ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

Many people look to add more security and safety to their homes by purchasing firearms and storing them. It definitely is not suggested for anyone to leave their gun lying around, and so in order to keep everything safe, many people invest in gun safes.

For a gun owner looking for a trustworthy and high-performance gun safe, they’ve probably run into biometric gun safes and a plethora of them. One of those is the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe. Below is an in-depth look at this model that we hope helps gun owners make an informed decision.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review


This gun safe is a customized version crafted with a few special features. One is ensured that it is crafted for ultimate safety from the special lid to the added security via the two screw mounts and heavy steel cable. The body itself is designed using solid steel construction and finished for extra durability with an anti-corrosion coating.

This unit is designed to house two regular-sized pistols or several smaller items if you’re just using it for security reasons. Inside it is padded with a soft foam to help protect the safe from damage. This overall design means that it is a high-quality option for many different types of gun owners.

Who is this product for?

Though this unit can be just as beneficial for those looking for home storage, it shines the most because it is compact and easy to transport. This means that for gun owners headed out into the great outdoors, it could be a wonderful investment.

All of the features and the large capacity make it a great option, but what really makes it stand out, especially for gun owners looking to use it as a gun safe for travel, is the solid steel construction. This means that it can stand the rigors and challenges of outdoor adventures.

What’s included?

When a gun owner purchases this gun safe, they will get the following in the box:

  • Safe
  • Two screw mounts
  • Heavy steel cable
  • Owner’s manual

Overview of Features

The safe has a wealth of different features that make it stand out. Perhaps the biggest thing when it comes to the safety and security of firearms in one’s home is the biometric locks and features attached to them. This safe is crafted with a quick access fingerprint technology that allows the gun owner to get into their safe and grab their firearm within seconds.

The safe is crafted to have a large memory capacity of up to 30 fingerprints along with this technology. This means that it is a perfect option for families because multiple members of the family could have their fingerprints stored for easy access. Along with this, it is a three-access point safe which means there is also the ability to use a keypad and keys.

Another great feature is the inclusion of something called the mute mode. This allows a gun owner to activate a silent system so that they will not disturb others or signal to unwanted intruders in one’s home, not alerting them to the fact that the gun owner is getting into their safe. On top of that, it is easily mounted via either the steel cable or the mounting screws so that any gun owner can securely mount it and keep it even safer.

Though it does not hold more than two pistols, and some feel that the price is a little steep, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. This gun safe is outfitted for optimal storage and security of firearms. All these features, coupled with the compact and easy transportable design, make it a great investment.

How to Use It

The best way to use and learn how to use any gun safe is to read the owner’s manual. By understanding how the biometric system works when it comes to saving fingerprints and understanding the rest of the features built into the system, the gun owner can be sure that they’re getting the most out of it.

For those that are more visual, the following video comes directly from the company itself and could be of great use.


  • Capable of storing up to 30 fingerprints
  • Design is created to be easily transported
  • Outfitted with three access points
  • The unit comes with a one year warranty


  • Not as large as other safe options
  • Some find the price to be a little steep


The capacity of the gun safe that has been being reviewed in this article is only two pistols. This may be a poor choice for those gun owners with more firearms that need to be stored away. For those gun owners, we have found an alternative that offers great durability and quick access but affords more space for multiple pistols.

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

This gun safe still offers a high capacity of storage when it comes to fingerprints. In fact, one can store up to 20 different fingerprints in it. Along with this, it also has a larger capacity and comes with a removable foam pack that allows one to store their guns in a quick draw position.

The unit itself is outfitted with a three-access point capability and an advanced biometric technology system. So it offers all of the great features of the product in this review but with more space.


Having a high-quality gun safe to protect the firearms in one’s home is a must. This unit offers a compact nature and high-level security, including a biometric keypad that can store a large number of fingerprints. Because of this and the high-quality material, it is definitely a good option for just about any gun owner.

Whether one is looking for a gun safe to protect their firearms in their home or while they’re out in the great outdoors, there are many great features attached to this biometric gun safe.

We certainly hope that this in-depth review of the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe has helped those gun owners out there looking for a high-quality safe in their decision-making process.

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