2021 Best Vehicle – Car & Truck Gun Safe

Traveling, especially alone, can sometimes be intimidating and you want to have some sort of protection by your side. That really doesn’t matter whether you are on a trip or you have a job that involves driving all over the state if you want to feel protected you have to have a firearm near you. The best way to store your firearm is to use a good quality vehicle gun safe that will offer you safe storage for your firearm and a quick access in an emergency.

center console gun safe

Picking the right car or truck gun safe is not an easy job because you have to pick the one that fits into the interior of your vehicle perfectly. That means that you have to consider where you will put it, how many guns you want to store inside the truck or car gun safe and what do you need it for. If you are using it for your protection at all times, that means you have to put it near you, like for example, under seat gun safe or if you are traveling by truck; the truck bed gun safe. Those safes are within your reach which allows you to react quickly and they are mostly small car pistol safes. Only the pistol safe for a car is small enough to fit under the seat or somewhere within your reach while you are driving.

car gun safe

The good thing about car gun safes and their size is that they are easy to adjust to your car’s interior. Also, most of them are portable gun safes for a car which means you can take them with you when you are staying in a hotel or taking a break from driving. The bad things about vehicle gun safes that are used to store long guns are that they are in the trunk of your car. They are also known as the trunk gun safes and they are mostly used as a transportation device. It means you store your long guns in them while you are driving from point 1 to point 2. That is something people do when they, for example, go hunting.

under seat gun safe

As you can see, the size and the capacity is strictly linked to the purpose of the vehicle gun safe, which means that you have to know why you are buying a car, truck or SUV gun safe before you start looking at one. To help you with the choice I have made a list of Top 5 best gun safes for cars that are made for your protection. Yes, I want to focus on the car gun safes that are near you while you are driving.

Best Car & Truck Gun Safes

GunVault Nanovault 200 Nano Pistol Safe NV200

GunVault is a brand famous for their small portable gun safes and this automobile gun safe is one of them. This is a real vehicle gun safe because it meets the TSA firearm guidelines which means it is safe for traveling even by plane, not just by car or train. The size of the auto gun safe allows you to store one handgun and one additional magazine in foam padded interior that prevents the firearm from damaging during the trip.

GunVault NV200 Nano Vault Safe

What makes this gun safe so interesting is because it is small, it can fit in your car and it is simple to use. This gun safe for a car doesn’t require batteries or any power source because it has a traditional lock and key system and the 18-gauge steel construction makes it one of the best gun safes for cars.

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Another GUnVault model in this best car gun safe list is a small car handgun safe that you can easily store under the seat. Just like the one above, this car pistol safe has room only for one handgun and maybe an additional magazine. This safe has patented no-eye locking mechanism which means that you can open it without looking. You can easily recognize their no-eye system by the fingers on the top of the car handgun safe.

GunVault MV500 Micro Vault Gun Safe

The 20-gauge steel construction makes sure that the safe will stay in your car all the time or you can take it with you. If you decide to leave the car gun safe in the car then you can fix it to the seat with pre-drilled mounting holes or you can use the security cable.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Fort Knox has safes that are simple, easy to use and made of great quality. As you can see it from the picture, Fort Knox safes don’t have batteries and they don’t need it because it has a mechanical combination lock. They are actually very popular truck gun safes because they are simple to use and they fit in almost every truck. This car gun safe is filled with thick foam inside and it can fit 1 handgun an maybe a magazine (depends on the type of handgun).

Fort Knox PB1 Safe

This car handgun safe may look like it was designed 20 years ago but trust me, it is one great safe. The door doesn’t allow any type of pry opening because they are wrapped around the body. If you don’t trust me, trust the lifetime warranty that comes with it.

Bulldog Gun Case For Car

The Bulldog car gun safe has a special design which allows you to mount it absolutely everywhere. You can use it as the auto gun safe, portable gun safe for the car, center console gun safe, trunk gun safe and even under seat gun safe. The reason for that is a special mounting bracket you mount to a surface and you slide the vehicle gun safe in the bracket. Heavy-duty steel construction protects your handguns and the only way to take the gun is to open the lock with a special key.

Bulldog car safe with key lock BD1100

Once you slide the safe you can’t move it unless you open it so you can be sure that no one will run away with this safe in their hands. That means you can easily mount it somewhere visible and your handgun will be safe inside. Now, you don’t have to use the bracket (although I highly recommend it), you can secure the car gun safe with the security cable.

SnapSafe Lock Box

The SnapSafe lockbox is a great storage solution for your home, office and even your car. I want to show you why this lockbox is a great car gun safe and its size is the most important part of it. You can store up to 2 handguns inside and the lockbox is small enough to become your car handgun safe. The 16-gauge steel construction makes the safe hard from the outside and the foam makes it soft from the inside.

SnapSafe Lock Box

The best way to mount this vehicle gun safe is to use the security cable that comes with it. This truck gun safe is great because it meets TSA guidelines for firearm storage and it is also approved by the California Department of Justice for firearms storage.

BONUS: Console Gun Safe

The reason why this is a bonus review is that every car model comes with their own center console gun safe, which means that you can’t buy random console gun safe and install it in your car. With this review, I want to show you that those vehicle gun safes are possible but you have to buy them by the model of your car.

BONUS Console gun safe

Most of them are made of 12-gauge steel construction and have the 3-point locking system that resists prying and it has 3-digit combo lock you can’t break that easily.

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