Younion Pistol Safe Review

Safety is key when looking at owning a gun. No matter if the gun owner is looking to improve security at home or while they are on the road investing in a high-quality pistol safe could be a good choice. But if gun owners are looking and doing the proper research, they have probably come across many different options.

Some with more advanced technologies, others with simpler ones and the choice is really up to them. One of the options that may have come across their screens is the Younion Pistol Safe, and below is an in-depth review of that model.

Younion Pistol Safe Review

Younion Pistol Safe Review

The pistol safe is crafted using high-grade premium 16 gauge steel. This makes the housing incredibly sturdy and able to stand up to just about anything. Along with the box itself, the gun owner will receive a heavy steel cable that helps secure the safe to fixtures and other items for improved levels of security.

The interior is protected with a foam that helps secure one pistol and protects the case from any potential damage. Overall, the unit is crafted in a compact nature, making it easy to transport and ideal for a few different type of gun owners.

Who is this product for?

Though we’re sure almost any gun owner could benefit from investing in this safe, it is really designed for those with limited firearms that need to be secured and those that love to travel. Its compact nature makes it easy to transport and store within the luggage, so it could be the best choice for those gun owners who like to head out on adventures.

What’s included?

If a gun owner invests in this pistol safe, they will find the following in the box:

  • Safe box
  • Steel cable
  • User’s manual

Overview of Features

There are many different gun safes out there that have higher grade technology than this unit. But that may be one of the best things about the gun safe itself. The unit is outfitted with a three-digit owner set combination system. This removes the need for special technology, unnecessary lighting, and the need for any keys.

When it comes to the unit’s interior, it is outfitted with a protective foam that helps keep the gun safe from damage and scratching. The unit also comes with a high-quality heavy steel cable that can create a stationary form of protection for one’s firearm.

All of those amazing but simple features are combined into a very compact safe. This gives it a high level of portability. These features, combined with the high-quality materials, give this unit a better value than many of its competitors, making it a great investment.

Even though this unit can’t be mounted to a wall and can only store one pistol, the simplistic design can be perfect for many different types of gun owners. Neither of these two disadvantages is enough to detract from the benefits one could take advantage of by purchasing this pistol safe.

How to Use It

The biggest thing about understanding how to use this gun safe is how to set the password. Below are the steps one will need to take to do this:

  • Start with the dials at 000 and then turn the button next to it to unlock the position. This will allow one to open the lid.
  • Once this is done, the gun owner should look at the backside and move the lock slot from position A to position B, allowing them to reset the password.
  • Then go back to the outside of the lid and set the dials to the password the gun owner wants.
  • Once this is done, go to the backside again and move the slot back to position A to lock the position.


  • Compact nature makes it very portable
  • Price versus value is better than the competition
  • Three-digit combination lock for easier use
  • Crafted with 16 gauge carbon steel


  • Not able to be mounted to a wall
  • Low capacity level of one pistol


Those with multiple guns may find the single pistol capacity a little limiting if the home has two guns or more. We have found a couple of alternatives that might be a good fit for them that still offer all the model’s great features and durability.

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe

ONNAIS Gun Safe Review

This biometric gun safe is a great choice. It allows one to house two pistols and has a large capacity when it comes to fingerprint storage. The high-quality biometric technology gives it a leg up over a lot of its competitors.

This, combined with the premium-grade solid steel construction, gives it a level of durability that, like the model we have been reviewing, allows for a perfect option for those that like to do a little adventuring. On top of that, the gun owners have multiple access points, which could be another advantage over a plethora of other gun safes

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

RPNB Multifunction Gun Safe

When it comes to homes with more than two pistols to store in their gun safe, this multifunctional gun safe is a good alternative to the one being looked at in this article. Along with the high capacity, one will have the ability to store up to 20 different fingerprints, and this makes it a great choice for homes with multiple gun owners.

When stored, the guns are placed into a foam pack in a quickdraw position for easy access. Speaking of access, the unit offers three different methods: a biometric fingerprint, a keypad, and keys.


Gun owners know that guns are quite the investment, and though they may find it necessary to have one in their home, they don’t want them to be damaged or left out, causing a potential risk of danger. That’s why many of them invest in high-quality pistol safes like the one that has been looked at in this in-depth review.

This unit is a simply-designed compact pistol safe that offers features that make it easy to access and protect one’s firearms. We hope that this review has helped the gun owners out there looking for a high-quality option when it comes to pistol safes to make a decision that is right for them.

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