2021 Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $500-$1000-$1500-$2000

The term “cheap gun safe” makes us think about low-quality and easy breakable gun safes, but now I want to focus on the better picture of the cheap gun safes for sale. I am not talking about low-quality products, I am talking about affordable units that can deliver what you expect, but to maintain the low price. The reason why they can have a low price is the fact that they had to get rid of some of the attractive features.

Cheap Gun Safes

When you are looking for an inexpensive gun safe you have to realize that you can’t have everything on your wish list and the best way to find the best affordable gun safe is to compromise. You can’t have a huge capacity, a quick access lock, the fire and water protection and other cool features if you don’t have the budget to pay for all that. That is why you have to cross all fancy features from the list and focus on the essentials because that is how you can find an inexpensive gun safe that is made of good quality materials.

Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $500-$1000-$1500-$2000

I have gathered a couple of best budget gun safes and I have separated them into categories depending on the budget to help you choose the best one for you. But, before you go browsing affordable gun safes you have to determine the budget you can set aside for the gun safe. I know that it is hard to do that and due to that, I have made 4 categories that depend on the budget – best gun safe under $500,$1000, $1500 and $2000. The higher budget you have you can choose more features with the gun safe and you have to realize that you can’t compare the best affordable gun safe under $500 and the one under $2000.

Best Cheap Gun Safes On Sale

Best Gun Safes Under 500

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska biometric rifle safe is one of the best cheap rifle safes because it is affordable and it is made of good quality materials. The biometric lock is not the fastest lock on the planet, but it does open the door in 2.5 seconds which is pretty OK. It has a scanner that can recognize 120 fingerprints which is a huge number of fingerprints and I am not sure if it is necessary. If you allow access to 120 people, why do you need a gun safe? This is a downside because they could have used a scanner with a smaller range and used that invested money into something else –  like the AC adapter because the safe only runs on batteries.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

This model is California DOJ approved which is a big plus because some expensive rifle safes don’t have the DOJ approval. The cheap rifle safe can store up to 4 rifles, but the exact number depends on the type of the rifle you have. I like the fact that it is a small rifle safe because you can store it in the closet, but if you need a rifle safe that can store more rifles you will have to set your budget over 500.




Awesafe Mounted Gun Safe

The Awesafe mounted gun safe is the perfect option for people who have young kids who don’t quite understand that firearms can be dangerous. If your little one has a habit of snooping around, then this is one of the best pistol safes for you, as it can offer you peace of mind about the safety of your kid.

Best Cheap Gun Safes Under $500


Awesafe’s gun safe box features a new and improved biometric fingerprint scanner that also comes with an immediate access mode. There’s a rapid-fire backlit keypad lock and manual lock keys that make gaining access to your firearm a quick and straightforward process, allowing you to protect your family when they need you the most.

This safe’s slim, vertical design makes it great for storing underneath a nightstand, providing you with quick access during those emergency situations. You’ll have instant access to your documents, valuables, and firearms from the automatic opening door. This Awesafe gun safe is one of the most affordable gun safes out there and is excellent for anyone working with a limited amount of space.

Not only does the slim vertical design make the Awesafe easy to store underneath a nightstand, but it also fits discreetly on a bookshelf or even in a vehicle. If you’re looking for even more convenience, then you’re in luck because this safe can be mounted from the left, right, or top side depending on your personal preference.


  • Updated security
  • Quick access
  • Stealthy design
  • Rugged
  • Pry-resistant


  • Not the most attractive design

Best Affordable Gun Safes Under 1000

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand Gun Safe

Next is the Longhorn nightstand gun safe, one of the toughest commercial gun safes on the market. It features a rustic appearance that is meant to throw intruders off but comes with a range of advanced features that makes it one of the best business safes out there.


If you’re someone who prefers heavy-duty gun safes, then you’re in luck – the Longhorn nightstand safe is as tough as they come. It is made from highly thick metal that is almost impossible to crack and spacious enough to fit several small to medium firearms.

You’ll find an external electrical and USB outlet at the back of the safe that allows you to connect it to a wall socket and power its electronic security system. There’s an easy glide heavy-duty drawer with a full-extension, as well as ball bearing glides. The best part? The safe comes fully assembled.

What’s more, this import safe is fire-rated to withstand 40 minutes of heat at 1400 degrees. IT has a listed electronic lock and 14 gauge steel construction that add to its rugged structure, which is sealed with a thick composite door and anti-drill components. Longhorn may have made this look like a traditional safe, but we can guarantee that it’s nearly impenetrable.


  • Thick metal
  • Fire rated
  • Durable construction
  • Anti-drill boltworks
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Can be difficult to move around

Yuema Biometric Gun Safe

As the name suggests, this gun safe from Yuema uses a biometric security system to keep intruders and little ones out of the safe and allow you to access your firearms and valuables quickly when you need them the most. Rather than using a traditional mechanical lock, the Yuema safe locks and unlocks using your fingerprint.



This quick access pistol safe makes use of a biometric fingerprint scanner to protect your firearms from unauthorized entry. It uses a highly sophisticated biometric sensor chip, and the safe itself is much more durable and long-lasting than many other, more affordable gun safes on the market. This pistol lock box is complicated to get into without the correct fingerprint.

Yuema’s safe is an excellent option for anyone who may be interested in the biometric lock category. Sure, traditional locking mechanisms work great, but they can be difficult to open in a pinch – with biometric locks, all you need to do is touch your finger to the scanner, and the safe will open wide.

This gun safe provides maximum safety to you and your family, while the plush upholstery in the interior helps protect your guns and valuables from being damaged. This is an ideal safe for any home or office to store your firearms and valuables.


  • ‘Highly durable
  • Biometric locking system
  • Keypad option available
  • Mountable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

Best Inexpensive Gun Safes Under 1500

AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe

The AEGIS fireproof rifle safe has just what you need for folks who want something really durable. It’s one of the best sub-$600 options out there when it comes to durable gun safes and is even available in two different colors, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your taste and style.



AEGIS’ fireproof security gun safe is made using reinforced solid steel wall construction and a powder coat that is resistant to both corrosion and stains. What’s more, the outer layer of metal is entirely resistant to over 1400 degrees of heat for up to 20 minutes.

You’ll find a quick access digital keypad on this safe, which is protected by a password key that can be updated at your discretion. There are multiple mounting options for you to choose from, and the safe features three active bolts and two deadbolts for superior security against anyone trying to break into the safe.

This fireproof rifle safe features removable shelves to provide even more space inside the durable metal steel frame. You can remove these shelves to accommodate higher items, documents, cash, pistols, jewelry, and more. What’s more, the safe’s interior is wrapped in soft cloth that is designed to protect all of your fragile and valuable items.


  • Quick access
  • Large capacity
  • Easy installation process
  • Fire resistance
  • Multiple mounting options


  • installation can be challenging

Stealth Essential Gun Safe

If you want a gauge steel body safe that’s going to look tough and act tough, then look no further than the Steal Essential gun safe. It’s one of the toughest safes on that market right now and also has an awe-inspiring capacity.



The entire door panel on the Stealth Essential gun safe is covered with Molle webbing, allowing you to easily un-snap any of the included accessories and move them around at your discretion. This lets you have total control over the look of your door panel so that you can organize it to suit your precise and unique needs.

The steel gauge frame on this gun safe provides brilliant durability at an affordable price range. Furthermore, you’ll find a whopping six pistol holsters included in the door panel – each holster comes with a spandex attachment that allows you to store both the magazine and the pistol at the same time, saving you even more space within the safe.

There’s also a triple magazine pouch that’s pretty self-explanatory. Finally, you’ll find three medium-size zippered pouches that you can use to store miscellaneous items like ammunition or other valuables that you want to protect with your safe.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable door panel
  • Comes with great accessories
  • Large capacity


  • Heavy weight makes safe difficult to move around




Best Budget Gun Safes Under 2000

Stealth UL Gun Safe

Next is another gun safe from Stealth, only this one features a few slightly advanced features. While it may not be the most affordable safe on the market, the UL gun safe from Stealth offers some excellent protection that completely justifies the asking price.



This Stealth gun safe features an RSC burglary rating with a 12-gauge solid steel door and body, as well as durable locking bolts. The safe features an unbeatable 4-way locking system that makes it impossible for intruders to penetrate – the UL gun safe from Stealth is undeniably one of the most impregnable gun safes on the market right now.

It features UL approved type-1 high-security electronic locking system that is further protected by red light and a hard plate and re-locker. Anyone who tries to break into this safe will have an extremely tough time doing so, especially if they try to burn their way through – the Stealth safe features a 1-hour fire rating and intumescent door seal that expands to prevent smoke and heat from penetrating the safe.

Steal included a fully adjustable Molle door panel organizer and a number of complementary accessories, such as pistol holsters and magazine pouches.


  • 1 hour fire resistance
  • Molle door organizer
  • Advanced security
  • High-security lock
  • Various advanced features


  • Expensive




What to Look for in a Gun Safe

UL-Listed Locks

There’s no denying that the lock is the most essential feature of any gun safe, so you’re going to need a good one if you want to keep thieves out. The best gun safe locks are UL-listed locks, which are those that have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories – an organization that has been in the business for more than a century.

UL locks meet rigorous requirements and can do their job when the time comes. So, we recommend that you try to find safes that have UL seals on their locks.


While it’s definitely always good to have a quality lock, even the best locks in the world can be destroyed by a persistent thief, which is why re-lockers are essential. Relockers are fail-safes that kick in if the primary lock is ever breached.

The re-locker will kick in once the primary lock is destroyed to keep the safe locked. That way, even if the thief manages to obliterate the lock, the bolts or bars will not disengage, keeping the safe firmly locked until you decide to open it.


Protection from thieves isn’t the only reason to purchase a gun safe – you might want to be able to protect your valuables if a fire were to break out. Safe manufacturers facilitate this by installing fireboard layers in the door, walls, ceiling, and floor of the safe – the more layers, the longer the safe will withstand heat.

However, it’s important to note that there is no standard testing system for fire ratings, unlike locks, which are UL tested. Some brands might exaggerate their fire protection statistics to make themselves look good, so try not to rely just on the listed fire rating – instead, do some additional research and find out how many layers of fireboard the safe is actually equipped with.

Protection in multiple directions

The most basic safes on the market will only have locking bars or bolts on the side of the door opposite the hinges. What this means is that if thieves are able to pry the door past those initial bars or bolts, they’ll have complete access to your safe, which, of course, we don’t want.

However, more advanced safe designs will have bolts at the top and bottom as well, which provides further protection against any thief who tries to pry your safe open. The very best designs will also have bolts on the side of the hinges, protecting those sides as well.

In essence, the more sides with bars or bolts, the better your safe will be protected.

Final Thoughts

Having a gun safe in your home or office is essential if you’re passionate about self-defense and keeping your family safe. The average price for a gun safe is generally highly affordable, and advanced electronic models are not difficult to come by these days. Be sure to check out the safes mentioned above – you won’t regret it!



If you aren't familiar with the gun safes on the market and you aren't sure which of the gun safe models is the best choice for you, I recommend you to read my Gun Safe Buying Guide so you can learn how to determine which gun safe suits your lifestyle best. I have made a detailed guide about the features you have to consider before you buy a gun safe and they are connected to the size, brand which made it, capacity, materials used during the production and special features like fire or water protection. If you are familiar with all those features, I suggest you visit my posts about best biometric, quick access or fireproof gun safes if you know that they suit your lifestyle best.