2021 Champion Gun Safe Reviews

Champion Safe Company is generally happened to be the authority in the market of the high-end gun safes, which gives both the excellent quality and the reliability and that you can see in Champion gun safe reviews.

The Champion Gun Safes actually have made the best name for themselves in gun collectors that prefer the top quality over everything else. That is a fact and you can see that in the Champion safe reviews.

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The company is a true American company and as they call themselves, the no. 1 quality gun safe in America. They are allocated in Provo, Utah and they are proud to have a high-quality gun safe production.

Advantages Of Champion Gun Safes

There are many advantages of each Champion gun safe model but I want to focus on their general advantages. Each and every model has great quality materials, fire protection, and warranties which makes them a very popular brand.

They Have Fire Protection

Each and every Champion gun safe for sale comes with some fire protection period which can be from 45 minutes to 120 minutes and from 1325°F to 1750°F. That means that your valuables are completely safe within any of the Champion safes for sale on the market.

They Come With The Warranty

The Champion gun safes come with the warranty, which covers you in the case of unforeseen circumstances like fire outbreak and damage inflicted on safe by burglars. They may repair and replace damaged safe, as well as can also care for all necessary shipping costs and other things you can look at champion safe reviews. Although Champion safe prices aren’t low, they provide high-quality materials with an impressive performance which makes Champion safe prices right on the spot.

You Can Adjust The Interior

What makes the Champion gun safe so popular is the fact that you can make the interior the way you want it. It can have a place for guns, rifles, documents and even jewelry and it is good to have all valuable things under a strong lock like Champion gun safes.

Champion Gun Safe Reviews – Champion Series

Champion Crown Safes

Crown series is a leader of the pack of the Champion gun safes. The safes are tested in the ASME Certified Facility where they passed the fire test with the 2-hour fire protection at 1750°F. That is achieved by the 4 layers of fire insulation on the body and layers on the door. Diamond-embedded armor plate and S&G Group II dial lock will make sure that the burglary protection is as strong as the fire protection.

Champion Crown Safes

22 locking bolts and the auto-relock system will keep the door closed at all time and the only way to open it is with the right key. The series gives the perfect combination of the essentials of the impenetrable safe like; superior lock mechanism, strength, unmatched elegance, and fire protection, which makes it a perfect match for people who want their firearms stored safely.

Champion Medalist Gun Safe

Medalist series gives gun safes, which are constructed of 12-gauge American steel on the walls and 11 & 14 gauge steel on the door. All that is combined with Sargent & Greenleaf lock making this safe to be very robust to withstand all types of the burglary attacks. The 4-way active bolt works, 14 door bolts, and a special bolt-detent system will make sure that the door stays closed.

Champion Medalist Gun Safe

The 60-minute fire protection at 1400°F is made with 3 layers of fire insulation in the body and 2 layers of fire insulation on the door. The best thing about all CHampion safes is that you can pick the size you want, this is only a general characteristic of a series. Medalist is a stylish, elegant and durable gun safe so read its whole review in my post about Medalist gun safe.

Champion Triumph Gun Safe

Triumph gun safe features the heavy duty 10guage steel body of construction that is coupled with 5inches of thick double step that give a maximum of security from all types of the unauthorized access. Door boasts of over 20, 1¹/²inch sturdy bolts for the maximum safety. The interior has a special plush velour and a LED lighting so you can see in the safe even in the dark. Champion Triumph Gun Safe

Triumph safe series protects the firearms from any damaging effects of the fire for 90-minutes at 1650°. The tests were made by the ASME Certified Facility and it is said that this is a safe with Phoenix Class IV Fire Protection so you can be sure it can survive the fire.

Champion Trophy Gun Safe

Coming at the affordable champion gun safe reviews, Trophy series is as well constructed with same quality like other best models in Champion family. It is constructed of 11-gauge American steel, this as well comes with the thick reinforced door, which uses 16 (1¹/4inch) 4-way of active door bolts to get maximum security. Interior of the safe is as impressive as the exterior. It has plush velour interior with Steek reinforced top shelves. You can open the safe in the dark because it has the LED light that uses 110V power receptacle.

Champion Trophy Gun Safe

This as well boasts of the outstanding 1500° of fire rating for 75 minutes with 3 layers of fire insulation on the body and 3 layers of fire insulation on the door. This safe is considered the Phoenix Class III Fire Protection.

Champion Model T Gun Safe

This is the simplest and most functional Champion gun safe on the market. It is made in one size and one color and it is the best it can be. The body is made of 12-gauge steel construction and the door is reinforced with 14-gauge steel from the inside so you know that this safe can withstand an hour of most brutal fire attacks, which makes this safe very durable.

Champion Model T Gun Safe

The S&G dial lock comes with special Champion’s auto-relock system and 8 live-locking bolts made this safe the extremely durable and resistant to all types of burglary. This level of quality comes with the lifetime warranty, just like the most other Champion gun safes.

Super Short Champion Gun Safe

Super Short gun safe is the smallest Champion gun safe for sale at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver an impressive safety for your guns. The 12-gauge steel construction on the body and 2 additional full layers on the door are enough to keep the burglars away but to be 100% sure they have put S&G dial lock on the safe. The door comes with 8 active locking bolts and external hinges. Super Short Champion Gun Safe

It may not be as big as other Champion gun safes, but it does have an impressive performance.  This small gun safe comes with the lifetime warranty and it has 1-hour fire protection at 1350°F which is everything but dull.

Champion gun Safe Reviews – Superior Safe Series

Untouchable Champion Gun Safe

The name of this safe tells us that it is the strongest and the safest gun safe in the entire Superior Safe Series. Its impressive construction can store 36-64 guns, depending on the size of the gun safe you choose so I would definitely recommend it to people with big gun collections. You don’t have to worry about people breaking in because it has 24 locking bolts, S&G dial lock, glass-guard relock system with remote relockers and a diamond-embedded armor plate.

Untouchable Champion gun safe

You don’t have to worry about fire hazard as well because this gun safe comes with 110 minutes fire protection at 1865°F. All that is possible because it has 4 layers of fire insulation in the body and 4 layers in the door. This safe comes with the lifetime warranty which is not a surprise considering the characteristics.

Supreme Champion Gun Safe

The Supreme Champion gun safe for sale is made from composite and steel walls with the door that is 10-gauge steel from the inside and 3/8″ steel from the outside. Interior is completely covered with plush velour and besides storing long guns you can store other valuable belongings because you will get a Bank Box storage system and steel reinforced top shelves.

Supreme Champion gun safe

The Supreme Champion gun safe has 4 layers of fire insulation which means it can endure almost two hours of fire and high temperatures up to 1865F. The 3 fire seals make sure that the fire stays on the outside of the gun safe so you can keep your firearms safe during the fire.

Master Champion Gun Safe

The Master is the best selling Champion gun safe so you don’t have to doubt its quality, although I am sure you are aware how quality Champion gun safes really are. This gun safe has an ASTM Certificate, 3 layers of fire protection and features which makes it impossible to break into. Some of those features are S&G dial lock, diamond-embedded armor plate, 20 live-locking bolts and 10-gauge steel walls with the 12-gauge steel door.

Master Champion gun safe

The fire rating of this safe is also worth mentioning because it has an hour and a half fire protection at 1650°F. This big safe comes with the lifetime warranty and that is not a surprise.

Regal Champion Gun Safe

The Regal is unique gun safe made by Champion which you can see from the picture. It is made by the 11-gauge steel construction on the walls and 12-gauge steel construction on the doors. The S&G dial lock will close the safe and the 16 live-locking bolts will keep it closed. The plush velour interior will keep your firearms away from damage and the door organizer gives you the chance to store other valuable belongings besides guns in the safe.

Regal Champion gun safe

The fire rating on this safe is pretty impressive because it can endure 75 minutes at 1500°F. All that is possible with 3 layers of fire insulation on the walls and the door and with the small help of two fire seals on the body of the gun safe.

Ironside Champion Gun Safe

Ironside is a gun safe made from 12-gauge steel walls and 10-gauge outer door steel. The door comes with S&G dial lock and 16 live-locking bolts that are made to withstand any burglary attempt so you can be sure that the plush velour interior of the safe will stay intact.

Ironside Champion gun safe

It is a Champion gun safe for sale with 3 layers of fire insulation on the walls and 2 on the doors which means it can survive temperatures of about 1350°F for about an hour. All that was tested in an ASME Certified Facility so you can be sure that the numbers are right.

Super Short Champion Gun Safe

Another Super Short gun safe model, but is made for Superior Safe Series. This gun safe has the same 12-gauge steel construction on the walls and 2 layers of fire insulation on the doors like other Superior models but in the compact size. 8 live-locking bolts and S&G lock with the three-spoke handle make sure that your belongings are secure in the safe although it is not the best Champion safe on the market.

Super Short Champion Gun Safe

The best or not, this safe also has a fire protection that lasts for about an hour at 1350°F all thanks to the 2 layers of fire insulation on the door and the walls. Even the most modest Champion gun safe comes with the lifetime warranty which is a great sign of impressive gun safe quality.

Champion Gun Safe Reviews – SafeGuard Series

Deluxe Champion Gun Safe

Deluxe Champion safes for sale are made from American steel with special features that make them durable and indestructible. You can store 16-50 guns in Deluxe gun safes which means you can adjust the size of the gun safe to your needs. The same story is with the interior of the gun safe. You can adjust it with custom door organizes and you don’t have to worry about damaging the firearms because the entire interior has plush velour.

Deluxe Champion Gun Safe

The fire rating of this safe is just as impressive as the rating of other Champion gun safes. It can last for 1 hour at 1350°F due to the 3 layers of fire insulation on the walls and 2 layers of fire insulation on the door.

Standard Champion Gun Safe

Standard Champion gun safe is not standard at all, it has a total of 5 layers of fire insulation (3 on the walls and 2 on the doors) and it has plus velour interior you can adjust to your needs. High capacity gun racks offer you the option to store as little as 16 and as much as 50 guns inside which give you an opportunity to choose the size of the gun safe that best suits your collection.

Standard Champion Gun Safe

No matter what size you choose, they all have 1-hour fire protection at 1352°F so you can be sure that your collection will be safe. The 16 live locking bolts with S&G dial lock will keep the interior safe from burglars as much as the 5 layers of fire insulation keep the interior safe from fire.

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