RPNB Multifunction 4-Pistol Gun Safe Review

Many people choose to invest in a firearm to protect their homes, and when they do, there comes a whole slew of other accessories that need to be considered. One of the most important is a gun safe to keep their family safe and the guns out of the reach of people untrained to use them.

There are a wide range of different options, and if they have been researching them, they may have run across the RPNB Multifunction 4-Pistol Gun Safe. Below we will take a look at this model in-depth to help those looking for a gun safe for their home. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

RPNB Gun Safe 4-Pistol Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Gun Safe 4-Pistol Multifunction Gun Safe Review

This multifunctional gun safe is crafted using durable steel to make it a long-lasting option for those who invest in it. Along with this steel construction, it is finished with a black finish that is anti-corrosion, which only heightens the unit’s durability even more. The overall design includes a gas strut that creates an automatic quick opening of the door.

On the inside, it is designed with a four pistol foam rack that holds the gun in the draw position. This makes it quick access while still creating a heightened level of security for the pistols and the gun owners themselves. Upon opening, the interior has a lighting system so that the gun owner can easily see inside, making sure there is a limited risk for accidents.

Who is this Product for?

This gun safe is perfect for just about any gun owner, but there are always those that’ll get a little more use out of something like this. For those that are looking for solely security measures, the quick draw access makes this a perfect investment.

It’s also great for gun owners that have multiple pistols or multiple family members that have pistols they want to keep safe. The biometric entry and ease of setup are factors that could be an advantage for those unfamiliar with utilizing gun safes.

What’s Included?

When one purchases this gun save, they get the following in the box:

  • Gun safe
  • Two backup keys
  • Two mounting anchor bolts
  • Owner’s manual

Overview of Features

There are a lot of amazing features when one takes a deep look at this gun safe. Starting with a high capacity, the unit is crafted to be able to give the gun owner, it comes with a four pistol foam rack that can be removed which elevates the capacity of the unit. The foam pack allows for quick access to the pistols, as it is designed to leave the pistols in a draw position. For those gun owners that are not really looking for that, the ability to remove it is a great plus.

Quick access is key when it comes to gun safes, and the inclusion of the gas strut is a nice touch. This allows the lid to open gently but still gives the gun owner enough room to reach in. When the lid is open, the struts easily support the weight and allow for a 90-degree angle.

Maybe the best thing about this gun safe, though, is advanced biometric technology. It is crafted with the 500 DPI semiconductor biometric sensor. When it comes to that sensor’s memory storage, which can have up to 20 different fingerprints saved, it’s perfect for families. It offers accurate and quick access.

In order to make access even more simple and quick, the designers of this gun safe included an interior light. This will help with the visibility, so there is easy access to the guns stored within the safe. The light itself stays on for 30 seconds when the lid is open and then shuts itself off afterward.

Though some of the components may not be as durable as others, and there are some concerns about the size of the digits on the lock itself, overall, this is a great investment.

How to Use It

In order to really understand how to use this gun safe to its fullest, one has to understand how to program this multifunctional pistol safe. Though the unit comes with a user manual, it’s always best to see things done through a visual medium as well. For those looking for an easy-to-follow guide to programming this safe, one should definitely check out the following video.


  • A biometric scanner and immediate access mode
  • Built with premium-grade steel for improved durability
  • Ease of use thanks to the three-digit combination
  • Finished with high-density foam from heightened safety


  • Some components are not as durable as others
  • Issues with the visibility of the digits on the lock


For those that have vision impairments, the gun safe that is being reviewed may not be a great choice. Someone with this issue will want to find one that has more legible numbers, and the ONNAIS Gun Safe could be a good solution.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe Review

Though it might not be able to house four pistols, it has a wealth of other features that make it a great option. This includes a quick access fingerprint system that is crafted with advanced biometric technology.

The overall construction is made of solid steel and finished with an anti-corrosion coating for better durability. This pistol safe is a great investment for any gun owner due to its highly portable nature and the use of a three-way access, making it quick to get in no matter the situation they are in.


The most important thing to gun owners is quick access when it comes to gun safes. After all, these safes are housing things that were invested in to secure their home and families. The use of high-quality materials in the RPNB Gun Safe helps with that and improves the durability of the unit. Though some have found the numbers to be small on the lock itself, the rest of the components make up for this and create a better value than many competitors.

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