BILLCONCH Gun Safe Review

If you are a gun owner, you probably know that storing your gun inside a safe is your best bet. Storing your gun inside a gun safe restricts unauthorized access to your weapons while allowing you to relax knowing your guns are safe.

Nonetheless, some firearm safes challenge you to access your weapons quickly when the need arises, like during a home invasion. The great thing is that there are safes out there that secure your guns while at the same time provide quick access, known as biometric safes. One such safe is the BILLCONCH Gun Safe. This review highlights what to expect with the safe.


gun safe with 2 pistols inside

With the widespread and ever-growing adaptation to technology, brands have advanced in manufacturing their products with enhanced features. Billconch is a state-of-the-art manufacturing company that specializes in artificial intelligence.

Billconch is renowned for producing household accessories and gun safes using smart technology. One such product is the Billconch Biometric Gun Safe, which stays true to the superior quality standards of the organization. It is fitted with the latest technology and provides outstanding security, your primary concern as you go gun safe shopping.

Who is this product for?

The BILLCONCH Gun Safe is spacious and has sufficient space to accommodate a maximum of two small-sized pistols and ammo. It also has a thick foam that prevents the safe’s contents from sliding as you take the safe on road trips. Therefore the safe is for you if you are a frequent traveler who likes to have your gun with you.

While traveling, you can also secure the safe to the vehicle surface or any other ground, thanks to the pre-drilled holes. In addition, gun owners can now keep their guns safe in bedside tables, drawers, cars, offices, and wardrobes with its portable design.

What’s included?

Inside the package box, you will get:

  • Gun safe
  • LED keypad
  • Key
  • LCD

Overview of Features

Among the standout features of the BILLCONCH Gun Safe is its biometric access. The gun safe is a PIN access or biometric access metallic enclosure for your guns. It is perfect not only as a pistol storage unit but can also help store valuable items like jewelry and cash. It utilizes top-tier Bluetooth and biometric chip capabilities to bring you access control and a higher-level security system, making it user-friendly and secure.

Adding on the control aspect of the safe, it features a smartphone control capability. A function that allows you to connect to your phone is available with the gun safe. You can use your smartphone to unlock this biometric safe, change the password, manage the unlocking fingerprint, and access the unlocking records. On burglary protection, this biometric safe is among your safest bets among the models currently available on the market. It employs four different means of unlocking. These are fingerprint, manual key, password, and Bluetooth app. There are about zero chances of getting your possessions stolen with the four unlock methods.

The BILLCONCH Gun Safe also features fire protection and water protection. The safe is made from 16-gauge carbon steel, capable of withstanding extended durations of fire. It is also tough and sturdy enough to sufficiently shield your valuables from the heat. In addition, the safe is fitted with a tight rubber grip to prevent water from seeping inside your safe. Nonetheless, it is limited and will not keep the weapons safe underwater for too long.

The safe is an excellent investment since it is durable and sturdy. It meets its purpose for an extended duration since its steel construction employs a long-lasting powdered coat finish to prevent corrosion. In addition, it is has a portable size and is spacious. In the safe, you can keep possessions like jewelry as it is small and lightweight, enabling you to place it in your car, drawer, bedside tables, or other convenient locations.

It has a practical interior and is designed from superior quality materials. The biometric safe’s shell is designed from tough carbon steel, inbuilt powerful spring steel, metal paint coating, and is thick. This feature discourages any attempts to break into the safe without the necessary authorization. Opening the gun safe at night treats your eyes to a well-lit spectacular appearance on the safe’s interior, enabling you to see its content.

How to Use It

Since this handgun safe is smartphone connectable, you can unlock it using your phone. You also get to manage passwords and fingerprints and see the unlock records from the phone. Its LCD and voice guide provides you with the necessary guidance and instructions to assemble and operate the biometric safe. You can also opt to have the silent mode either on or off.

You can watch this video for more on how to use it.


  • High-level security
  • Provides long-lasting services
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Simple to use


  • Rather costly
  • It is heavy


SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 2 Capacity & Interior Light

gun safe with light

At its price, there is a lot to appreciate about the SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock. It gives you the feeling it should go for at least double the price. Thanks to its abundant storage space, you can accommodate two guns with their ammo, key sets, credit cards, and other valuables in the biometric lock safe if you so require.

The safe features a hydraulic lift that offers flawless operation every time, with its numeric lock being simple enough to structure. Impressively, SentrySafe lets you register the product and serial number, and store the combo and key code if the information is lost.


We have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the pitfalls and features of a biometric safe as a gun owner. You can now choose to get a safe to best meet your needs from the information provided above. The BILLCONCH Gun Safe is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee optimum security. Gauge how the various features available with the safe address your gun safety concerns and make an informed buying decision.

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