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Gun Safe Tips is about educating people on gun safety. We focus on gun safes. We discuss and review the most popular brands like Winchester gun safe, browning gun safes and Liberty Gun Safes.  We cover the most commonly asked questions and provide tips and tricks that.

We provide information about:

  • Gun safes Reviews
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  • Guides
    • How to pick the best gun safe
    • How to maintain it
    • How to solve most common problems when it comes to owning a gun safe.
    • How to move large gun safe

Why is gun safety important?

Gun safety has been in the spotlight in recent years, with a number of high-profile shootings in the US and abroad. The debate about gun control is often heated and highly politicized, but we wanted to take a different approach.  We are not here to debate about guns we feel everyone should have the right to carry, but what should never be up for debate is securing guns and keeping them away from kids and burglars.


About Me

I am a person who is passionate about saving lives.  I purchased this blog in 2020 in hopes of educating people about gun safety.  In my hometown of Rocky Mount NC, I see so much violence and crime.  Every time I see a teenager murder by another teenager it makes me wonder if I can do something to prevent gun from getting into the wrong hands.   In 2020 6,703 pistols, 2,974 rifles, 1,306 revolvers and 1,199 shotguns were reported stolen in the US.  I am sure these numbers will go up in 2022.

I think that owning firearms and a proper gun safe for them is very important and that is why I have educational posts that will teach you what to look in a gun safe, what are the types and which one is the one for you.

gun safe

Gun safes are a serious matter and they should be durable, high-quality and they should provide a safe place for you to store your firearms. That is why it is important to learn things about them before you buy one.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, confusion or doubts about gun safes feel free to contact me because I would love to help you. I want to improve my content and I want to share all the information I have with you because I want to help you.

Feel free to share your opinion, good or bad, about any gun safe brand because that way you will help me share information and knowledge about gun safes.


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