very easy to install and set up
  • Has a shockproof construction
  • Nitrogen purged fog proofing
  • Very bright red dot


  • Batteries not included in the package
  • More expensive than other options on the list

TRUGLO Dual-Color Dot Sight

This TRUGLO sight has a shock-resistant design, meaning that it will not be damaged by the force of firing. This product features an adjustable rheostat, allowing you to control how bright or dim the light will be. More so, the sight comes with multi-coated lenses and has an anti-reflective interior in order to eliminate any stray light. The product is compatible with all shotguns, as well as handguns, crossbows, and rifles.


This TRUGLO sight is compatible for use with all shotgun, crossbow, handgun, and rifle models. With a 5 MOA reticle design, this product has quick acquisition and is suitable for shooting moving targets. The shooter also has the option to change the color of the light so that it stands out as much as possible when aimed at the target.

This sight has a completely shockproof design, meaning that you will not have to worry about any damage caused by the recoil energy of the gun. On top of this, the product is waterproof and fog proof, allowing the user to use their shotgun in almost any weather conditions.

With this sight, the shooter will be provided with unlimited eye relief due to the sight’s wide field of view. The product features an adjustable rheostat, allowing the shooter to dim or brighten the light based on the weather conditions and time of day.

The product also has a special anti-reflective interior that eliminates stray light from appearing inside the sight. With an integrated weaver-style mounting system, it is incredibly easy to install and set up this TRUGLO sight.


  • Suitable for shooting moving targets
  • Dual-color reticle illumination (red and green)
  • Has a shock-resistant design and an anti-reflective interior
  • Completely waterproof and fog proof
  • Provides unlimited eye relief with a wide field of view
  • Brightness of light can be adjusted
  • Very easy to install and set up with batteries included in the package


  • Not as long-lasting as other option on the list
  • Made from standard materials

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

This Sightmark red dot sight is made from premium quality aluminum and features a protective shield. Additionally, the product has a patented integrated sunshade, meaning that your sight will not be obscured on a bright day. This sight has an advanced anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant lens system. More so, it offers the shooter a night vision mode, meaning that they will be able to successfully aim in the dark. This sight can be used for 12 hours at a time before it automatically shuts off.


This Sightmark product is built with premium aluminum, ensuring optimal longevity and durability. More so, the sight features a Picatinny mount system, making it very easy to install and set up.

This sight comes with a night vision mode, allowing the shooter to use their gun in almost any conditions and during any time of the day. The product also has a protective shield, meaning that you will not have to worry about the recoil energy of the gun damaging or impairing the sight.

The product comes with a patented integrated sunshade, allowing the shooter to aim clearly on even the brightest of days. Additionally, it comes with an advanced anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant lens system.

After 12 hours of continual use, the sight will automatically switch off. This mount can be used by anybody who shoots for fun, competition, or work. It is extremely reliable, long-lasting, durable, and accurate. On top of this, it is one of the most popular red dot sights on the market.


  • Made from top-quality aluminum
  • Features an advanced anti-reflective coating
  • Durable, accurate, and long-lasting
  • Very easy to install and set up
  • Features a patented integrated sunshade
  • Has a night vision mode, making it a very popular option


  • Batteries not included in the package
  • More expensive than other options on the list

TRUGLO TruBrite Multi-Reticle Dual-Color Open Dot Sight

This TRUGLO red dot sight can be used with shotguns, handguns, crossbows, or rifles. This sight allows the user to change the color of the light based on the object they aim to shoot. It also has a very compact and durable design, ensuring that the product will last for many years. This sight offers the shooter a wide field of view, making it easier than ever to aim.


This TRUGLO sight is an excellent choice for anybody who owns a handgun, shotgun, crossbow, or rifle. With a weaver mounting system, it is incredibly easy to install and set up this product. The product features an anti-reflection coating on the target side, meaning that your shooting will not be hampered on a bright day. With a Weaver-style mounting system, you will find it extremely easy to install and set up this sight.

The user will be able to adjust the color of the light depending on the object that they are aiming to shoot. For maximum contrast, the shooter can decide between a bright and persistent red or green light.

This sight has an incredibly compact and durable design, ensuring maximum longevity and reliability. More so, it provides the shooter with unlimited eye relief, as the sight has a very wide field of view.

The TruBrite has a window of 24 x 34mm, allowing for ultra-fast target acquisition. Additionally, the sight has an anti-reflective coating on the target side, ensuring that the user can shoot on even the brightest days.

Made from top quality materials, this product is one of the best sights on the market. It is parallax free from 30 yards, allowing for very accurate results when it comes to aiming.

This sight is a customer favorite for TRUGLO. In fact, it has been one of their bestsellers for many years due to how long-lasting and reliable the product is. Even though the package does not include batteries, this sight can be purchased for a very reasonable price.


  • Very popular option
  • Ultra-fast target acquisition
  • Features an anti-reflective coating
  • Made from top quality materials
  • Reasonably priced
  • Accurate, reliable, and long-lasting


  • Batteries not included in the package

Leupold Carbine Optic Red Dot Sight

This red dot sight is completely waterproof, meaning that you will not have to worry about the product becoming damaged or impaired when used in bad weather. More so, the sight is both fog proof and shockproof. The Leupold product comes with 16 illumination intensity settings, allowing the shooter to adjust the brightness of the red dot according to the weather conditions.


This Leupold red dot sight has a 1.0 MOA dot reticle, making it more suitable for shooting inanimate objects. The product has an attractive design and a matte finish. This sight has a very compact and lightweight design, ensuring that the recoil energy is dispersed after the gun has been fired. The lens of this product is military-standard scratch resistant.

The red dot sight is 100% waterproof, allowing the user to shoot in just about all weather conditions. On top of this, the product is also fog proof, meaning that the light will not be obstructed or weakened by mist, fog, and overcast conditions.

This sight has a shockproof design, meaning that it will not become damaged or impaired by the recoil energy of the gun. The product is exceptionally durable and reliable – this is due to the fact that it is made with top quality materials.

The red dot comes with 16 different illumination intensity settings. This allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light according to the weather conditions and time of day. For example, if they are shooting during dusk, they would need a brighter light than they would during the early morning.

The sight has an ultra-lightweight construction, offering the shooter unrivaled durability. More so, this product comes with an extreme military-standard scratch resistant lens. In other words, the shooter will not have to worry about their red dot becoming damaged when trekking through rough and unkept terrains.

If you are on the market for a reliable and long-lasting red dot, this option may be exactly what you are looking for. The package does not include batteries, but the sight can be purchased for a very reasonable price. On top of this, the product is very popular amongst its users.


  • Has a shockproof design
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Reliable, long-lasting, and accurate
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof
  • Features a military-standard scratch resistant lens
  • Reasonably priced making it a popular option


  • Batteries not included in the package

Final Thoughts

Red dot sights are used by shooters to improve their aim. This product allows the user to keep both eyes open while aiming, making the task much easier and more accurate.

Above, we discussed five top quality and reliable red dots for shotguns. Each product offers advantages and disadvantages – it is essential that you decide exactly what you are looking for before settling on one option.

Best Red Dot Sights for AR-15 -

Best Red Dot Sights for AR-15: 2021’s Best Picks

When it comes to finding the right red dot sight for your firearm, it is not a quick and easy task to perform. You need to compare all the many features included, and there are so many on the market that it takes a lot of time.

In this review, we took the pain out of shopping for the best red dot sights and provided you with a shortlist. So sit back and relax while you read through these best red dot sights for AR-15 options we found to provide you with the right weapon improvement.

Best Red Dot Sights For AR-15 Reviews

Solar Power Micro Red Dot Sight From Holosun

With this sight on your rifle, you will not need to worry about the time of day or the weather conditions. This sight provided by Holosun comes with great features included to make your outdoor hunting much more fun and even more convenient.


This AR-15 rifle and pistol micro red dot sight comes with a dual power operation mode to help preserve the battery power. This includes a solar power option that will charge it while it is in the light, and a battery operating mode when it is dark.

With this sight’s auto-brightness adjustment feature, it will adjust quickly to the available ambient light. So when it becomes too dark, the sight will automatically go over to battery operating mode to keep you going all the time.

This sight is also compatible with a wide range of other weapons, which includes rifles and pistols, as well as crossbows. This means that you can use just one sight on all of your weapons to save you money and for your convenience.

With the easily accessible + and – buttons added to the unit, you can quickly increase or decrease the red dot’s brightness. It will also provide much better accuracy with the on-the-spot red dot for improved aiming options.

Made from very strong aluminum, this unit is fully waterproof and very durable to last for a very long time. The lifetime warranty you get included with this red dot sight backs the high-quality and trust you can have in the unit.

However, this site provided by Holosun needs to be zeroed every time you use it because it quickly goes out when slightly bumped. This will take away some of the fun and functionality, and it is quite cumbersome to zero it every time.

Furthermore, regardless of the many settings, the red dot is not that bright while it is in solar power mode.


  • It comes with dual power mode
  • Can easily be used with other weapons
  • Included is a variety of brightness settings
  • A lifetime warranty is included


  • Need to zero the sight every time you use it
  • Not very bright in solar mode

Traditional 30MM Red Dot Sight From Truglo

It is going to be very easy to use this red dot sight on your rifle to help improve your overall accuracy and experience. This unit comes with quite a superior design included, making it ideal for both the beginner and the expert shooter.


With improved visibility provided with this red dot sight for your weapon, it will make your shooting much easier and more comfortable. It will not take you long to acquire the target and get your shot in, improving your shooting experience quite a bit.

The lightweight and very compact construction of this sighting unit will not add total weight to your rifle or other weapons. It will also not add to the bulk size, keeping your weapon as close as possible to the original size and weight.

With the integrated weaver mounting style, you will not have problems mounting the sight on any of your weapons. The quick and easy mounting option will help save you time and effort so you can be on the go in minutes.

To add to the sight’s clear visibility, you also have quite a wide field of view to further improve your shooting skills. This will also help get you on target much faster and not waste your time.

The flip-up lens caps will help to protect the lens from any damage when it is not in use. This sight is suitable to be used on a wide range of weapons to improve your accuracy and overall shooting skill.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this sight on a 12-gauge shotgun because of the high impact of the gun. Some even experienced the lenses cracking after only a few uses on the mentioned firearm.

It is also not fog-proof, so you need to be careful when you use it in cold and wet outdoor conditions.


  • This unit provides improved visibility
  • It is made with quite a lightweight construction
  • Very easy to mount this on your weapon
  • Has a wide field of view


  • This rifle sight is not fog-proof
  • Not to be used with a 12 gauge shotgun

Precision Micro Red Dot Sight From Fieldsport

This unit is ideal for those who cannot really afford to buy a high-end sight for their rifle but still need a sight. This means you will not need to use just a barebone rifle when you go out hunting (or just shooting) for a better experience.


This sight comes with up to 11 brightness settings that can easily be selected with the easy to use tuning knob. This will allow you to see the red dot much easier, even with the sun at its very brightest.

With quite a durable construction, this red dot sight provided by Fieldsport will last for a very long time for many hours of shooting. The materials used are of high-quality and are lightweight to make it quite easy to use on any of your weapons without adding to the weight.

The easy mounting method will help get this sight on your rifle in only a few minutes. This feature makes it a good option for those out in the field with very little time and need to be on the go.

You can easily set the zero in only a few shots to improve your accuracy and skill with this sight. With the easy adjustment of this unit, it can be secured relatively easily in place to keep the sight on zero for a while.

This unit comes with quite a low price tag attached to it to make it worth the money spent on improving your sight. It also comes with quite a nice lightweight design to make it very easy to install and use on your weapons.

However, with this rifle sight, you only have the red dot included and not the green dot, taking away some of the versatility of the unit. It also needs a raiser to be compatible with iron sights, making this unit a bit less functional.

It also is not made with a waterproof option, nor can it be used in a high humidity environment.


  • Comes with many brightness settings
  • Made from quite durable materials
  • Comes with a low price tag
  • Easy to mount on the rifle


  • No green dot included with this unit
  • Raiser is needed to use with iron sight

ITA Red And Green Circle Dot Sight By UTG

This well-designed weapon sight for most weapons comes with great features included to make it ideal for the expert and the beginner. It is also very easy to use for much better visibility and accuracy on any weapon it is attached to.


When you zero this sight provided by UTG, it will stay zero for a long time and will not go out when bumped. This means you can trust that your aim will always be true when using this sight on any of your weapons.

This is quite an easy sight to use with your rifle, where you will be able to be on target with very little adjustments all the time. It will also help to save you time and effort to quickly acquire the target without any hassle.

With the strong and durable construction of this red dot sight from UTG, you have reliability and functionality in one single package. Also, it is durable enough to last a very long time to give you many hours of great shooting.

You can easily use this UTG ITA sight with the iron sights of your AR-15 rifle without making any adjustments. This will save you a lot of time and effort so you can be ready to go out shooting in only a few minutes.

The height of the sight makes it relatively easy to allow co-witnessing with your AR-15 rifle to improve the overall accuracy. You also have five levels of adjustment to improve the sight’s overall brightness quickly and easily to a point.

However, this sight will not allow much brightness in the bright daylight conditions, taking away some of the versatility of the unit. This means that you may have some visibility problems during the day.

There is also no auto shut-off with this unit, so you need to keep an eye on it and make sure it is off.


  • Can be used with iron sights without adjustments
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with a red and green ring dot
  • Zero will not go out easily


  • There is no auto shut-off option available
  • It is not very bright in broad daylight

The Micro Red Dot Sight From TAC Vector Optics

With a decent design and rugged construction, this red dot optic sight will help to improve your overall shooting skill. Also, with the lightweight and compact design, it will not add overall weight or bulk to your rifle, making it a favorable choice.


This red dot sight will give you no trouble when you want to zero it because of the easy zero option included. This sight will also hold the zero for a long time, and it will not go out quickly even if you bump it.

You can easily mount this sight on rifles with the standard Picatinny mounting options as well as those using the Weaver mount. These features make this red dot sight quite versatile to be mounted on a wide variety of weapons without the need for any adjustments.

With the very lightweight design of this unit, it will be no problem to use it on smaller and larger weapons. It will not add weight to the lighter weapons and also will not make them look much bigger.

You will also get ultra-clear images with the multi-coated lenses that are included with the unit. So you will not have problems acquiring your target quickly and easily with these sights attached to your firearm.

This sight’s quality materials will help it to last for a very long time to provide many happy shooting hours. The lenses are also protected against scratching, dirt, and oil while providing you with a crystal clear view.

However, the batteries supplied with this unit will not last very long because of the high drain it has on the battery life. This means you will have to replace the batteries quite often, which may add to the unit’s total cost.

It also has very small adjustment buttons, which might cause some frustration for those with larger hands.


  • It is very easy to zero this sight
  • Multi-coated lenses included for a clear view
  • A dual mounting system included
  • Can be used with many different firearms


  • The battery drains quite quickly in this unit
  • It has very small adjustment buttons


The winner among these great red dot sights is the Holosun Solar power micro red dot sight that comes with a durable design. It also comes with all the great features needed to make your shooting much easier and more fun.

In the number two spot, we have the Truglo traditional 30mm red dot sight with great eye relief and a wide field of view. This one also comes with what you need to improve your overall user experience as well as shooting skill.

Best Red Dot Sights -

Best Red Dot Sights: 2021’s Buying Guide

Precision and accuracy are both key factors to consider when out in the wilderness hunting or even while practicing at the range. Many things play a role in this for gun owners. Of course, there is practice and familiarity with the weapon, but there is also a piece of equipment they can invest in to help them with shooting accurately.

Sights are incredibly helpful, and of the many different types, there is one that many choose above all others – the red dot sight. Adding this to your firearm will help with acquisition times and it will help make your shots far more accurate.

However, there are numerous models to look at when trying to find the right red dot sight, so to help you out a bit, we have compiled this comprehensive guide. Not only did we choose a few models that we feel are the best red dot sights out there, but we crafted a buyer’s guide to help you make your final decision.

Best Red Dot Sights Reviews

Sig Sauer SOR50000 Romeo5

The first sight comes from one of the big names in guns and offers x10 magnification, along with several other features that give it a leg up over the rest.

Product Highlights

Here are the main features of this red dot sight:

  • x10 illumination settings (2 NV + 8 day)
  • Built-in motion-activated illumination (MOTAC)
  • M1913 Picatinny railing
  • Fog/waterproof
  • Includes x2 mount risers (M1913 Picatinny/co-witness)
  • 20mm objective aperture
  • Elevation Adj. – +/- 40 MOA
  • Windage Adj. – +/- 40 MOA
  • 2 MOA red dot
  • x1 CR2032 battery

The Good

Sig Sauer is a name that almost everyone knows whether they are a gun owner or not, and that is because they deliver quality products. This sight is no different with its 10 different settings for brightness and its use of a standard Picatinny railing mount system. Plus, it is waterproof, and all of that combined makes this model a great investment.

The Bad

Now, there are some issues that we think may play a role in decision-making for consumers. First, the mount riser is standard and not very attractive. On top of that, the sight comes with no instructions. Both of these issues could be a problem for some, but neither affects the overall performance.


  • Fitted with 10 different illumination settings
  • Built-in Picatinny railing for standard mounting options
  • Designed with an IPX-7 waterproofing capability
  • Comes with a low mount and co-witness mount riser


  • Included mount riser is very basic
  • Lack of instructions may be a problem for some

Holosun HS510C 2

Our next red dot sight is an open reflex holographic model that incorporates a lot of modern tech aspects to deliver a top-notch sight that is sure to improve your accuracy and reaction time.

Product Highlights

Here are the main features of this red dot sight:

  • Micro Arc Oxidation coating
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Solar panel incorporated optic
  • x3 reticle selections
  • x12 brightness settings (10 day + 2 NV)
  • Autorun mode
  • Shake awake technology
  • Quick-release mounting system
  • Elevation Adj. – +/- 50
  • Windage Adj. – +/- 50
  • x1 CR2032 battery

The Good

One of the most important things when it comes to red dot sights is the battery life. This model comes with great battery life, plus so much more. You also get a large viewing window and a sight that can withstand the elements. That is all great, but what we love the most is the shake awake technology that is built-in. It also helps with that long battery life.

The Bad

Even with all that, though, there are still some things that could be improved upon. The first of these is that the unit is a bit heavy, which will affect the balance on the setup. Some may also feel that the price is a little steep for what you get.


  • Easily changed battery with excellent lifespan
  • Built-in shake awake technology for improved response time
  • Large viewing window for improved accuracy
  • IP67 waterproof rating and materials used provide durability


  • Some may find the weight of the unit a bit too much
  • Issues with the price being too high

Vortex Optics Crossfire Gen II

Our next red dot sight uses a 2 MOA dot and is an upgraded version of the previous Crossfire sight. Designed using high-quality materials and fitted with several important features, this sight is easily one of the best out there.

Product Highlights

Here are the main features of this red dot sight:

  • 1/3 co-witness mount
  • x11 brightness settings (9 day + 2 NV)
  • 22mm anti-reflective coated glass
  • Elevation adj. – +/-100
  • Windage adj. – +/-100
  • O-ring sealed for waterproofing
  • Anodized coating for corrosion and wear resistance
  • x1 CR2032 battery

The Good

The core component of any red dot sight is the optics. For this unit, the designers decided to go with a prime set of optics that offers zero parallaxes. The dot produced is also brighter than other models, which makes it much easier to see no matter the lighting situation. When it comes to controlling the settings of the sight, they are easy to use and get to, which is a nice touch.

The Bad

That being said, there are some problems that we need to address. Though the optics are robust, they don’t have a long-distance capability. This means that this unit will not be good with magnifiers. Along with this, the optics do not perform as well when it comes to nighttime situations, either.


  • Crafted with robust optics that offer zero parallax
  • Bright and clear for no loss of visibility in any light levels
  • Windage controls are easy to adjust and reach
  • Easy-to-use click dial for brightness levels


  • Short optic dimensions – not good with magnifiers
  • Optical configuration makes the sight not well suited for night vision scopes

Crimson Trace 2.0

If you are looking for a nice red dot sight for your rifle, then this compact, simply-designed tactical model from Crimson Trace may be a good choice.

Product Highlights

Here are the main features of this red dot sight:

  • 2 MOA red dot
  • M1913 Picatinny rail mount (co-witness height)
  • x10 brightness settings
  • Notch coating
  • Vibration resistance technology
  • Fog-resistant
  • High-grade LED laser
  • x1 CR2032 battery

The Good

Sometimes, simple is good, and when you are looking for that in a red dot sight, this model from Crimson Trace may be the best. Its simple design makes it easy to use and also leads to better battery life. This is because there are fewer features present to drain the battery. Simplicity also means a more budget-friendly price, which may make it the perfect choice for you.

The Bad

As much as it is a benefit, the simplicity can also lead to some issues. For instance, the unit is not suited for nighttime or even low-light shooting. The sight also does not come with a lens cap, and that means you will have to spend a little extra money on the side to protect your sight.


  • Designed with a simple build and layout for easier use
  • Requires minimal battery usage so batteries don’t need to be charged as often
  • Crafted with a water-resistant design for improved durability against wet conditions
  • Great for those with limited funds


  • Some issues with visibility in low light
  • Comes with no lens covers


Our last entry is a holographic weapon sight that is simply designed and easy to use. Crafted with premium materials, the unit is also durable and perfect for use with many different guns.

Product Highlights

Here are the main features of this red dot sight:

  • Holographic sight
  • Side button control panel
  • Weaver/MIL-STD 1913 rail mounts
  • Water-resistant up to 10’
  • 1 MOA red dot
  • Anti-reflective coated lens
  • Elevation adj. – .5 MOA
  • Windage adj. – .5 MOA
  • x1 CR123 battery

The Good

From the materials used in its construction to the features included in its design, this red dot sight is a high-performance option for all gun enthusiasts out there. The design and optics leave the unit with no parallax, and on top of that, it is crafted with unlimited eye relief. All in all, the maker of this sight wanted to give its user a sight that they will be able to use for years to come.

The Bad

Though there are a lot of great things about this unit, it is in no way perfect. The sight doesn’t perform well in low light or darkness. For some people, this means that it may not be worth the amount of hard-earned money they would have to shell out for this model.


  • Crafted with features that elevate the user’s control
  • Constructed to be able to withstand whatever you throw at it
  • Has the ability to operate without parallax
  • Designed with unlimited eye relief for enhanced precision


  • Unable to be used in low light and darkness
  • Price versus value is not on par with its competition

Buyer’s Guide

The models we reviewed above were all chosen with care by using a carefully curated list of features. These features deliver high-level performance and durability when present in a red dot sight.

To help you sift through these and any other options you have been looking at, we thought we would take a look at just how and why these factors are so important to the efficiency and usability of a red dot sight.

Here are the features we considered:

Reticle Size

One of the most important factors to look at is the size of the dot. This is measured in MOA (minutes of angle). To get the best option, you will need to think about how you will be using the gun. Then, choose accordingly. There are three sizes of the reticle, and each has its strong suits.


Typically these range from 1 MOA to 2 MOA. This size of this reticle is best for long-distance shooting that needs to be very accurate. Of course, it will take longer to locate the dot at longer distances because of how small it is. This makes it best for night shooting, as bright lights make it even harder to see the dot.


The size of this reticle usually measures from 2 MOA to 3.5 MOA. A reticle of this size offers a good middle ground where you can take advantage of the benefits of the smaller and larger options. The dots are easy to spot in different lighting situations and allow you to be more accurate. In the end, this reticle size is good for fast acquisition shooting.


As you might have guessed, the larger reticle typically measures at 3.5 MOA. The size of this reticle was specifically crafted for fast acquisition at a close range. Because the dot is so large, it takes up a lot of your viewing window, which will make midrange target acquisition very difficult. This red dot size is good for home protection weapons.


The last thing you want is to get ready to take your shot, turn your sight on, and find out that it’s out of juice. That’s why you will want to pay attention to the battery life, as well as how easy it is to change them if needed.

Let’s start with the life of the battery. Most red dot sight batteries should last you thousands of hours. If you are careful with making sure to turn it off, this will mean you can get longer use of it.

As for changing out the batteries, you should look at where the hatch is located. Ones with a top hatch are by far easier to change, as you will not have to remove the sight from the mount. If the battery does go in under the sight, you will have to re-zero in the sight after changing the batteries.

Water Resistance

If you are going to be out in the wilderness, you will inevitably come across rain or a water source of some kind. Making sure that your sight is waterproof is important. However, if you are a range shooter, then this may not be as important as if you spend a lot of time out in the elements.

Night Vision Capability

If you are someone who likes to engage in nighttime shooting or hunting, then you will need to pay attention to the night vision capability. Most sights will come with at least 1 NV setting. The more options you have, the better accuracy you will have in low light settings, which may be an important feature for you.

Features and Accessories Included

There are a lot of features and accessories that can be talked about here, so we are going to focus on a few that we think would be great additions.

Brightness Modes

Some sights will come with preset modes for things like night vision and extreme brightness. These modes will help make it easier to get sighted in those lighting situations. The more mode settings you have, the more accurate you will be able to be with your firearm.

Auto Shut Off

Like with anything, this feature turns the light off automatically after a certain amount of time of being idle. This is a great feature to have that will help preserve battery life.

Shake Awake Technology

This is a vibration and shock technology that makes the sight turn itself on after feeling a shaking or vibration. Shake awake technology is another factor that helps with speed of acquisition and precisions.


This is a feature that helps with your sight’s ability to adjust to different brightness levels without you changing the setting. It dims the brightness of the dot when it senses a change in light. This can save you time, but it will eat up battery life.

Mounting Rails

There are a few different options, and finding a site that is compatible with multiple mounting railing systems is a nice feature to have. Along with that, it is even better if the sight comes with the mounting rails.

Lens Cap

You should also look for a sight that comes with a lens cap. This will help extend the life of the sight by protecting the most delicate part of the piece of equipment – the sight’s lens.


With a look at some of the best red dot sights and how you can choose the one for you, we are sure there are still a few questions you may have. That is why we collected some of the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you below.

When Was The Red Dot Sight Invented?

The modern electric red dot sight was created by a Swedish sharpshooter in 1974, and it was marketed to the world in 1975 by Aimpoint AB. This company was founded by that sharpshooter and his financier, Gunnar Sandberg.

However, the original red dot sight was released in the early 1900s and was called the Weaver Qwik-Point sight. This site was created by filtering light through a plastic tube and focusing it on the sight. Of course, the lighting was not dependable, so these red dot sights were not very well-received.

Who Are The Most Known Red Dot Sight Manufacturers?

There are a lot of brands out there that craft decent red dot sights, but when you are looking to invest your money, you want the best. Here are some of the most known brands:

  • Aimpoint
  • Sig Sauer
  • Vortex Optics
  • Bushnell
  • Trijicon

Where To Mount A Red Dot Sight

In the end, this is a preferential thing, and as long as it is mounted on the receiver, the world is your oyster. There are several factors to consider when choosing the mounting location, such as whether or not you want to mount it all the way forward on the receiver or halfway down it. Here are a few of those:

  • Are you going to use a magnifier behind it? If yes, then, you will want to mount it further towards the end of the gun
  • Is it the speed of acquisition you are looking for? If so, then you may want to mount it further back and closer to your eye.
  • How about accuracy? Accuracy is best suited with the sight mounted further forward.
  • What weapon are you mounting it on? This is important to consider as you want to consider balance and weight.

How Far Can You Shoot With A Red Dot Sight?

Of course, they’ll still depend on the model, but on average, a red dot without any magnifications is good for shots up to 100 yards away.

How To Clean The Lens On A Red Dot Sight

You want to clean your lens very carefully. To do this, you will need a few supplies, and these will be used according to the type of dirt you are dealing with. Let us go through these one by one:


For this, the best tool is a camel hairbrush, one like photographers use on their cameras. You will want to gently move that brush across the lens back and forth until the dust is not visible anymore.

Water Spots/Fingerprints

If you have either of these two issues, you will want to dampen a lens paper with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is just barely damp and then gently brush that cloth across the lens. Do not apply any pressure.

When you have made one pass over the lens, throw that paper away. If you still need to clean the lens more, use a new piece of paper every time. Once it is clean, let it sit to allow the alcohol to evaporate.


If you have dried or caked mud, then you will have to use a stronger tool. For this, a camel hair brush dampened with alcohol is what you will use. Then, you will softly use that brush to work off the splatters of mud.

Make sure to wash out the camel hair brush once you see some debris built up. Then, just like before, let the lens sit to allow evaporation of the alcohol.

{Note – if the dirt or smudges are on the inside, do not try to take the sight apart and clean it yourself. Instead, go to a professional or send it back to the manufacturer for cleaning.}

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the best red dot sight for you. Hopefully, it has helped you out!

Best Goldenrod Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Best Goldenrod Gun Safe Dehumidifier

At the first glance, you would say that the Goldenrod Corporation has nothing to do with home security systems and safes. But when you scratch the surface, you will notice it is an important part of every high capacity gun safe.

The Goldenrod Corporation was founded in 1986 and it is manufacturing air shafts, winding shafts, carbon fiber shafts, reel spools and other types of ventilation systems and shafts. The link between a gun safe and this corporation is a small item that controls the air, moisture, and condensation in your gun safe and it is called the dehumidifier.

The Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier models are made from high-quality materials, they are durable and they do what the company is all about; they control some aspect of any system. That is why their dehumidifiers are so interesting in the gun safe world and they are worth mentioning on my blog.

The Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifiers aren’t made specially and only for gun safes. You can use them in any storage space if you want to control the air and the moisture, you just have to be sure that you got the right size of the dehumidifier. That is why I want to show you the most popular Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier models to help you choose the one that fits your gun safe (or any other storage space) best.

Top 3 Goldenrod Gun Safe Dehumidifier Models

Goldenrod GunSaver Dehumidifier

The first dehumidifier I want to share with you is made for gun safes as you can notice from the name of the dehumidifier. You can choose the size of the dehumidifier between the 12-inch and 18-inch which means that you can easily adjust it to your gun safe capacity. As you can see from the picture, it is actually a pretty simple product and the installation is simple because it comes with plastic handles.

Goldenrod GunSaver Dehumidifier

The smaller dehumidifier (12-inch) is made for a storage space up to 100 cubic feet and it comes with a 1-year warranty. The warranty applies to the bigger model too (18-inch) and their main difference is the size. The 18-inch model is made for a storage space up to 200 cubic feet which are double the size of the smaller model.

Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier

This Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier is actually pretty impressive as it comes with a lifetime warranty and it comes in more sizes. You can pick one out of 4 sizes for your gun safe so you can be sure that the dehumidifier is completely adjusted to your needs. The sizes are 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch and 39-inch and they cover a storage space from 100 cubic feet to 500 cubic feet.

Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier

The reason why this Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier is so popular is its performance, durability and the fact that it is one of the strongest on the market. This dehumidifier is made for gun safes but you can use them in other storage spaces and its slim and small design makes sure that it won’t take too much space in your storage.

Goldenrod Wireless Hygrometer

I know that this is not a Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier but I want to mention it because people often confuse dehumidifier with the hygrometer. The dehumidifier warms up the space inside the gun safe to prevent humidity and the hygrometer shows you the level of humidity. It means that it doesn’t do anything to prevent humidity, it only shows you how much there is.

Goldenrod Wireless Hygrometer

So, if you need something to control the level of humidity, this hygrometer is the gadget you need. It is wireless so you don’t have to use a cable and it has a big LCD display so you can easily read the level of humidity. This little gadget is great to show you if you need a dehumidifier or not and if you want to see the progress you made when you installed the Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier.

Slim and Narrow Gun Safe

When you want to store your long guns in a secured place and you don’t really have much space to do so, the best solution for you is to check slim gun safe models. Like their name says, they are smaller than other rifle safes and they are made to save space. Its hard to find a slim gun safe so I thought I would write a review about Slim Gun Safes.

Slim gun safe models are a great choice if you want to store your gun safes in a closet or behind the door of your room. But, they do have one downside; they don’t have high capacity. That is not an actual downside but you should be aware that slim and narrow gun safe models can store 5-6 long guns, not more.

That is why you can use them for protection of your home or office and if you are a passionate gun collector, look for high capacity gun safes. Those safes can store from 16 to 60 long guns, even more depending on the type and brand.

I want to show you both; the slim gun safe models and the slim gun cabinets so you can see which one suits your situation better. Most gun cabinets come with a traditional lock with the key which means that they don’t need batteries and that the only thing you need to open them is the key. If you need a storage space like that, you will go with the cabinets. If you want more sophisticated lock like the biometric or digital combination lock, then I would suggest you go with the narrow gun safes.

I took the liberty to pick 5 most popular slim gun safe models and cabinets with different capacity and types of the lock so you can adjust their overall design to your needs. So, take look at the most popular models and choose the one that fits you perfectly.

Best Slim & Narrow Gun Safe Models

Barska Quick Access Slim Gun Safe

This is the most popular narrow gun safe on the market and you will see why. It is a simple rifle safe with an impressively quick lock so it is one of the best picks for your protection. This slim gun safe is made of solid steel so you can expect nothing but durability. The interior has protective carpet on the bottom so you can place your rifles without scratching them. You can store up to 4 rifles on a special rifle rack and above that is a small shelf so you can store ammo and handguns too. Its slim design allows you to store it in your closet so you can put it in your bedroom.

The reason why this gun safe is called the quick access gun safe is the biometric lock that reacts under 2.5 seconds, which is pretty impressive. That high-tech lock can store up to 120 fingerprints which not many biometric locks can. The safe comes with 3-point locking system and concealed hinges so you can expect nothing but security from it.

Moutec Large Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Rifle Gun Safe, 5-Gun Metal Rifle Gun Security Cabinet for Rifle with/Without Scope with Separate Pistol/Handgun Lock Box (Digital Keypad-Non Biometric)

Like I have already mentioned, I will introduce you to a few gun cabinets as well and this is the first one. Moutec is not a well-known brand but it is made with care and quality. The safe is made of 100% steel walls so you can assume it is durable. The interior is simple, it comes with a rifle rack and one small self at the top. That cabinet you can use to store ammo or handguns but the locking system complicates things when you are in a hurry. This gun cabinet can store 5 long guns without scopes and it also comes with

  • Rifle Safe x 1
  • Mounting Hardware Set x 1
  • Emergency Key x 2
  • Lockbox Key x 2
  • AA Batteries x 4

The Moutec cabinet is a quick access gun cabinet. It has smart biometric technology that retains 3-8 digits PIN Code. I like this one because you can create your own passcode or manually lock it with the spare key.  For a little extra you can get the fingerprint scanner which works flawlessly and fast!  The biometric features very easy to set up. Code dial very easy to set up as well.  It is nice that the cabinet comes with emergency access keys that are covered under a lifetime replacement warranty.

American Furniture Classics 906

This is another gun safe cabinet, but this one is made by a well-known brand, the American Furniture Classics. They are mostly specialized in gun safe furniture, but they do produce ordinary gun cabinets as well. This is a basic gun cabinet which has a storage space to fit 5 long guns and its slim design allows you to store in almost everywhere. The interior of the cabinet is fully carpeted which is great and it also comes with a rifle rack and a top shelf for ammo.

Since it is a cabinet you could expect a simple locking system and you wouldn’t be wrong. The cabinet comes with a lock and key locking system which is strengthened with 3 locking bolts in the middle of the door. I would prefer if the bolts are spread all over the height of the door, but it is also an OK solution. Considering the price, capacity, and materials, it is a good product. If you are looking for a gun cabinet.

Stack-On SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On is a famous gun safe brand and they are producing both gun safes and cabinets. This is a slim gun safe model that can store up to 3 long guns and 4 handguns inside. Now, when I say that it can store 16 handguns I don’t mean on the top shelf. There is a special handgun rack on the rifle rack you can use to store handguns which means that the top shelf is reserved only for ammo. The interior of this interesting narrow gun safe is fully carpeted so you can avoid scratches at all cost.

When you look at the slim gun safe from the outside it looks very simple. The only thing you can notice is a keypad and a handle. Well, that simple keypad is a high-quality combination lock that comes with a hardened steel plate that prevents all drill attacks. Besides that, this gun safe comes with locking bolts and the DOJ approval.

Quicktec Quick Access Gun Safe

The last slim gun safe I want to share with you is another quick access safe. The interior of this safe has carpeted bottom and door to prevent scratches on your long guns. You can store up to 5 long guns inside the safe and you can use the locking box above the rack to store ammo. That box inside the safe comes with 2 keys so you can share the 2nd one with the one person you trust.

This one doesn’t have a biometric lock but it does have a digital combination lock with quick reaction time. That digital combination lock requires 4AA batteries so you have to check their status from time to time. If you forget about it and the batteries end up empty you don’t have to worry because this narrow gun safe comes with a backup lock and key.

Best White And Brown Gun Safe Reviews

Best White And Brown Gun Safe Reviews

The most common color of any type of safe, including gun safes, is black. The black color gives them elegance and it is easy to maintain. But, if you are sick of basic black and you want to spice things up, if recommend that you try with some other color, just don’t be too bold. Bright colors like red, blue, green or pink will make your gun safe stand out and that is not what you want from a secured storage space.

You want your gun safe to blend in your room or office and the best way to do that is to pick neutral colors like black, brown and white. That is why I want to share with you interesting brown and white gun safe models that will fit in your room and will give you that much-needed change from basic black.

White and Brown Gun Safe

Another perk of owning brown and white gun safe models is tied to their purpose. For example, a white gun safe is a great choice for safes that are built in the wall because most rooms have white walls. By picking the white color you will blend your white gun safe with the walls and you can easily cover it with a picture or a mirror.

The similar story is with brown gun safe models but in a different environment. Brown gun safe models are interesting for people who love the traditional design of a room which is filled with wooden furniture. Those rooms are mostly brown in color which means that a brown gun safe is a perfect pick for them. If you have an office filled with brown bookshelves you can be sure that a brown gun safe will look much better than its white or black version.

So, read my top 5 brown and white gun safe models to help you realize which brown or white gun safe models are a good pick for you.

Most Popular Brown & White Gun Safe Models

Homak In-wall White Gun Safe

A white color for built-in gun safes is a great choice because they are easy to blend in the rest of the room (wall). This interesting model comes in two sizes which means you can use it to store long guns or handguns, but make sure that you are aware of the size of the safe before you buy it so you can fit what you want inside. The safe is constructed of 1.5 mm steel and it is simple, without any parts which are sticking out of it.

Homak Security Wall Safe WS00018002

This simple gun safe is easily concealed with a picture or a mirror so you can be sure that people won’t notice it. But, that type of design comes with a simple lock and this white gun safe comes with a simple lock and key system. The bigger version comes with 2 locks and the smaller version with only one lock. The entire design of both models is made to fit between the studs in most homes so you won’t have problems with the installation of the safe.

Flat Recessed In-Wall Brown Gun Safe

The reason why I decided to put this safe here is its color. I know that I am not an expert but this looks a lot like beige or off/white color than the light grey as the manufacturer described it. But, if you aren’t satisfied with this color you can get the same model in black. Besides color, this safe is pretty handy. Its slim design makes it a good in-wall gun safe and the fact that it is a light brown gun safe gives you another option in color. The interior doesn’t have any carpet or foam but it comes with two shelves. The problem is that the middle space is mostly taken by the lock so you will have to use other two spaces.

Flat Recessed In-Wall Brown Gun Safe

This in-wall light brown gun safe is made of solid steel and it comes with a special electronic combination lock so you can be sure it is a safe storage for your firearm. The lock has two locking bolts and the door has concealed hinges to prevent all pry-attacks. The lock requires batteries and once you remove the batteries you can change the password which is an interesting feature.

Vaultek VT20i White Gun Safe

This is not an ordinary safe and it is not a built-in gun safe. It comes in different colors including white and the others are black and Camo designs so you can pick the one that you like best. This is a badass handgun safe which has a quick reaction time and different locking systems so you can share them with the people you trust. The only thing you have to be aware is that it is a handgun safe which means that it can store one, maybe two handguns inside (depending on their size and models).

Vaultek VT20i White Gun Safe

This awesome white gun safe comes with a biometric lock with 20 fingerprints, digital combination lock, and you can even use your own smartphone application to unlock the safe if you are within range. This amazing gun safe is high-tech and durable which is great. You can use the special Vaultek App to see when was the last time you unlocked the safe, to check the battery status and change every setting there is on the safe.

Cannon Landmark Brown Gun Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16

I have mentioned the built-in gun safes and the small handgun safes but now I want to share with you one heavy-duty safe that is big enough to store your documents, jewelry, money, and handguns inside. Unfortunately, it is not big enough to store long guns, but it definitely has the room for more than just a few handguns. The fully carpeted interior is divided into 3 sectionals with two shelves and it includes a door organizer for smaller items.

Cannon Landmark Brown Gun Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16

The lock on the safe may be a simple digital combination lock but the safe is pretty secured. The door is equipped with 4 locking bolts and concealed hinges so you can be sure that no pry-attacks can open this safe. Besides security against theft, this brown gun safe has also a fire protection that lasts about an hour due to the high-quality triple fin intumescent seal on the door. That is one impressive feature that is worth looking into.

Barska Compact Biometric Safe

The last model I want to show you is a white gun safe made by Barska. They are specialized in biometric locks and this model has it too. But, this safe is the smallest on this list so you can use it to store one, maybe two handguns inside. The design of the Vaultek is much better because it is slim and this is a box so I would recommend this one as a home gun safe. The good thing is that it comes with a carpeted bottom so you can avoid scratching your belongings.

Barska Compact Biometric Safe

This small white gun safe comes with biometric lock and two locking bolts so you can be sure that the door will stay closed when you want it to. The biometric lock can store up to 30 fingerprints so you can share them with the people you trust and if the battery runs out of power you can easily open the safe with the backup key. If you are looking for a small white gun safe, take a closer look at this one as well.