2022 Best Fireproof And Fire Resistant Gun Safe

When you are thinking of buying a gun safe you want to keep your firearms safe from intruders because you don’t want them to fall in the wrong hands and that is what most gun safes can successfully do. But, if you want to protect your firearm collection from something more then you have to look for fireproof gun safes because those safes are made with high-quality materials that can guarantee you one of the safest storages for firearms.

Best Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Is a fireproof safe really fireproof?

Yes it is to a certain extend. Having a fireproof gun safe will keep your firearms secured for a certain amount of time at certain temperatures. I can’t tell you the exact period or temperature because it depends on the fire resistant gun safe you are interested in. But, you can expect a period from about 30 minutes to almost 2 hours or more, and the temperature is somewhere around 1200°F, it could be higher and it could be lower.

There are different sizes of fireproof gun safes so you can choose them by your firearm collection. That means you can find a fireproof gun safe for one or two handguns and you can find them for a bigger number of rifles and handguns. Bigger safes are more common fireproof gun safes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a small fireproof gun safe, actually I have few smaller models among best fire rated gun safes right in this article.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Fireproof gun safes are often more expensive than regular gun safes but that is not a surprise because they are designed to withstand high temperatures caused by a fire in someone’s home. So, you can’t compare a regular gun safe with a fire resistant gun safe because a fire resistant gun safe is more durable, stronger and it will survive the fire.

Best Fire Rated Gun Safe For Sale Reviews

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB

SentrySafe is the fireproof and waterproof gun safe that can withstand about 1-hour fire at 1700°F and 8 inches of water in 24 hours so it is one of the strongest safes on the market which comes in 3 different sizes. You can pick the 0.82 cubic feet, 1.23  cubic feet or 2.05  cubic feet of storage space which means you can adjust the size of the fire resistant gun safe to your needs.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB

Inside you can find one or two adjustable shelves and a door organizer. The smallest version (0.82 cubic feet of storage space) comes with one shelf and other two versions come with two shelves and a door organizer that can fit your keys and other small valuable things like pocket watches…

SentrySafe Safe SFW123DSB

The door is equipped with 3 locking bolts and pry-resistant edges so you can be sure that no unauthorized personnel will enter the safe or break the combination lock on the safe. It may not be the smallest safe in the world but that doesn’t mean thieves can’t steal it. That is why the safe has the hardware for mounting. You can never be too safe.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB

The safe is ETL verified for fire, 15-foot drop and water so you can be sure that the numbers are right. The doors have big locking bolts and, pry-resistant hinge bar so you can be sure it is safe from the burglars as well. If a fire occurs and the safe survives, the SentrySafe brand will replace the safe with a new one so you can recover easily.

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe

If you need a fire-resistant gun safe to protect your valuables and important documents, this safe provides plenty of storage space. It is the ideal safe to store all your data backups and electronic devices that need to be protected and kept safe.

This safe is made from a resin that will resist the heat of a fire of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be able to resist the heat of such a fire for as long as sixty minutes to protect your valuables.

It also has a waterproof feature to protect anything inside the safe, even if it is completely submerged in the water. That means in the case of fire, there will be ample time to extinguish the fire even with water without causing damage to the contents.


First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe

With the ready sealed option included on the safe’s floor, this safe can be bolted down without losing its waterproof and fire-resistant features. 

The concealed hinges of this safe will prevent anyone from trying to pry the door of the safe open to gain unauthorized entry. 

Weighing in at 93 pounds, this safe is also heavy enough to prevent most thieves from running off with your safe. But it is not too heavy to relocate to another room or if you move into a new home.

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe review

The gray color of this safe makes it easy to conceal in the background, so a thief will not easily detect it. The adjustable shelf can be moved up and down to decrease or increase necessary storage space to store larger objects easily.

A backup mechanical lock is included with the safe for when you forget the combination code and need quick access. An anti-theft alarm is also included to alert you when someone is trying to gain illegal access to valuable content.

The digital keypad lock included with this safe has a backlight to make it easy to gain access even in the dark. You can create your own three to eight-digit access code to increase the overall security factor of the safe.

It does not come with a light to illuminate the interior of the safe, which makes it difficult to see the content. That means in the case of an emergency, you need to make use of other light sources that may cause you to waste precious time.

It might not be great for rifles, but there is enough space to make it one of the most valuable handgun safes. There is also a lot of storage space available for your extra magazines and extra ammo for all your handguns.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

This fire resistant gun safe is not as impressive as the models I have shown you before, but it is also pretty good small fireproof gun safe. The fire rating was tested by Intertek and the durable 14-gauge steel construction can withstand fire for 20 minutes at 1200°F and it is not a waterproof gun safe, but the price is smaller than other models, which is logical due to its performance and features.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

The safe comes in 3 different sizes, 0.83 cubic feet, 1.24 cubic feet and 2.1 cubic feet so you can choose which suits you best. The gun safe is carpeted form the inside and it comes with 1 or 2 adjustable shelves so you can organize the interior by your desires. The biggest safe (2.1 cubic feet) comes with two shelves and other sizes come with one.

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe

The electronic keypad gives you the easy and quick access if you know the PIN number, but if you don’t then you can’t enter that easily. The lock requires batteries and when they are empty you can enter the safe with the backup key so you don’t have to worry about battery status. When the safe is locked 5 big bolts are activated which is more than enough for a safe this size and you can consider it a secure safe.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe reviews

The fireproof gun cabinet complies with modified UL 72 Standards for fire resistance and the digital electronic lock keeps the valuables safe from intruders. The safe comes with the 1-year warranty and that is always good to hear for any safe, not just gun safes. Quality is a must feature.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe XXLarge EF4738E

This SentrySafe fire and waterproof gun safe have 30 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F and it can stay in the 12” water for 72 hours. As you can see it from the name this XXL fireproof gun safe has 4.71 cubic feet capacity which is double of every other model I have reviewed here.  The soft interior lining will keep your valuables safe, without any scratches no matter what happens outside of the safe and the adjustable shelves let you organize the interior as you like it.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe XXLarge EF4738E

The doors are equipped with 9 locking bolts (5 live-locking and 4 dead bolts) so you can be sure that the interior is secured against fire, water, and theft.  The access to the safe is only for people who will know the PIN number so be careful with sharing the PIN to other people. You can programme the PIN to be 1-8 digit number which is very interesting, most of the safes offer you 4-8 digits in the PIN number.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe XXLarge EF4738E Review

This fire resistant gun safe has DOJ Certificate for firearm storage and protection which makes it a great choice for your home or office, especially if you need a gun safe that has the Certificate because there are states and cities that require a firearm safe with DOJ approval.

ETE Etmate Safe Box

A fireproof money bag included with this high-quality safe will help to protect the emergency cash you keep inside this safe. This safe is a good option to keep your cash and jewelry safe from thieves.

The affordable price range attached to this safe will put it in reach of most people, even those working with a tight budget. This means that more people will be able to afford it and enjoy the great features included with this safe.

Fireproof And Fire Resistant Gun Safe

With interior space of around 1.2 cubic feet, it has a lot of space to store your handgun and extra magazines and ammo. It is also lightweight enough at nearly twenty-one and a half pounds, so you can easily relocate it to your office or another room.

The Etmate safe is also available in black, white, and gray colors to give you a wider range of choices, with an extra key rack. This will also allow it to be used in a wide range of decor setups to fit nicely in many different environments.

It comes equipped with an electronic keypad lock to increase the security factor of the safe to make it difficult to gain entry. A backup mechanical key and the gun safe key lock are included so you can gain access to the safe in case you forgot the digital combination code.

If you lose the keys to the safe, you can easily contact the supplier, and they will provide you with a backup key. A warranty is included with the safe for when you lose the keys, and all parts can be replaced if necessary. 

The body of the safe is made from top-quality metal to improve the fire-resistant factor of the safe. It is also made with a drop-resistant feature, so it will not be easily damaged if the safe is dropped from a certain height.

Fireproof And Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Also included with this safe is the password protection alarm if someone enters the wrong code for the digital lock. There is also a vibration alarm if you put in the wrong code so you can quickly rectify and put the right code in.

Located on the inside of the door are strong hinges, so it will not be easy to pry the door open. The strong bolts included with the safe will prevent the safe from being easily opened to keep your valuables safe.

Even though the fire-resistant bag will prevent the destruction of valuable items and cash, it does not come with a high fireproof rating. The shelf located inside this safe can not be adjusted, and the internal temperature will be high in case of a fire.

There is, unfortunately, no humidifier system included with the Etmate fire-resistant safe, which takes away some of the versatility. This means that you need to install one yourself at an extra cost, which will add to the overall cost of the safe.

Fortress Fireproof Gun Safe With Combination Lock

With an 18 inches deep storage space for twenty-four guns inside this safe, you have enough space and a lot of gun capacity. The black color of the safe makes it easy to blend into any background for an inconspicuous and stealth environment with heavy-duty construction.

Best Fireproof And Fire Resistant Gun Safe

The interior of the Fortress fireproof safe is large enough to hold more than just the twenty-four guns with their ammo. You also have up to four removable shelves included optimizing the interior space to suit your specific storage needs.

Soft gray-colored material covers the whole of the interior space to help protect your firearms and delicate items from accidental damage. The interior space can be converted in such a way to give you extra space for extra ammo storage.

The exterior hinges come with pry-resistant hinge bars attached to the safe, allowing the safe door to open a full 180 degrees. This also means that you will be able to optimize the interior for storage and have access to all the contents stored inside.

The Fortress fireproof gun safes come equipped with a manual dial lock that does not work with batteries to increase the level of burglary protection of the safe. It also comes with a solid handle to easily open the safe’s heavy door.

There is no keyhole for a mechanical lock, so you do not have a backup mechanical lock if you forget your digital code. The Fortress gun safe is made with a 2 mm or 16 gauge steel plate to make it challenging to cut through the safe’s body.

Its extra layer of security is strong enough to keep thieves who try to cut into it busy for a long time. The safe is also made with a reasonable fire-resistant factor of 30 minutes for heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for additional security. That means that the safe will resist heat for up to 30 minutes at the mentioned degrees for a better level of security. This feature will keep your guns safe from the heat for 30 mins.

Best Fireproof And Fire Resistant Gun Safe

To further increase the overall strong security factor of this safe, it is equipped with four-way bolts to make it difficult to gain unauthorized access. The one-inch active bolts will keep your valuables safe from those who want to gain access to your safe.

Also included are two deadbolts to increase the security and prevent unauthorized access to the contents of your safe. A notch bolt is included to further increase the safety of your guns and valuables by denying access without the code.

Pre-drilled holes are available so you can easily attach the safe to a strong wall to prevent it from being carried off. These holes are located at the back and in the floor of the safe for easy bolting it to the floor to keep it balanced.


The best one of these safes, in our opinion, is the fireproof safe supplied by Fortress with a lot of superior security features included. For those who do not have long guns and work with a tight budget, the First Alert fireproof and waterproof safe is ideal. If you would like to know what fireproof gun safes are made of check out my article

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